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Sep 24 2021 - Sep 26 2021


5:00 pm - 12:00 pm




Beta Event

Beta Event 2

The road to that bright happy region,
is a dim narrow trail so they say,
While the broad one that leads to perdition
Is posted and blazed all the way.

The promise of Cenotaph beckons in the distance, but like all promises from strangers, it’s debatable how much it should be trusted. The journey on foot is long and slow by comparison to the swift cruising of a ship.  But that option lies shattered on the shores behind you, and now the creaking of wood and canvas you hear is that of rolling wagons. The dangers of the road seem much more real as you scrutinize every bend and blindspot for ambush, and at night the shadows and foliage feel alive with malevolence. Yet the Nemien caravan you travel with is knowledgeable and capable, sometimes stopping far earlier than appears necessary, sometimes pressing through the night, sometimes abruptly changing the path or direction.  They rarely give explanations for their movements, but it is implied that every decision is made with safety and preservation in mind.

The Wastes and the Fens lie behind you, but the decisions and actions taken there have followed and lingered. A strange, dark man with too-bright eyes appears at times, though not on anyone’s timeline but his own.  An old blind woman sticks close to her new warband, sometimes turning her head to look back and see only memories.  Chittering sounds and furtive shadows follow in the tracks of the wagon wheels, and the crew of Dumah’s Promise That Was appear sullen and despondent.  The Nemien caravan now escorting you holds themselves aloof, not providing much by way of conversation or entertainment, and leaves the travelers to socialize among themselves as best they can.

The days and nights bleed together, and the rhythm of the journey becomes a song of background noise punctuated by crescendos of fear and danger as hulking beasts and figures in the wrong shape of a person are periodically fought back with the Nemien’s ranged attacks.  But all things must end eventually, and ahead of you looms the towers and battlements of one of the great Gothic cities- Praesa – the City of Guilds, built along a forked meeting of three ancient crossroads. While at a distance it appears as still and calm as a painting, the city teems with life like an overcrowded ant hill. It is a sudden bastion of civilization after the deliberately isolated path you have traveled. The caravan signals that they will stop here to trade and resupply, but there is an air of tense wariness among the Nemien as they sharpen their weapons, carry more arrows, and increase their guards on the peripheries the closer the group comes to the gates of Praesa.  It is clear they are preparing for trouble.

It would seem that your journey has reached a crossroads, and for good or ill, the choices made here could affect everything that is to follow.

Please be aware that due to the inherent uncertainty of scheduling events in a time of Covid-19 pandemic, event dates may be changed, postponed, or cancelled. 
Purchased tickets will be automatically applied to the next scheduled event if one of these changes occurs, or a refund may be requested.

September 24-26th, 2021 marks the second of our weekend-long Beta events. While these events serve as tests for our mechanics and processes, our intention is for these events to be Prologues to the main story as you travel on the road to Cenotaph. You will not be earning XP, but you will be earning glory, lore, and items along the way.

Our events will be held at MiddleGround in Onalaska:

204 Vanhoesen Rd
Onalaska, WA 98570

We’re beyond excited to see you at our second Beta event and tell stories together! Everyone must be pre-registered to attend an event.

Other information:

What if I wasn’t part of the first beta or if I want to play a different character?
Not an issue at all! There’s plenty of reasons for you to join the group of passengers. We invite you to make a character once we reopen character submissions.  Please ensure that your character has been turned into staff no later than the Monday before game.
What if I want to change my character?
Not a problem, just send in a ticket and we can work with you to change your character sheet!
What if I want to NPC?
If you are interested in NPCing for us, please send us a ticket! We definitely have room for additional volunteers.
What time does check-in start?
Check-in starts at 5pm, and game start is at 8pm.
Can I check in after if I arrive late?
What is the parking situation?
There will be parking available for about 30-40 vehicles. We’re currently exploring overflow parking options, but we do encourage carpooling where possible for the time being.
Do I need to play the same character for the Betas that I plan on playing for the game itself?

-You are free to play your intended PC for the standard events, or you can play something entirely different than the character you would like to play for the games themselves.
If I play the same character for the Betas that I play for the events, can I rewrite between the Betas and the first game?
-If you decide to keep your Beta PC for the standard events, you will have an opportunity to rewrite before you enter into play proper.
What will my character earn?
-There will not be XP awarded for the Betas. This is to better ensure that when the standard events start, everyone is on semi-equal footing. There will, however, be a glory reward of 3 glory per beta attended, as well as the opportunity to earn more glory if you help set up and tear down. In addition, you may keep any lore, items, materials, or treasure-y bits you encounter.
Do our cabins have outlets?
Yes! Outlets, bunks, mattresses, and heating.  There are also showers, toilets, and basic kitchen facilities on site.
Do we need to pick cabins now?
We will be uploading a sleeping chart for people to be able to stay within their quarantine pods.
If I want to bring a tent to camp out, can I?
Of course!
Should I bring food?
A food plan will be available for purchase (see that ticket!), but given the rigors of LARP, you may want to have some extra vittles. The food plan also may not take your particular allergies or restrictions into account. There is limited fridge space for players on-site.
Do I need to bring bedding?
You also should bring your own pillows and bedding, yes.
What is this glory ticket I see?
-Glory is a currency that is awarded for helping the health and quality of the game on an out-of-character basis. It can be used to purchase special concepts, memberships, out-of-culture perks and flaws, among other things. For an extra $10 at ticket purchase you can effectively purchase 1 glory at half price. This is limited to one purchase upon buying tickets.

Please enter your ticket amounts here and you will be redirected to a secure PayPal payment area.