Ancient tales speak of humans kissed by the gods, able to perform wondrous acts in their name. Their lives and purpose seem to overflow beyond the confines of their human shell. The term Rangers has been applied to one type of these miraculous individuals. They are set apart from others much in the same way Paladins and Seers are; they were born with their gifts. Similarly, one Ranger will know another on sight, typically alerted by a supernatural breeze down their spines and the taste of blood, bitter and acrid on their tongues. This recognition takes the form of a quick OOC question to a suspected other of their own kind. Staff will try to alert at check-in how many others of them there are in play if asked.

While many think of Rangers as tied to the religion of Vecatra, those who possess these powers can be born anywhere in the world- and may belong to any religion or culture.


Unlike Paladins, who call upon the might of the God of Mankind to bestow them with gifts, Rangers draw forth the power of creatures they have consumed. These abilities are called evocations, and they are gained by absorbing the Essences of freshly slain Malefic and monsters, binding themselves to otherworldly forces- body and soul. It is believed that it is Vecatra, the three-faced deity of nature – of the world itself – who has selected a chosen few among the ranks of humanity for this powerful and dark fate. Marked from birth, they tend to be identified early on by an unusual alertness, a comfort in the forests and wilds, and a strong sense of curiosity – sometimes called a delayed fear reflex as they grow older. 

Adolescents may have an innate ability to soothe animals or have instinctual knowledge of how best to hunt, track, and kill. When it is deemed that one is destined to be a Ranger, the families who know what this means mourns as they celebrate, for the Ranger’s life is one of terrible importance and duty, and also invariably will come to a bleak and violent end.

​For while the Evocations the Ranger is imbued with makes them potent, it is not without its costs. The Ranger is expected to use these powers to hunt down, kill, and resolve Malefic and cursed creatures. In particular, they are often tasked with dealing with creatures that have proven far too deadly for standard warriors and priests. But those who meet their final end in battle with monstrous beings are usually considered the lucky ones. Rangers go through a distinct life cycle as they consume the lives of their fallen, one that has been deemed analogous to the seasons. In a Ranger’s Spring time, only the most basic abilities are available to them, but they carry relatively little cost or downsides. As they consume more and grow stronger, they transition into their Summer stage. At this point, their bodies begin to alter, sometimes subtly, but more often in obvious mutations that make them look less human. As they continue to consume, take on more dangerous prey and grow in experience and prowess, they move into the Ranger’s Autumn. Now seeming as much beast as man, the essences they have consumed changes their mental state, personality and thought processes. They are predators, and the shadow of the monster within can be seen.

Just as leaves change and begin to fall from the trees, so too does the Ranger begin to shed their humanity as they transition. Should they continue to survive, the Ranger will move into their Winter, just as nature always must. The last and harshest season, a Winter Ranger is more Malefic than man, and is pushed to indulge the wild creature within – the one that exists to punish and kill. At this final stage, the Ranger thirsts for humans as food or sport, and they display monstrous physical characteristics. They become what they have always understood and hunted, and some believe that they have transitioned to serve Vecatra’s final, Other, face. It is considered the duty of the younger Rangers to slay Winter Rangers before they can cause too much terror and bloodshed, though this is often a deeply tragic and dangerous affair, as apprentices are often tasked with murdering their masters.


For every 5 Evocations a Ranger gains, they are advanced one season, from Spring to Summer and so on. When a Ranger consumes Essence and develops a new Evocation, they may only select the powers for the season they are currently associated with.

In order to first claim an Evocation, a Ranger must consume two different essences, each one of a particular type and flavor determined by the specific Evocation (listed below). At sunset, they go into the wild and build a circle of protection- sometimes physical, sometimes metaphorical- but of a substance and form that is meaningful to them. Within that circle, the Ranger builds a fire, and offers before it a bowl of water in which they combine each essence and some of their own blood. For some Rangers, this is a trained ritual in which they meditate on their nature and purpose, or offer up devotionals to Vecatra. For others, it is something done instinctually – something that just feels like the correct thing to do even though they may not understand why. They then consume the contents of the bowl and undergo a series of convulsions and changes as their body joins with those essences and creates something new in form and function. This process takes several minutes, during which the Ranger is afflicted by a Stun Body effect, and must depend on the strength of their circle to protect them. After which, the player spends 3 times the tier XP (3 for spring, 6 for summer, 9 for autumn, 12 for winter) and turns in their used Essences to buy the Evocation.

Each Ranger can use three Evocations a day by calling on their own internal essences and innate connection to the wilds. After these three uses, they must consume more essence in order to power additional Evocations- one of either of the types they used to initially acquire the power. Every Evocation requires an essence to activate. These essences must be consumed and used within the same scene, or bottled and kept for later use. Once consumed, the essence must be utilized within the same scene for an Evocation, or else it dissipates. The Ranger’s own internal essences are refreshed each dawn and a Ranger cannot hold more essences in their body than the 3 naturally occurring ones.

As a Ranger progresses through their seasons, their Evocations grow in potency, but also carry with them some drawback or negative effect. This is called the ‘price’ of an Evocation. If someone cures a Ranger of the price of an Evocation, they lose access to that Evocation until they go through the initial ritual again, finding and consuming both essences as they did when they first unlocked the Evocation.

Due to their otherworldly connection with the wilds of the world, and perhaps Vecatra herself, Rangers are tied to Malefic creatures on a deep and instinctual level. As such, while all Seasonal Evocations must be purchased, Rangers always have the following basic abilities without cost:


Rangers know that Malefic creatures, while terrifying, are simply a wound in the world- a reflection of pain that needs to be expressed in order to heal, like lancing a boil. As such, they are able, once per creature per scene, to resist any fear or terror call originating from a Malefic creature.

Dark Harvest

When in the presence of a recently slain creature (at least within the last five minutes), a Ranger may harvest one of its essences in an appropriate roleplay scene of at least five minutes. This creature must have not been harvested by anyone else before the Ranger uses their ability, as essences are fleeting and fragile things. Essences harvested this way must be registered and tagged in order to be stored for later use. Usable once per corpse within five minutes of their death. May not be used on specters without their corpse.

Rangers entering play may also choose to purchase 1 Spring Evocation of their choice at the normal price, with the assumption being that they have performed the requisite unlocks before the start of play. 


Spring Evocations

Displace Wounds
Rangers can see the pain in the world as well as how pain and injury flows within the body. Such clarity allows them to manipulate their own wounds to an extent.
Essence: Sanguine, Aberrant
Price: None
Mechanics: In the scene immediately following one in which the Ranger received one or more wounds, they may spend 1 uninterrupted minute painfully moving a wound from one hit location to another. If enough wounds were received on one hit location to result in a maim, the use of this power may be used to remove the maim before it is made permanent. This evocation may be used simultaneously with the recitation of the last rite, and it does not count as an interruption.

Adhesive Saliva
Some toads and lizards develop viscous and sticky mucus to bind things to their flesh, or to capture struggling prey.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Necrophage
Price: None
Mechanics: With this power, a Ranger may use their spittle to make an item almost immoveable. They must spit on an object, applying an “Adhesive Spit” tag. The next object or creature to touch the object requires a Feat of Strength to remove it. If this is used between flesh and an object, it remains in place for 1 hour before the oils of the body cause it to degrade. If used between two inanimate surfaces, it can last for the entire event.

Flowering Corruption
All things decay with time, it is simply a matter of when.
Essence: Choleric, Aberrant
Price: None
Mechanics: The Ranger may choose to turn any wood or organic plant material touched by their bare hands into black tar, as corruption flowers and decays within it. All components within the object made from soft wood, hard wood, or fibres are destroyed beyond repair or salvage. Any components of other materials may be salvageable, but the item itself is ruined. Creatures made of wood take a Strike for every 10 seconds you maintain a Grab with them.

Venomous Bite
Creatures in the wild sometimes develop a toxic bite to subdue prey or ward off predators.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Cursed
Price: None
Mechanics: Bite a creature you are Grabbing or is Grabbing you. They are affected by an Immune Shock 2 poison. The call is: “Bite – Weaken Fortitude 2”.

Piercing Scream
It is widely believed that the shriek of a spirit can harm the living, and that such cries can herald death. The Ranger has become that harbinger.
Essence: Sanguine, Specter
Price: None
Mechanics: Scream or let loose a piercing shriek, followed by the call: “Stun Combat – All Who Can Hear Me”. All living creatures within oration distance are affected by the Stun: Combat Condition.

Hunt Quarry
Rangers are the apex predator, the ultimate hunter in the wilds, and none may flee from them long.
Essence: Choleric, Hemophage
Price: None
Mechanics: The Ranger indicates a creature they can see- by pointing, issuing a threat, or otherwise making clear that this monster is now their Quarry. Once the Quarry is designated, the Ranger may activate this evocation to either counter its use of Escape or to call one Malefic Driving, Quick, or Mighty to counter one of its defenses. The creature remains the Ranger’s Quarry until the sunrise of the next day, or until it is killed.

Much of nature is born knowing what it is. Sharp teeth and claws designed to rip flesh. Powerful jaws and muscular limbs are designed for one primary purpose.
Essence: Choleric, Cursed
Price: None
Mechanics: Once the Ranger activates this evocation, a surge of might rips through their limbs, turning their attacks into devastating maulings. Even defensive maneuvers can draw blood. Once per Rest, for the duration of a combat, any successful use of a Brawl or Melee skill by the Ranger may also inflict Bleed.

Entangling Roots
It is not just the beasts which call the wilds their home; the trees, plants, and grasses have stood watch since long before man, and they will continue to watch long after.
Essence: Melancholic, Necrophage
Price: None
Mechanics: The Ranger reaches out to the forest for aid, and trees and vines animate to grab and constrict their prey. As long as the Ranger and their victim are surrounded by trees or other dense vegetation, and they are within five steps of their target, they may point and call the Stun: Limbs condition on the target to pin them momentarily in place.

There is power in consuming the life essence of the fallen, but to get to it, one must eat through the flesh.
Essence: Sanguine, Necrophage
Price: None
Mechanics: A Ranger with this power may heal themselves of the Battered condition by eating a fallen Malefic foe. A Malefic creature consumed in such a way may not also have their essences extracted in a Dark Harvest.

Sympathetic Pain
Making others hurt as you hurt can be one path to healing.
Essence: Choleric, Aberrant
Price: None
Mechanics: A Ranger may purposely wound a target in order to heal their own wounds. For every two injuries that they give to another target, they may heal one injury of their own.This target does not have to be an enemy, but their injuries must at least render them Downed.

Beast Speaker
The wisest hunters know that all creatures of the land hold wisdom to share if one listens.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Cursed
Price: None
Mechanics: The Ranger can speak with animals and other natural creatures by making the Language gesture (thumb at the chin with the remaining fingers closed) and indicating they are using Wildspeech. If the Ranger or one of their companions harms the target, this effect ends. This evocation does not necessarily work on aberrations or Malefic creatures, but can- depending on how bestial they are. The closer they are in nature to a natural creature, the more likely this power will work.

Inhuman Roar
A challenge bellowed is often also a warning to flee.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Necrophage
Price: None
Mechanics: Once per scene, a Ranger may roar and call “Obey: Flee” on any Malefic they have Injured or against a Malefic that has expended a defense call against the Ranger. Particularly powerful Malefic may be able to resist this power.

Summer Evocations

Blend In
Sometimes the best hiding place is in plain sight.
Essence: Melancholic, Necrophage
Price: The eyes of the Ranger are ringed in dark and unhealthy colors
Mechanics: A Ranger with this power may appear to Malefic creatures as Malefic also, provided the Ranger does not attack them. In the presence of Malefic creatures, call “Believe: I am a Malefic” to inform the monsters that this power is in use.

Roots of the Mountain
The mountain stands firm; the mountain always resists the wind.
Essence: Melancholic, Cursed
Price: Twigs and roots grow from the Ranger’s hair each morning
Mechanics: The Ranger sets their feet, holds their hands near their belly, and focuses. They can now be temporarily rooted into the earth, and for the space of a scene, they are immune to Grab, Push, and Trip, as they are unable to be moved. If the Ranger moves their feet more than a simple pivot, the power ends.

Flight of the Hare
Only the most determined predators can keep up with a rabbit’s speedy guile.
Essence: Sanguine, Aberrant
Price: Fur grows on the back of the Ranger’s hands every morning
Mechanics: The Ranger calls upon their inner speed and may use the call “Escape”, as long as they are outside of melee weapon range from any opponent. This may be used to counter someone else’s Escape.

Heightened Smell
The hound can smell the sick even before they even feel ill.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Hemophage
Price: The Ranger’s nose grows larger, bulbous, or animalistic
Mechanics: The Ranger’s sense of smell is incredibly perceptive, and no one can hide from them because of it. With the use of this power, they can ignore any mundane use of the Stealth condition and sense any living hidden after taking a deep breath and calling “Divine Tracking: Reveal”. This does not apply to Spectral or Divine uses of Stealth. They can also smell food or drink and sense whether or not it has been poisoned (poison tags may be seen “in character”) However, the Ranger does not know anything more about the item except that it smells “off.”

Sacrificial Hawk
Nature is not kind, but it does teach hard lessons in survival. The blow that might slay another, may not even sting those forged in the wilds.
Essence: Choleric, Specter
Price: Feathers sprout in obvious places on the skin
Mechanics: A Ranger with this power may use her near superhuman speed to throw herself in front of another and intercept a hit that the target would have received. The target must be within three strides of her, and the Ranger calls “Taken ” for the person she is protecting, and the Ranger then accepts the damage or effect that had landed on the target in their stead. While armor can be called along with other abilities to mitigate the hit, shields and Dodge may not be used.

Rampant Growth
When the lizard loses its tail, it simply grows another.
Essence: Sanguine, Cursed
Price: The nails of the Ranger’s hands grow uncontrollably fast, and must be kept long or clawlike
Mechanics: After a night’s rest, the Ranger can recover from a single maim, regardless of severity, that they have acquired during the previous day. This can include the complete loss of a single limb or major organ.

Fungal Veins
She had consumed so much poison in her life that she found she had acquired a taste for it.
Essence: Choleric, Necrophage
Price: Green or blue veins throughout the face
Mechanics: Once the Ranger consumes their essence, they may resist the effects of any toxin they ingest, breathe, or come in contact with. This can allow them to break down toxins at will to avoid drunkenness or resist the poison claws of a dire beast. The Ranger may also spend 10 minutes hacking phlegm into a vessel, creating an Alchemical concoction that mirrors the poison they were affected with that they can use elsewhere.

Child of the Forest
In ancient times, the trees could walk as men. Now, men walk as trees.
Essence: Melancholic, Elementa
Price: Moss grows on the Ranger’s face and neck
Mechanics: A Ranger with this power may resist Tracking calls if they are within arms reach of a tree.

Empathic Link
Understanding your enemy is the greatest weapon in any arsonal.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Specter
Price: Swaths of the Ranger’s hair go white
Mechanics: If a Ranger remains in the presence of a Malefic creature for at least a scene, calmly following it without interrupting its activities, they will get a sense of emotion rooting the Malefic to this world and what it is directed towards. See a staff member for this information.

Quarry’s Mark
The blood tells all, even where one will strike next.
Essence: Sanguine, Cursed
Price: Some of the Ranger’s teeth grow sharp and long
Mechanics: After successfully wounding a creature, the Ranger licks his weapon and marks the creature whose blood was split as his Quarry. This Evocation is activated for a combat scene, in which each time you wound your Quarry you gain an additional Dodge call that may be used to counter their attacks. This Dodge cannot be used against any other combatant, and does not refresh on Rest. If a Quarry has already been marked with the use of Hunt Quarry, and the essence is spent for this power as well, this effect lasts until the sun rises on the next day or the Quarry is killed.

Daylight Aura
Legends say that the light of the moon is the sun’s reflected radiance. Some creatures beloved of the moon may also reflect such light.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Cursed
Price: The Ranger’s hands and arms turn paler and more shimmery, iridescent, or luminous.
Mechanics: With the appropriate white light phys rep, a Ranger may summon daylight to their hands. This light is useful for driving off or driving back creatures of the night with a “Malefic Radiance” call or potentially blinding individuals with a light sensitivity. This light should never be shone directly into the eyes of players or staff and should be held towards the ground at night.

Heavy Hands
Ghosts only think they lack a body, for the lines of Essence can still be struck.
Essence: Choleric, Specter
Price: Glowing hands
Mechanics: With this power, a Ranger may, with a successful physical touch with a hand or weapon, call both Pain and Stun Offense against spectral and incorporeal Malefic that may otherwise be immune to such effects. This ensures that the Malefic creature cannot use the struck limb in any form of attack.

Autumn Evocations

Dire Rage
The boar can fight on through many wounds, fueled by its burning ferocity.
Essence: Choleric, Necrophage
Price: Dark splotches of blackness grow upon the skin, Mild Obsession with Danger
Mechanics: A Ranger with this power may push their body past normal limits, even after they have been Downed. The Ranger chooses to take a mild maim or increase an existing maim by one step in order to be immune to being downed for the combat scene. If the Ranger would be downed they instead call upon this power to instantly rest and regain all of their calls, and re-enter the fray with their maim.

Fledgeling’s Push
A mother’s love isn’t always gentle.
Essence: Melancholic, Aberrant
Price: Feathers grow in the Ranger’s hair, Mild Compulsion to exert dominance over others
Mechanics: With this power a Ranger may, calling upon all their strength, touch an ally and give them an Escape by throwing them out of a battle. The target may counter this by struggling, and stopping their momentum if they desire. The ally takes one wound on any limb they choose when they land.

Reflective Eyes
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but mirrors offer protection from such invasion.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Aberrant
Price: Strange looking contacts or reflective paint at the corner of the eyes, Mild Delusion that you can do no wrong
Mechanics: The eyes of a Ranger with this power are said to be terrifying, and any one who attempts to use an Ethos call on the Ranger will find that the Ranger is immune to such calls, and instead turns the power on the person who attempted it on them. The Ranger uses the call “Divine Resist Ethos”; followed by the same Ethos call back at the aggressor.

Touch of Urram
Understanding the enemy lets you use your charm as a potent defense.
Essence: Sanguine, Aberrant
Price: Dark red finger tips, Mild Phobia Fear of any romantic or sexual advances
Mechanics: If a Ranger with this power engages an enemy who is armed and hostile, while she has no weapons on her person, and touches them with a small fist boffer, she can resist their social calls for the event.

Lion’s Share
Strength comes in many forms, but muscles are at the top of the list.
Essence: Melancholic, Aberrant
Price: Overwide, padded shoulders, Mild Delusion You are invincible, and cannot be killed
Mechanics: A Ranger can choose one of their physical attributes and increase it by one level (to a maximum of 3), giving them access to the feats of that level for the length of a scene.

Mental Hardening
Creatures of the wilds are far more terrifying when it becomes obvious they have a plan.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Cursed
Price: Red veins atop the temples and forehead, Mild Phobia of showing your work or any schematics to anyone else
Mechanics: A Ranger can choose one of their mental attributes and increase it by one level (to a maximum of 3), giving them access to the feats of that level for the length of a scene.

Death Throes
A Ranger’s pride may not protect him, but it will harm everyone else.
Essence: Sanguine, Cursed
Price: Blood drips often from the nostrils and ears of the Ranger, Mild Phobia Fear of intense displays of emotion from others, even positive ones
Mechanics: When a Ranger with this power is downed, everyone currently within weapons reach takes a Strike as she thrashes around.

Call of the Hounds
The top dog is only in their position after fighting everyone on the way up
Essence: Choleric, Necrophage
Price: Fur grows in patches on the face of the Ranger, Mild Compulsion to be heroic or save others in every situation
Mechanics: The Ranger can call “Obey: Fight Me” once per Rest to a single malefic who is engaged in combat. This effect fades at the end of combat.

For one to grow stronger, another must grow weaker – nature is a constant exchange between sacrifice and success.
Essence: Sanguine, Aberrant
Price: Bleeding eyes, Mild Obsession with with converting people to your religion
Mechanics: For the space of a scene, the Ranger may give one of their Spring or Summer Evocations to a willing target, although they may not use the evocation themselves for the scene. The Ranger and the target must both consume the same essence in order to transfer this power.

Toxic Blood
Prolonged exposure to monstrous essences can make the ranger’s blood as venomous as their personalities.
Essence: Sanguine, Hemophage
Price: Patches of skin rot and peel off of your body. Mild Delusion you are impure, and no longer qualified to participate in the traditions and rituals of your culture or be in a position of authority over others
Mechanics: A Ranger’s blood may be used the same as an alchemical potion or herb with the relaxant, immune shock, or paralytic qualities. They must take a wound for each herb replacement in order to give enough blood to be used, and the blood must be ingested for it to work if it is being used as an alchemical potion.

Stygian Reversal
Some believe that ghosts only haunt us because we do not let go of them.
Essence: Melancholic, Specter
Price: Black scales grow on the visible of the ranger, Mild Obsession with Objects tied to Malefic
Mechanics: If a Malefic tries to possess the Ranger, she instead possesses them for a combat scene and gains some understanding of what kind of torment they are under at the end of the combat scene.

Hunting Horror
There is power in knowing the name of a thing.
Essence: Choleric, Necrophage
Price: All hair becomes perfectly straight and quill-like, Mild Delusion that nobody wants to be around you
Mechanics: The Ranger identifies their Quarry by naming the target aloud, be it their true name, the type of Malefic creature they are, or a title based on their abilities or accomplishments. The Ranger may call Terror against her Quarry once per Rest for a combat scene. This creature remains her Quarry until it is killed or a new Quarry with a different evocation usage. If a Quarry has already been marked with the use of Hunt Quarry or Quarry’s Mark, and the essence is spent for this power as well, this effect lasts until the sun rises on the next day or the Quarry is killed.

Winter Evocations

Note: With the transition to Winter, the Ranger gets a Severe Compulsion to kill and eat humans. Once you enter Winter the character is expected to become an NPC monster under staff control after the resolution of the character’s plot or three events, whatever comes first.

My Life for Yours
As the death of one provides life for the other, sometimes the lines between predator and prey are not so clear.
Essence: Sanguine, Specter
Price: Many scars appear on the Rangers face which seem to move and shift from day to day, Severe Delusion that every success is in some way a greater failure
Mechanics: If a Ranger with this power activated acquires the blood of a creature, they can then mix it with their own. Any wounds that are received by the Ranger in the scene immediately after mixing the blood affect the creature as well.

Winter’s Gaze
The cobra entrances his prey before the strike that slays it.
Essence: Choleric, Hemophage
Price: Another, monstrous, eye grows from the center of the Ranger’s forehead, Severe Compulsion to sabotage all your positive relationships
Mechanics: A ranger with this power may call “Under My Gaze: Divine Stun Body” on a target whose eyes they make contact with. This Stun Body effect remains on the target as long as the Ranger continues to stare at them. The Stun is broken if the Ranger turns their head away from the target. The Ranger may change targets while this power is active, but can only affect one person at a time, and the power dissipates at the end of the scene.

Malefic Snare
The blood of a Ranger is now something more than the essence of life – it now flows with the Wilds and the song of death.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Elementa
Price: Horns sprout from the Ranger’s head; Severe Compulsion to explode into a rage whenever someone says something offensive or mildly insulting to you
Mechanics: By preparing a circle of a Ranger’s own blood written in runes onto the ground, a Ranger may create a space that- if a malefic creature enters- it will remain trapped within for the space of ten minutes. A Ranger must take a wound in order to get enough blood for this ritual, and the snare can only be used to capture a creature once as it loses its power after the ten minute confinement period.

Immaterial Mist
A lizard must sometimes leave behind its tail to escape its enemies. The body is not the sum of its parts.
Essence: Melancholic, Specter
Price: A Ranger’s lips and teeth turn black and rotten, Severe Obsession with Fear
Mechanics: A Ranger may become immaterial once this power is activated. They drop all items, including armor and weapons, where they become immaterial, but may no longer be harmed mentally or physically. This power lasts for no more than a scene, but the user may call Escape at any time. Additionally, while immaterial, the Ranger may possess another physically manifesting creature including humans. They may use their own skills as necessary to try to achieve the aims of the possessing Ranger.

Silent Sphere
When silence descends on the woods, it is a sure sign that incredible danger is near.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Elementa
Price: Additional animal ears sprout from the Ranger’s head, Severe Phobia of Raised Voices
Mechanics: When the Ranger activates this evocation, no sound can be created within or pass within oration distance of the Ranger. This is signaled by the call “All Who Hear My Voice Are Deafened”. Any creature within the sphere is deafened and cannot hear speech or noises, and anything that requires sound cannot be completed within the sphere. The effect ends when the Ranger leaves the bounds of the original area.

Eagle Eye
The scent of blood causes excitement and renewed vigor in the predator, for it knows it will soon feast.
Essence: Choleric, Elementa
Price: Rings and lines of red around the eyes, Severe Compulsion to exact suffering on all around you without killing them
Mechanics: Using their heightened senses and growing bloodlust, the Ranger may call a Power Strike on any creature, monster, or human that they have successfully wounded during a combat scene, as they find the cracks in their protection and grow frenzied at the sight of weakness.

Nightmares of the Forest
There is a reason trees have voices we do not hear.
Essence: Melancholic, Necrophage
Price: The Ranger regularly has traumatic, frightening dreams, and all of their hair turns to white; Severe Delusion that you must repress your emotions to keep yourself and those you love safe, and any display of praise or admonition could cause terrible danger.
Mechanics: A Ranger with this power may commune with the trees and vegetation of the forest to know what they know and receive a vision of one of the active malefic,  NPCs, or monsters that are in the area, at staff discretion.

Night Cometh
Some creatures are cloaked in legend and fear, and this makes for far more effective armor than mere metal or skin.
Essence: Melancholic, Human
Price: Boney plates jut out of the Ranger’s skin; Severe Compulsion to bathe in human blood
Mechanics: For the duration of a combat scene, the Ranger may only be harmed by Silver, Malefic, or Divine attacks, and may call “Malefic Taken” against more common weapons or Magic that is Complexity 3 or lower.

Last Embrace
Nature wastes nothing.
Essence: Sanguine, Human
Price: The Ranger’s lips crack and fissure with clear stretch marks along their jaw and cheeks, accompanied by bestial teeth; Severe Delusion that you can only be sustained by human flesh
Mechanics: When Grabbing a physical creature, including humans, the Ranger may activate this Evocation to unhinge their jaw and begin to consume them whole. This takes one minute to complete, during which the Ranger may take no other actions. Should the Ranger receive any Injury, Bleed, or Stun effect during this minute, they must disgorge their victim and release them from the grapple immediately. Should the Ranger complete this, the creature is immediately killed and supernaturally metabolized along with any items on their person, including Ingested Alchemicals. The Ranger instantly gains the benefit of having consumed all four Essences of the appropriate creature type. This also removes the Miserable state.

Wylde Hunter
To lay eyes upon the Wyld Hunt is to invite death; to hear the wailing of the hunting horns is to know destruction and catastrophe. The prey of the Hunt is souls.
Essence: Choleric, Human
Price: Exposed skin becomes covered with random mouths and eyes, Severe Compulsion to hunt lone humans
Mechanics: Observe a target in a natural environment from stealth or a hidden position. This creature becomes the Ranger’s Quarry. They may activate this evocation for a combat scene, in which every strike you land on your Quarry is a Power Strike. This creature remains your Quarry until it is killed or you select a new Quarry through an activation of another evocation. If a Quarry has already been marked with the use of another skill, and the essence is spent for this power as well, this effect lasts on the Quarry until the sun rises on the next day or the Quarry is killed.

Breath of Drakon
More monster than human, the Winter Ranger is a danger to all they come in contact with.
Essence: Phlegmatic, Human
Price: The Ranger’s tongue becomes malformed, making them incapable of speaking coherently; Severe Compulsion to kill with an audience of the victim’s loved ones
Mechanics: Inhale deeply before leaning forward and giving a long exhale with your tongue thrust out. All living creatures within arms’ reach are affected by an Inhaled Expedient Paralytic 4 alchemical effect.