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Mar 25 2022 - Mar 27 2022


5:00 pm - 12:00 pm




Beta Event

Beta Event 3


Come, seek,
for seeking is the foundation of fortune:
every success depends on focusing the heart.
Unconcerned with the business of the world.

The lands called Gotha are vast and lonely in the places between the overwhelming and teeming cities. But that does not mean those spaces are empty. Travel remains difficult and treacherous for the motley caravan heading out from Praesa towards Cenotaph, and it does not appear as though their Nemien guides are stopping at any major Gothic cities or towns. Rather they appear to be deliberately avoiding them. 

Instead, the travelers are greeted by the sights of ruins of long-abandoned villages retaken by the wilds. Crumbling monasteries dot the mountainsides, and broken hamlets blend into the forests, stripped of what stone and lumber they once possessed. Tremendous walls that once served as deterrents against the nonhumans and enemy forces, now stand isolated and moss-covered. Many of the famous roads that crossed and connected the Empire of old are still present, though even they are well overgrown and broken in places.

The Nemien caravan and the crew of Dumah’s Promise That Was have grown closer to those of the caravan- especially after the shared experiences of the journey through the Outlands and Praesa, and although they still hold themselves somewhat aloof- it is difficult to maintain such distance for a journey of this length.  Meals are shared more often, smiles are a bit quicker, and more voices are heard in conversation. Even matters of faith are haltingly discussed at times, as the chanting, incense, and calming ripples of the Nemien practice of Aa’boran are witnessed along the journey.

Cenotaph grows closer now, beckoning with its whispered promises of fresh starts, mysteries, and adventure.  From a good enough vantage point, with the help of Nemien field lenses, in the far distance a great sea of trees that was once known as the Bosewald can be seen.

At the center of that deep and vast forest lies the end of this particular journey.

But for now, there is the more pressing issue of the immediate surroundings. To the north, the great cityscape of Lethia looms- the Salgothic enclave at its center rising above the sprawling  metropolis surrounding it, its imposing walls keeping those not blessed by god from their ancient and holy cathedral. It is a city within a city, with the densely packed Salgothic towers, temples, and gardens at its core, and around it, a populace of Gothic people with their narrow streets, plazas, giant vault-like buildings, markets, alleys, and housing.

While all Gothic cities pose a measure of danger, Lethia also boasts an additional danger in the form of the great library at the outskirts of the city known as the House of Wisdom where the Triumverati warlords of Lethia hold court.   Thus, the caravan gives the city a wide berth, having no desire to tarry long near such political complexities and real dangers. So they keep to the lonelier roads, but here, they are not the only ones who know these paths. The season of Tempus comes early this year, and the Salgothic from Acquila and Fenristadt are beginning their long trek to Lethia along with their parliament members and eligible heirs. The caravan does not necessarily have to avoid these other travelers, but it is best to be aware of them. The Nemien signal that the next stop is coming soon- at the lea of two rivers south of Lethia, but there are noises in the woods and those with weapons keep them close.

One last crossroads stands before you, and with winter storms on the horizon the final path will likely not be easy.

Please be aware that due to the inherent uncertainty of scheduling events in a time of Covid-19 pandemic, event dates may be changed, postponed, or cancelled. 
Purchased tickets will be automatically applied to the next scheduled event if one of these changes occurs, or a refund may be requested.

March 25-27, 2022 marks the third, and last, of our weekend-long Beta events. While these events serve as tests for our mechanics and processes, our intention is for these events to be Prologues to the main story as you travel on the road to Cenotaph. You will not be earning XP, but you will be earning glory, lore, and items along the way.

Our events will be held at MiddleGround in Onalaska:

204 Vanhoesen Rd
Onalaska, WA 98570

Everyone must be pre-registered to attend an event.

Other information:

  • What about Covid-19 vaccination? Vaccination is a requirement of entry. If you have not yet shown proof of vaccination, please bring your vaccination card or a picture of it to check in. If there is a medical accommodation needed, proof of a negative covid test from within the last 48 hours must be provided. We will be following all state guidelines on masking and other Covid-19 recommendations. 
  • What if I wasn’t part of the first or second beta or if I want to play a different character? Not an issue at all! There’s plenty of reasons for you to join the group of passengers. We invite you to make a character once we reopen character submissions.  Please ensure that your character has been turned into staff no later than the second Monday before the event.
  • What if I want to change my character? Not a problem, just send in a ticket via the website and we can work with you to change your character sheet!
  • What if I want to NPC? If you are interested in NPCing for us, please send us a ticket! We definitely have room for additional volunteers.
  • What time does check-in start? Check-in starts at 5pm, and opening announcements will be at 8pm.
  • What time does setup start? Setup starts at noon on Friday. We ask that only people helping to set up arrive this early. 
  • Can I check in after announcements if I arrive late? Absolutely. Please alert staff if you will be significantly late so that arrangements can be made for someone to be available to check you in.  
  • What is the parking situation? There will be parking available for about 30-40 vehicles. We’re currently exploring overflow parking options, but we do encourage carpooling where possible for the time being.
  • Do I need to play the same character for the Betas that I plan on playing for the game itself? You are free to play your intended PC for the standard events, or you can play something entirely different to try out different mechanics or character types.
  • If I play the same character for the Betas that I play for the events, can I rewrite between the Betas and the first game? If you decide to keep your Beta PC for the standard events, you will have an opportunity to rewrite before you enter into play proper.
  • What will my character earn? There will not be XP awarded for the Betas. This is to better ensure that when the standard events start, everyone is on semi-equal footing. There will, however, be a glory reward of 3 glory per beta attended, as well as the opportunity to earn more glory if you help set up and tear down. In addition, you may keep any lore, items, materials, or treasure-y bits you encounter.
  • Do our cabins have outlets? Yes! Outlets, bunks, mattresses, and heating.  There are also showers, toilets, and basic kitchen facilities on site.
  • Do we need to pick cabins now? We will be uploading a sleeping chart so that people can register to sleep near those people they are most regularly exposed to for Covid safety.
  • If I want to bring a tent to camp out, can I? Of course! We do encourage tent-camping for those who do not want to remain indoors for prolonged periods of time. We do want to also caution that the site will be cold in late March, and you’ll want to plan for ways to keep yourself warm in your tent. 
  • Should I bring food? A food plan will be available for purchase alongside your registration, but given the rigors of LARP, you may want to have some extra vittles. The food plan also may not take your particular allergies or restrictions into account. Be aware that there is some fridge space for players on-site, but it may be limited. The microwave will be available for players to use, but the stoves and ovens in the kitchen may be fully in use for the food plan. 
  • Do I need to bring bedding? Yes – the mattresses provided are college-dorm-style twin XL-size bunk beds. Please bring your own pillows and bedding.  
  • What is this glory ticket I see at registration? Glory is a currency that is awarded for helping the health and quality of the game on an out-of-character basis. It can be used to purchase special concepts, memberships, out-of-culture perks and flaws, among other things. For an extra $10 at ticket purchase you can effectively purchase 1 glory at half price. This is limited to one purchase upon buying tickets.

Please enter your ticket amounts here and you will be redirected to a secure PayPal payment area.