Between Event Schedule

Market isn’t the only time things happen at Age of Ashes, for those who want to spend XP, interact with the organization map, rewrite or create new characters, the Downtime is the period for this! Typcially at least eight weeks are between events, and different actions close at different times so that staff can properly prepare for next market!   In the event that there are more than 8 weeks between events these deadlines still hold- but weeks 7 and 8 are moved forward to the week before event and week of event.


Week One


Sunday (Last day of event):

Org leaders must send final prestige point spends, gains, and chit updates by end of day via ticket to staff.

Event Feedback form is open.

Monday: Week of stories starts! Time to share acts of heroism and excitement on social media.

Tuesday:  Org chit totals are sent to organization members along with prestige points. Organization form opens and is sent to leaders.

Wednesday: NPC feedback forms should be completed by Wednesday at 6:30 for staff to discuss plots.  Can be found here. Staff fills out event summary before meeting.

Friday:  Discord mechanics channel opens back up. Character builder opens back up. 


Week Two



Org downtime form is closed.

Wednesday: Staff decides on NPC org actions before processing player org actions.


Week Three


Week Four


Monday: Notification of bunk form opening goes out on social media.

Week Five


Monday: Bunk assignment form opens and is announced on social media, is linked on the events page. 

Tuesday: Individual downtime form closes.

Event after action report closes.

All letters that are being sent to staff must be sent by ticket before end of day to get a response by next game, staff assigns letters.

All modules that may be requested for next game must be requested by this date.


Friday: Staff rough drafts of modules is due.

Week Six


Monday: Individual downtimes processed, archeology assigned and lore documents needed added to list.

Wednesday: First draft of letters due by staff. Secondary drafts of modules due.

Friday:  New characters and Rewrites must be submitted to staff by end of day (click for link)

Character builder closes.

All item requests for next game must be submitted by end of day as well as XP spends not reported in After Event Report form. Journals should be turned in by this date.


Sunday: After action report fully processed, character sheets updated.


Week Seven (or week before event if more than 8 weeks)


Monday: Staff responses to new characters due by end of day. Staff sends out individual downtime results.

Wednesday: Final drafts of modules due by meeting for staff.  Items and text tags submitted to form by end of day. NPCs are scheduled.

Thursday: Final print deadline for staff in AM.

Thursday/Friday: Discord mechanics channel is closed.  Print processing for staff. Databases are updated.

Friday: Tickets that need to be answered before game should be submitted by end of Day.

Weekend: Staff weekend module and character stuffing. NPC roles sent out.

Week Eight (Or week of event if more than eight weeks)


Final preparation for event for staff, only event specific tickets are answered.

Wednesday: NPC/Staff check-in meeting. Outstanding tickets sent before Friday are answered, outstanding discord questions from before deadline are answered.

Meal plans not purchased on site should be purchased by this point in time.

NPC and Volunteer form should be submitted by today (click for link)

Thursday: Shopping for meal plan, negative covid tests can be sent to staff for glory.

Friday: Event!


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