While there are many actions that can be completed within Cenotaph, sometimes people desire to interact with the wider world. For these people letters carried by Nemien caravan are the primary means of communication with others in the world.


Using a combination of caravans, message birds, couriers, and magicians the Nemien caravans are able to get letters to and from anywhere in the world within the space of eight weeks.  But to do so costs more depending on where that letter is going to in the world and what is being sent.  Generally, a simple letter follows the pricing listed below, but packages increase proportionally to the weight from 2 times to 10 times the cost of a normal letter. 


This pricing, and the availability for messengers to travel to various places, may change depending on the current situation in the world.

Zone Pricing with your own paper and ink Pricing with purchasing paper and ink
Green 15 salt or equivalent 20 salt or equivalent
Yellow 30 salt or equivalent 35 salt or equivalent
Red 60 salt or equivalent 65 salt or equivalent


Generally, letters and packages sent utilizing a perk (Friend Indeed, Holy Mission, etc.) are assumed to be sent for free- within limits. However, in order to ensure a response back in time for the next event, it is important that staff receive the letter either at game or via our ticketing system no later than a week after the event. 

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