Materials are in high demand as they are used in Crafting, as Magician Fallacies, and as Ritual components by Cultists.  In the following table we detail how different items can be Gathered, or whether they must be found through Scavenging or by completing a Quest (see Quest Items for more details on how these items can be created).

As a note- this list is not exhaustive. Scavenging in game, for example, may occasionally result in crafted items, schematics, or artifacts that have been lost for ages.


Approximate Salt Costs

Age of Ashes is primarily based in a barter economy with no central fiduciary or governing body.  As such, salt costs listed here are always approximate and estimated as they are based on the average availability of resources for traders in the Cenotaph region- and individual trader needs may change on desire for certain products, current availability of resources released in gathering, or current storylines. Approximate salt costs in Cenotaph tend to be lower than starting character costs due to the higher availability of resources in the region.


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