Notable Characters

The following are stories about characters in game that have spread far and wide and that other people may have encountered in their travels, as a result of the Notable perk. These stories may not be true, but are passed around across the world. This page updates often, so check back regularly.

 Aljana Inferno, compañerx o a Della Rosa, of Storm Chaser and of The Opportunity

Aljana, King of the Docks, Princess of the Silver Seas, the bottle in hand, the hand to scratch the itch, the itch… uhgrm. Well, uh, not so shore where I be goin’ with that. But do I know he? Yes, of course I do. Comes every summer, this ways. Make sure I see her, I do. On the Opportunity, the last few years. Good ship. Good Captain. They get what you need, for enough salt.

Hold on. Need ta wet my throat.

There we be. Aljana, Alan, Al, Lena. All names they will use at times. The only real constant is the ship at their back. They bring their brew. Great company and throws a great party. But THEN, ruins the afterglow with questions about yer parents…or yer exes. Or bein’ not really free, an the Deep, always watchin’…watchin…

Want a swig? Gotta be some left that ain’t backwash.

Al ain’t a girl, ya know. She looks that way, because that’s what the fellas at the docks tend to like, ‘cept around harvest when the boys come callin’ for him. Ain’t a man, either. Is anyone checking the Sea for a cock? Show some respect! Fookin parrot. Gonna eat you someday, just you wait.

I heard that Aljana once wrestled a Gemelli eel for the locket her patient needed to get over their ex! It taintunt really about the sex, some folks just skip that part. Like the Benalians. They get pinky tight about it. Their loss.

I heard a rumor that Aljana can read your mind if you look them in the eye. One glance, and they’ll see right to your deepest secret like it was written on your face. Luckily, there are a few other things ya can look at, instead, if y’know what I mean.

Aljana has gets her cold brew from coffee grown on a secret island. Their ship sails to a specific part of the seas, then ‘he gets out into a small skiff and sails off alone. When they comes back, she’s got a sack of coffee cherries, a bunch of unexplained bites, and green sand in ‘is boots.

Anyway, fook off I’m trying to sleep.

 Freeman Roger Bard

Freeman Roger Bard is from the famous Bard family of the Underwode vampire court of Cryhaven. He is well known throughout Seravia as a popular tavern performer, mainly singing themes of thieving, dancing, revenge, and heartbreaking love. His sea songs have long pleased the ears of Hesha pirates visiting Cryhaven’s waterfront taverns, and he is equally known by Nemien traders and any other travellers to that wild port city. Known to be skilled at any instrument, he gained some notoriety by being the first to play the remarkable “marble machine” of nobleman/engineer Markas Covington. Roger performs as a balladeer chiefly, often seen strumming a black 12-string guitar, but is also quite adept on the brass cornetto, flute, and drum. Lately he’s been seen performing in a bardic trio called “The Beggar Kings”.

To his audience and business partners, Freeman Bard is not viewed as an especially dangerous character, and is generally perceived to be cheerful and carefree.  Yet he is rumored to have many powerful and vengeful friends, and is frighteningly quick with a blade. At least one would-be assailant has lost a life provoking the volcanic wrath of the jolly bard in black. Although he seems innocuous enough, and is loyal to those who treat him fairly, this traveler is not to be trifled with.


Trained by the Ancient Ones of the sacred isle of Cors Cimree, Garran has dedicated a lifetime to its sacred grove. While his service to the cultists of Vecatra have caused him some malady, he remains a staunch defender and keeper of Vecatran ways. Other rumors abound, too. One of the oddest is that Garran is cursed to walk the land for eternity until he finds his soul mate.

Now, those who long ago knew him say he is unrecognizable. Once a quiet and withdrawn young man, Garran has become brash, outspoken and occasionally belligerent. He has joined up with a group of bards known as The Beggar Kings and is said to have fallen in love with mead.

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