Starting play with a Kuarlite Cultist requires more glory than an ordinary cultist




Scholars and philosophers have been debating the concepts of morality possibly since the beginning of conscious thought. Many, but certainly not all, would agree that it is overly simplistic to assign the qualities of good and evil to most living things. The world is a place in which acts of good and evil occur, and whether or not the source of those actions reflects their nature is a source of deliberation and controversy. Yet there are also certain truths that mankind feels deep in their bones; certain taboos and sources of fear we are born with. Beneath our scholarly robes and quills, there is a naked animal that knows the icy fear of a predator’s breath on its neck. It knows why the darkness is feared, and why the rule of the world must be to kill or be killed. Humanity is born knowing its needs and knowing self-preservation. It is only as we learn with age to cage the beast within that we suppress our innate instincts and drives.
So while the concept of evil may be debatable, as well as its sources and causation, all of mankind is familiar with those times when all reason is cast aside in favor of slaking a deep seated desire for pain, to kill, to release the chained and buried part of ourselves that has stalked within our bellies waiting for its time. There is a god who calls out to that raging, shared part of humanity with a single, resonating battle cry: Absolute Freedom.


Kuarl is the god of Slaughter, Brutality, and Blood makes up one third of the Triumvirate of Thorns, along with the gods Lazarolth and Tarranthalis. The question of why the three are linked under a shared title has some conflicting origins, but most agree that it is because ancient Benalian texts name these three deities as being originally angels fallen from grace. However, in practice the followers of the Triumverate are opposed to one another, and spend as much time in religious persecution of one another as they do with other faiths.  For each has a view of the world that is incompatible with the others. Kuarl stands for total liberation from every form of subjugation and authority. Devotees worship strength and communing with one’s bestial nature, rejecting the constrictions of propriety, falsehoods, and politics. Kuarl’s command is to lay waste to those who stand in the way, revel in bloodshed, and ride the exhilaration that comes with battle. 

Kuarlites are by definition then, a bloodthirsty lot who are quick to maim and quicker to kill. They often include the likes of ruthless generals, warlords, brigands, gladiators, and the disenfranchised. Anywhere and anytime that a soul cries out for more agency, more freedom, more strength, and the ability to exact vengeance, they can expect to hear an invitation from Kuarl eventually. The gifts a follower receives from worship tend to be physical augmentations and tools to give an edge in battle, but the cost is that it is incredibly difficult to hide the fact that one is a Kuarlite for long. Perhaps the most direct of the gods, Kuarl has no time for subtlety or subterfuge. Interactions are meant to be as direct as a crunching blow from an axe, and thus Kuarlites manifest increasingly obvious animalistic markers and mutations as their worship continues over time.

Kuarlites take pleasure in the destruction of religious artifacts from other faiths and symbols of power, particularly those of Benalian origin, as the two religions have a long history of antagonism and a special opposition to one another. Whereas the Benalian faith teaches that humanity is the steward of creation and is obligated to be the best and most moral and ethical versions of themselves, Kuarlites believe that all such constrictions must be shed and overthrown in the name of pure anarchical freedom. Having ties of obligation to faiths, family, friends, and the world are only hindrances in the ultimate goal towards complete emancipation. To ascend the ranks in the priesthood of Kuarl, the Cultists must remove many of these ties from their lives so that they can move through the world without anything holding them back from the bloodshed that must be done. If anyone finds themself facing an advanced Kuarlite Cultist in battle, their fate has already been decided, and it is in their best interest to flee as far as they can. Thus, while some Kuarlites have been able to exist within the bounds of society, especially in societies such as the Outlanders, they are distrusted and given a wide berth for fear that they could snap into a berserker rage at any moment. And so many stalk the world, ever hungry, ever ready for battle, for the honor of their god.

Vow: Never bend to the will of another.

Like other Triumverati cultists, it is not possible to learn rituals from another cultist or from a holy writ unless you pay glory to enter play as such. Cultists of these denominations should fill out the request for a dream form when they have done deeds that their god may find pleasing:

Rank 0

All Rank 0 rituals may be cast by anyone who meets the requirements for casting as long as they are aware of them and do not cost XP to learn.

The Red Damnation

This ritual may be used by anyone, even someone not dedicated to Kuarl, to damn their enemy.
Blood calls to blood across time and space. Violence on the part can be extended to the whole.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A chunk of a tagged dark stone is held in the left hand of the Petitioner.
Offering – The Blood of the target is rubbed onto the stone.
Act – The Petitioner spits onto the stone and mixes it with the Blood.
Act – The Petitioner digs a hole in the soil large enough to hide the stone and prevent its discovery. The Petitioner must not be observed during this rite.
Liturgy“And now, oh Kuarl, do I first see your glory, the actions you are capable of. Lend me your strength so that I may bring your vengeance down on this wretched person.”

Mechanical Effect
At the completion of the ritual, the target begins to bleed from their eyes and ears. They gain the Damned state and Bleed condition. They are unable to remove the Bleed condition until the Damned state is resolved.

All Kuarlite Cultists in the area become aware of the Petitioner’s true name in a dream. At check-in at the next event, any Kuarlite Cultists present will receive the name.

Cast Off Shackles: The First Trial of Emancipation

The follower of Kuarl symbolically destroys and casts off the broken pieces of everything which holds them back from experiencing their true potential. This makes them a rank 1 priest.
The chains that bind don’t protect you from yourself- they protect the world from you.
Constellation: Saham
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – Sometime after completing the Borne in Blood ritual, the Petitioner comes to a location where a battle has been fought.
Offering – A chunk of a wyrd item with the Destruction trait is placed atop the altar.
Focus – Blood is drawn by the Petitioner cutting their left palm with a Sword or Dagger. This causes a wound to the limb.
Act – The Petitioner’s blood is smeared on the blade of the weapon until it is fully coated.
FocusThe first human being that the petitioner sees must be slaughtered. Any living human will suffice, no matter the age or gender. Once killed, the Petitioner returns to the altar before the body ashes. They must do this immediately and cannot take any other actions before returning to the shrine or the ritual will fail.
Liturgy“Now, I begin to understand. This is the origin from which something will grow inside of me. Do not resist. Embrace it. Befriend it. For the lord Kuarl demands blood and flesh, and I shall provide.”

Mechanical Effect
This Rite can be performed by anyone who has successfully undergone the Borne in Blood Rite.

 If the Rite is successful, the Cultist is elevated to be a Rank 1 Kuarlite Cultist and can now buy mutations through dedications at the shrine. Their body is warped by the experience, and they gain a mutation. The mutation is either Horns (1 point), Body Spikes (1 point), Giant Fist (1 point) or Bony Forehead (1 point). This physical change allows the Cultists the benefits of the Berserker perk. The mutation must be costumed.

The ritual automatically fails if the Petitioner has not dedicated ten kills to Kuarl at his shrine. If this ritual fails, the Cultist gains a Personal Failure and gains the Damned state.

Rank 1 

Dedicate Shrine to Kuarl

Creating this sacred site will allow priests of Kuarl to conduct rituals that require an altar. 
Seek payment for the anguish that has been given to you, vindicate your previous unavenged self. The weapons you bear shall be your own limbs, your own body, but given strength to stand against the strongest sword.
Constellation: Jabal
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – The Cultist finds a location where a battle has been fought to build the shrine.
Focus – A Human Rib Cage is extracted from a corpse the Cultist has brought to the shrine.
Act – The Cultist sets down the Human Ribcage and cracks it open from the sternum.
Offering – A pinch of Salt Peter is eaten by the Cultist.
Act – The Cultist sprinkles the rest of the Salt peter in the Human Rib Cage.
FocusFour Daggers are used to stake the Human Rib Cage to the ground.

Mechanical Effect
The Cultist will now be able to conduct rituals that require a Shrine of Kuarl to complete.

Any followers of Kuarl may trigger the Shrine by leaving an offering of Sulfer, a Weasel’s Skull, a Blood Rose, the Blood of Kings, a Wasp’s Nest, or a Fire Salamander, and using the Prayer ability at the Shrine. If triggered, the target gets one Divine Resist of their choice: Stun Combat/Defense/Offense, Stun Body/Limb, Pain, or Fear, but they must choose which at the Shrine. This lasts until the target has expended the Hopeful condition gained by this use of Prayer. This effect can be used once per rest, and it is not possible to stack effects from the same source. This lasts until the target has expended the Hopeful condition gained by this use of Prayer. A Cultist or Follower of Kuarl may also offer the body of someone they have killed as an offering for the Shrine benefit, or they may dedicate that kill to Kuarl.

In addition to dedicating kills to Kuarl, cultists of Kuarl may kneel before a Shrine of Kuarl and verbally confess their deeds which resulted in breaking the chains of others, specifically listing people who received Despair from the cultist murdering their friends and loved ones, or people who the cultist was able to directly cause to break one of their oaths. These dedications may be expended in order to purchase cultist mutations at the shrine. The “cost” is the number of dedications expended. Kuarl cultist mutations do take up body modification points, but do not use a body slot, although some costuming is required.



Modification Points



Augmented Adrenal Gland



Three dots drawn on the side of the chin

Once per combat you may use a Divine Dodge call




Overlapping scales drawn on the arms

You may expend the prayer state to gain a Divine Armor for the scene.

Touched By Kuarl



The symbol of Kuarl is drawn somewhere above the shoulders

After receiving a wound from an opponent, you gain a Disregard call against Fear or Terror once per rest that lasts the rest of the combat




Rings drawn around each elbow on the top and the bottom

May call Escape from being Grappled once per rest

Voice of Kuarl



A line is drawn from the lips down to the chin

Once per day you may call “By My Voice, Take a limb Strike.”

Death Grip



Black rings drawn around the fingers

You may call Altered: Taken on Disarm calls once per rest.

Touch of Doubt



A swirl drawn on the forehead

Once per rest you may call Weaken:Faith 2 with a brawl boffer

Ultimate Freedom



Two horizontal lines of different length  drawn across the bridge of the nose

Ignore any Obey calls with Altered: Taken

Corrupt Artifacts



Red or black colored fingerprints

After killing a human and dipping your hands in their blood you may hold an artifact for at least ten minutes to corrupt that artifact. See staff. 

Heart of the Lion



A dark band is drawn across the eyes 

You may call Altered: Taken on social calls as long as you are remain loudly aggressive

Rabies Bite



The edges of the mouth are extended in two long lines

Once per rest if your successful Grapple is undefended you may call “Divine Obey: Fight for Me” as a Grapple Carrier Call and end the Grapple. 

Horns of Power



Animal horns

Upon Downing an opponent, you may call Ethos Strike on one person within two sword lengths.

Fangs of the Beast



Two short lines are drawn from the mouth part way down the chin.

By taking a rest over a target you have downed you may devour their will. For the rest of the liminal space, if the target dies, they lose two Touchstone memories instead of one for a standard death. .

The Blood of Kuarl

This ritual creates a potion said to be the blood of Kuarl on earth.
Fire, death and destruction- in blood I take my payment in full. I spare not the weak or the unprotected, and in my wake leave only misery and pain.
Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 2

Act – The Cultist gathers no less than two witnesses before a Shrine of Kuarl. The Cultist is not included in this number.
Offering – The blood of three separate dead individuals that have not turned to ash are presented to the Shrine. The blood is poured into a vessel with the Mark of Kaurl carved at the bottom of the inner cup.
Act – The witnesses form a circle around the Cultist and pass the vessel around in a counter clockwise fashion among themselves, spitting their saliva into the blood.
Act – The Cultist takes the vessel back and adds their own. The vessel is placed on the shrine.

Mechanical Effect
The mixture in the vessel becomes the Blood of Kuarl, a viscous cup of blood with black tendrils floating in it that never seem to go away. This ritual creates 3 doses of the Blood, which may be poured into separate containers. The Blood loses its potency if held by someone with 0 depravity.

Anyone who consumes the Blood gains the mutation Bursting Muscles for a scene although this version of Bursting Muscles works on all limbs rather than just the arms, as well as the Mild Delusion that they cannot be harmed. The insanity lasts for one hour.

Vitriolic Spit

After completing this ritual, the priest of Kuarl may now use their own saliva as a weapon.
And so those who thought their knights would be proof against the darkness instead watched the rows of shining armor falter and break before the might of Kuarl. And those weak willed men who felt safe standing behind their warriors realized they did not have the mettle to deal with the full face of the god head-on.
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 2

Offering – A piece of Brimstone is held in the Cultist’s right hand.
Act – The Cultist crushes the Brimstone into a powder with the Pommel of a weapon.
Act – The Cultist coats their tongue in the Brimstone.
Liturgy“Oh Kuarl, lend me your words so that I might strike down my enemies. That I may cause pain in your name. Let me burn the will to live out of them.”

Mechanical Effect
The spit of the Cultist becomes acidic. They may now use their own spit as an acidic attack for a combat scene. They may use this attack up to 5 times during the combat. The attack is performed through a spell packet.

If the acidic spit is not used by the next dawn, the power fades with no effect. Once activated, the power does not go beyond the combat scene.

Heed my Cry

This battle call will alert everyone to the Kuarlite’s presence.
Hear me! Gone are the days when we were free to rest- now is the time when blood and bone shall break and spill. There is no space left for those who refuse to take up the fight. Fight me, or meet your own destruction willingly.
Constellation: Aldhiyib
Orthodoxy: 1

Offering – A human or animal bone is broken. The Cultists feasts on the marrow.
Act – The Cultists kneels with their legs spread, and raises their arms straight above their body as they tilt their head back.
Liturgy – The Cultists screams the following: “I offer those I am about to slay as a sacrifice to you, oh Kuarl. May my kills be pleasing to you.”

Mechanical Effect
The Cultists can challenge someone to combat. They are able to call Divine Obey: Attack Me at single target within shouting distance.

Mask of Terror

This allows a Kuarlite priest to reject fear in the face of others he wishes to kill.
Look upon me! See me for what I am- the blood that seeps under the door, the darkness in the eyes of the broken child, the despairing wind that echoes above the battlefield. I am the gore-soaked earth, the bleeding bone, the failure of your divinity to protect you. You will never feel such fear into the core of yourself as when you face me.
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 1

Focus – The Cultist skins the face off a corpse of someone who has experienced battle being careful to keep it all in one piece.
Focus – The skin is attached to the Cultist’s head, covering their face like a mask with 1 Scrap Leather.
Act – The Cultist smears the skin with blood from the corpse, rimming the eyes and lips especially.

Mechanical Effect
This mask allows the priest to call “Divine Resist” on a Terror call from a single target and then immediately call Terror on the originator of the call, reflecting it back to them.

This effect works on Night Malefic/monsters as well.

This ritual expires after a liminal space and until then may be used once per rest.

Barbarous Consumption

By eating the flesh of other humans, a priest may heal themselves.
There are those who will tell you that mankind is special. That there is a spark in them, of the divine, of madness, of the fire that started this world- but let it be known that is a lie. There is nothing that separates mankind from the other animals. All flesh screams before it is consumed.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A Human who was not attacking the Cultist in battle, or could be considered an innocent bystander is killed by the Cultist.
Act – The Cultist removes themself from any combat situation.
Focus – A weapon with a sharp edge is obtained.
Act – The Cultist begins carving the flesh off of the human that they have freshly killed and eats it. This takes about twenty minutes. If they are interrupted during the process it fails and they must kill again if they desire to restart the ritual.
Act – The Cultist consumes the brain last. It is saved for the final act of eating.

Mechanical Effect:
The priest removes all Battered conditions and all injuries from themselves.

Enclose the Psyche

Temporarily limit the number of insanities corrupting the mind.
I have seen more than you can grasp. I have trod in the blood of archangels. I have descended upon the foul palaces of eternal corruption and came back with form intact. I have seen the foul shapes of the dark gate of time. Such knowledge must be seen to be understood, and must be constrained to allow one to continue moving forward.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 5

Offering – A fire is built out of 3 bones.
Act – The Cultist stands on the opposite side of the fire from the target, at least 3 feet apart. If the Cultist is the target, they stand over the fire.
Focus – A Sword is placed between the eyes of the target over the fire.
Act – The Cultist drags the sword downward to create a slit from brows to collarbone. This gives a torso wound.
Focus – The blood of the target is dripped into the flames as they lean forward.
Focus – The bloody blade of the Sword is thrust into the fire and heated until it is red hot.
Act – The Cultist presses the hot Blade to the middle of the target’s forehead, where the cut begins, cauterizing it and leaving a burn, but stabilizing the target. If the target is the cultist themselves they will need to use their Berserker modification.

Mechanical Effect:
This ritual lets the Cultist cap the target’s active insanities at two, despite their number of sins or total number of insanities. If they currently have more than two insanties, the two that remain are chosen by the target. This effect lasts for the event.

Faithful Denial

Let out a violent scream that negates Divine calls for one combat scene.
Let no one else touch you. Let no one influence your mind. You have the backing of the god of slaughter and bloodshed. Remember this well. You shall find yourself prepared for casting off the influence of inferior beings, though they may put up a rousing fight. You will, no doubt, rise to meet the challenge with a mighty battle cry.
Constellation: Sahalia
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – The Cultist performs the Mask of Terror with no vulgarities.
Act – The Cultist makes their way to a Shrine of Kuarl.
Offering – A tagged red stone is placed in the mouth of the Cultist and swallowed.
Liturgy“My throat bears the fire of war, and I will prevail.” Repeat this two times in your own head, making sure to remain silent physically and verbally.
Offering – The symbol of Kuarl is painted on the front of the Cultist’s throat with blood from a wound.

Mechanical Effect:
On the battlefield, if the Cultist screams or cries out for a prolonged period of time, they may counter a single Divine call from an enemy by using the Divine: Resist call.

Borne in Blood

Convert a new follower into Kuarl’s bloody embrace.
Just as a river carves a path into the earth, so too can pain blazes a path into the flesh. If you follow the same road often enough your feet learn the way, until you cannot become lost- no matter how dark the night.
Constellation: Ghazal
Orthodoxy: 4

Focus – The Convert is brought to a place where a battle has been fought, preferably recently.
Focus – A large stake, taller than the target, is erected into the ground, and the Convert’s hands are bound to the stake above their head with rope soaked in the blood of someone with the Deadly Wrath sin.
Liturgy“Today is truly auspicious. One’s dedication to the Great Slaughterer is a lifelong privilege. Feel gratitude rain down upon you, weak one, for today you begin your journey of true strength.”
Offering – The Convert is made to consume the Blood of Kuarl
Act – The Cultist beats the Convert until they take at least two wounds.
Act – The Cultist unties the target and has them wipe the blood from their body and lick it off their hands until they are clean.

Mechanical Effect:
This Rite does not suffer Vulgarity from any target that is Faith in Self.

The target becomes Faith in Higher Power if they were not already, and becomes a convert to the religion of Kuarl. The target obtains Depravity for the sin of Deadly Blasphemy. The target may choose to replace one or both of their Cultural Sins with those of Dishonor and Weakness.

The target receives six more points on their body modifications threshold permanently, may choose one 2 point modification off of the Kuarlite shrine list, and may have more than one modification or mutation per body slot as long as they remain a follower of Kuarl although the same modification may not be stacked.

If the target is a lone practitioner or otherwise performs actions that please Kuarl, they begin having the Visions of the Endless Pit, capable of teaching them Kuarlite Rites they are able to perform, and making them eligible for the Trials of Emancipation. Rites learned this way are given when Kuarl is pleased with his follower, and always begin with Cast Off Shackles. After they become a Cultist, the visions will come to teach them in an order decided by Kuarl.

The target awakens Miserable every time they sleep. If a member of one faith converts to another faith more than once a year they immediately receive the worst result on the divine wrath roll chart.

Fleshy Mass

An object popular in rituals and on its own, the Fleshy Mass is often found on Kuarlites, both Cultists and followers.
For long moments, longer than it seemed possible, there was nothing but the falling of blows on flesh. Over and over and over, they hacked at the Hanged Raven until there should have been nothing left. Blood, black in the firelight, covered every inch of gleaming steel. When finally there was nothing left but the jagged breaths of the men we looked upon what was left of him. It was no longer a man before us, nothing recognizable as bipedal or sentient, just a mass of flesh and gore. And yet still it breathed. Still it moved. Still it pulsed.
Constellation: Arnab
Orthodoxy: 1

Focus – A lump of Charred Flesh, Willingly Given is brought to an empty room.
Offering – A circle is drawn on the floor with charcoal, and two candles are placed on opposite sides of the circle and lit.
Liturgy – As the flesh is laid in the middle of the circle, the Cultist repeats these words: “Your sacrifice will bring glory. Through blood and pain, you become part of something bigger, something greater. Though you liberate your flesh from your mortal shell, you feed those who hunger, and fuel their rage”

Mechanical Effect:
The Cultist creates a Fleshy Mass, which is able to be used in other rituals. It gently pulses constantly.

When eaten, the Fleshy Mass grants a +1 to Strength for the duration of a combat scene. Kuarlites can also consume the Fleshy Mass to remove a current mutation that they have or lower a Maim by one level, down to zero. 

Venomous Bite

Poison is an incredibly versatile tool, not merely to be applied to mundane weapons or food.
If I were an insect I would paint my flesh orange and yellow, the better to ward off those who did not know the poison I control. But I am not an insect- I am a monster- and the weak deserve no such warning.
Constellation: Sahalia
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – The Cultist fasts for an hour before this ritual.
OfferingThree Herbs with the Toxic quality are consumed, one at a time. They are chewed thoroughly, and before being swallowed, held in the mouth for one minute.
Act – The Cultist prepares an appropriate vessel marked with the symbol of Kuarl, this can be a skull, rough pot, or other vessel.
Act – The Cultist vomits into the vessel until their stomach is empty, presumably purging all of the herbs from their body, and then pours the vile liquid upon the dirt.
Act – The Cultist makes their way to the nearest Shrine to Kuarl. Once there, they fall to their knees on the North side of the shrine.
Liturgy“Lord of the holy sacrifice, let me use the fruits of the earth to free my kills. They will suffer, for only then will they realize that liberation does not come easy.”

Mechanical Effect:
Completion of this rite allows the Cultist to gain the ability to use their teeth as weapons that inflict poison damage for the next combat scene. The Cultist must have the target in a grab before calling this effect and can use this effect only once.

The target will gain an Injury as well as be poisoned with the following effect: Expedient, Immune Shock 3. As this an alchemical effect it cannot be resisted with a Resist Weaken effect such as from Attribute 1.

Corporeal Appropriation

Use the mutation gifts of another as your own.
Against the burning ruin of the tower I caught sight of his silhouette and felt my breath leave my body. He had walked into the courtyard no different from those slaves who entered with him. But now, his form was barely recognizable as human. Those who were unable to raise their arms against their oppressors had instead given their limbs to him- the better for him to carry everything into destruction.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 5

Focus – A target with the mutation the Cultist wishes to obtain is captured. They must be well secured so they do not escape. They must be made to kneel in front of the Cultist.
Focus – The Mark of Kuarl is carved onto the Cultist’s palm with a sharpened Hazelwood Wand, giving them a wound to the limb.
Act – The Cultist carves the same Mark of Kuarl onto the forehead of the target.
Act – The Cultist presses their wounded palm against the one on the target’s forehead and the blood is mixed by rubbing forcefully.
Liturgy“While some gifts are given, others must be taken. It is natural law that the strong prey on the weak, and I take your gifts as mine to use in the pursuit of liberating the world from its self imposed bonds.”
Act – The target is pushed onto their back, and they are restrained in some way.
Act – The Cultist uses a dagger to slice the mutation of the target they wish to gain two times in quick succession. This will cause one wound to the target.

Mechanical Effect:
The Cultist is now able to have the mutation they sliced, and its effects, permanently up to their modification point threshold. If the mutation would exceed the cultist’s point threshold, the cultist may also take the mutation for an hour, but after the hour is done, they are Battered in the torso for an hour. This Battered cannot be removed by any means. Meanwhile, the target loses the powers of their mutation for the same hour.

This rite can only be used on a particular target once per day. If this ritual is used on a target who has already been a target of this ritual within the same day, it automatically fails.

The Cultist cannot exceed their body modifications number limit with this ritual.

Vile Avowal

Shed your sins, but know that doing so is a weakness.
The river, freed of the broken edifice, released the entirety of its swollen bounty upon the unprepared plain. It carried with it the trees that could not stand against its onslaught, the buildings that had been foolishly built in its path, and the ashes and bodies that no one had time to gather. Its once pure waters became inky black, and the bodies of friend and foe were thrust together until none could know their source.
Constellation: Jabal
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – The Cultist brings a consenting target and they lay down before a Shrine of Kuarl.
Focus – An Iron Nail and Hammer are both decorated by the Cultist with the symbol of Kuarl and the name of the Target.
Offering – With ink, an X is drawn on the target’s forehead, marking the center where the two lines cross.
Focus – The Iron Nail is placed at the center of the X, and the Cultist pounds the hammer down onto the head of the nail.
Act – The Cultist pulls the nail out of the target’s head from where it was driven in deep enough to crack the bone and touch brain tissue.

Mechanical Effect:
The Cultist cannot perform this rite on themselves.

Upon completing this ritual, the Cultist may turn any Depravity the target has into a Weakened condition that cannot be removed by sleep. The following list gives the Weaken type that corresponds to the type of Sin, but this weaken cannot be resisted:

  • Greed – Weaken Intellect 2
  • Violence – Weaken Faith 2
  • Degradation – Weaken Fortitude 2
  • Sloth – Weaken Resolve 2
  • Dishonor – Weaken Speed 2
  • Weakness – Weaken Strength 2

Sever Ties – Second Trial of Emancipation

This allows a rank 1 Cultist of Kuarl to be promoted to a rank 2 Cultist.
Just as we are separated from our mother’s body at birth, it is right and natural to maintain a state of solitary existence. It is essential to remember that to be alone is our natural state. We live alone, and we die alone. A crowd of friends is of no more use than a crowd of strangers.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 5

Focus – An individual among the Cultist’s band, organization, or circle who calls them a close friend is chosen and located within the settlement the Cultist lives in.
Offering – The symbol of Kuarl is drawn by the Cultist on their own forehead in charcoal from a fire they have built and lit.
Act – The Cultist heads straight to the target without pausing for any reason.
Act – The target is taken to a small, empty room. The entrances must be blocked so that no one may get in.
Focus – With a hammer and two iron nails, the friend’s hands are staked to a wall so that their back is flush to one of the sides of the room.
Offering – A piece of a wyrd item with the Spirit trait is placed into the victim’s mouth.
Focus – A Boar’s Tusk is pounded into the throat of the victim. The Cultist must watch them bleed out to make sure they are dead.

Mechanical Effect:
If the Rite is successful, the Cultist is elevated to be a Rank 2 Kuarlite Cultist.

If this ritual fails, the Cultist is automatically Damned and takes a Personal Failure.

This ritual automatically fails if the Cultist has not dedicated twenty kills to Kuarl at his shrine.

The Cultist may choose the following mutation type to gain as a result of this ritual: Costume a mutation (2 points) that emphasizes your strength and size for a +1 to a physical attribute once per day of your choice. This lasts for an hour before the effect fades. The Cultist receives four more points on their body modifications threshold permanently.

Rank 2 

Grudge Mark

For some Kuarlites, the thrill of the hunt is almost as sweet as the killing itself. With this ritual, the Kuarlite can mark a victim with a distinct scent that only those with enhanced senses of smell can detect.
It is said that the Lords of the Cedars were of the habit of setting their prisoners free- not that anyone kept their freedom for long. The hunt was always more entertaining if the prey thought they had a chance of getting away.
Constellation: Ramah
Orthodoxy: 3

OfferingRotting Wood is collected and macerated it until it is a pulp
OfferingTallow is mixed into the pulp.
Act – The Cultist bites their tongue until it bleeds, giving them the Stun Social state, and spits this blood into the mixture.
Focus – The concoction is brought to a shrine of Kuarl at midnight, and placed in the center of the ribcage. The Cultist waits for the mixture to be under the light of the moon for one hour.
Focus – The concoction is placed in a jar and slept with for the rest of the night, keeping it warm.

Mechanical Effect:
This creates a tagged clothespin that must be affixed to the target to be effective.

Once the victim is marked, they will leave a very distinct scent anywhere they go. A target tagged in this way may be followed OOC by the Kuarlite and observed as long as they are in an open area. The cultist may enter any scene that the target is in as long as they’re 20 feet or more away from the target.

This effect lasts for one hour per rank of the Cultist.

Reject the Spirit

Completing this ritual allows the target to resist being possessed or have their body used as a puppet via mind control.
When I say armor yourself, I do not merely mean that you should apply armor to your skin, to your limbs. No. Your physical form is nothing if your mental form is not also protected. Just as you seek to throw off the shackles of emotion, of humanity, you must also destroy those that would control your mind and change your heart through other means.
Constellation: Aldhiyib
Orthodoxy: 2

Act – The Cultist finds a secluded place where they will not be interrupted.
Focus – A Knife that has Killed is dragged vertically over the Cultist’s left eye from brow to cheekbone while their eyes are closed, and then this is repeated over their right.
Liturgy – As the cuts are being performed, the following is spoken: “You will never take my thoughts away. To think so is idiotic folly. Your pathetic spells and conjurations are no match for me.”
Offering- The blood from the wounds is gathered by the Cultist’s forefingers dragging down the cuts made, and mixed with tallow to be smeared upon their open eyeball.

Mechanical Effect:
Upon completing this ritual, the Cultist becomes immune to possession from any type of spirit for one hour. They are also immune to mind control for one hour, whether that is magical or malefic.

Quorum of Kuarl

Listening to a Cultist of Kuarl can have profound effects on everyone. For followers, it can be thrilling, empowering, and invigorating. For non-believers, it can be a terrible sight to behold.
The secrets of the world are not kept in books. They cannot be found in the scrolls of the wise, or in the stories of the old. The truth of the world is found written on bone sheared of its flesh and brought, white and red, into the sunlight. It is found in pain, in suffering, in the distilled form of humanity laid bare before your eyes.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – Gather the targets on Saturday just past noon.
Liturgy“Behold, death, meat, flesh. This flesh is no different than your flesh. It is all part of the same experience. We are this form encased by flesh, but yet we are also something more. If you wish to transcend this experience of flesh, this existence of pain, behold my truth.”
Offering – A Fleshy Mass is added to the vessel for each target and the Cultist kneads the mixture together.
Act – While the Cultist continues to knead the mixture with their hands, they make a speech drawing from the words of Kuarl and his disciples that lasts no less than 15 minutes. It must have some sort of Moral, and a persuasive argument must be made that is stated at some point in the speech. Examples include: “Might is the domain of those who should lead” or “You must make your own freedom.”
Act – The gore in the bowl is offered to the congregation to the chosen targets, at least two.
Act – The Cultist offers a parting message to the congregation, such as a reminder of the Moral of the prior speech, or some other vile message, before thanking them for coming and allowing them to depart.

Mechanical Effect:
Everyone who arrived before the start of the Liturgy and remains until the end is considered a Follower of Kuarl until the next Dawn if they have not already undergone Borne in Blood. This causes the Deadly sin of Blasphemy sin in such targets, and if this puts them past their Depravity threshold infects them with an Obsession with Kuarl of the appropriate severity.

Those who consume the fleshy mass, including the cultist, mass gain the benefit of Fleshy Mass, a +1 to Strength until sunset and a Maim may be reduced by one level of severity down to zero.

Undo the Arcane

Protect against arcane energies
When the subterranean flame bursts forth, when the stars descend upon the earth, when the very frame of the cosmos is broken asunder- we will stand strong. We will still be as we were before- unyielding.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 2

Offering – The Cultist takes the heart of a mage and an item twisted by anacrusis.
Focus – An Obsidian Blade is used by the Cultist to wound one of their limbs and combine their blood with the item twisted by anacrusis.
Liturgy“Kuarl! Destroyer, Bloodthirster, Bane of the Seven Holies, take this blood and make it proof against the weak willed maggots who feast on the edges of true strength. Make me proof against the arcane, so that I might do your will.”
Offering – The item twisted by anacrusis is driven into the heart of a mage and then stomped upon by the Cultist with a great shout.

Mechanical Effect:
This rite creates an Impaled Heart. This rite gives the Cultist five Arcane Resist calls against magic directed at them as long as they are holding the heart. Non-cultists holding the heart may receive one arcane resist call. When the spell goes off, the Cultist may call “Divine Resist.” It disintegrates after its uses are used up.

Break the Bonds – Third Trial of Emancipation

By using the will of Kaurl, drive a group of people into a blood frenzy, causing them to kill one another
Misery is not a demon. It is a teacher. Pain is not a devil, it is truth. The rage that fills you when you stand on the precipice of battle? The excitement you feel as you take up the blade and stride into the light? That is your connection to the primal before. It is your birthright. Do not shy from it.
Constellation: Narab
Orthodoxy: 6

FocusTwo willing participants are gathered before a Shrine of Kuarl
Liturgy – “We gather here to shed the shackles of brotherhood. Flesh is made to be rent, muscles are meant to be used. Those who keep their violence in check based on something as useless as sympathy, friendship, or obligation deserve nothing in this world.”
Offering – An herb with the irritant effect is burned and the ashes rubbed onto the hand of the Cultist.
Act – The Cultist places a blackened handprint upon each participant’s face
Liturgy“Welcome Kuarl into your mind. Destroy your fellowship. Destroy your nostalgia. Carry only that which makes you stronger. Be the beast that lives in your marrow. Be the shadow that bites at the edge of the night. Embrace the darkness.”
Offering – The Blood of Kuarl is consumed by each participant, including the Cultist.
Act – The Cultist performs Heed My Cry on one of the individuals, starting the duel.
Act – The Cultist fights every participant until each is downed and covers themselves in the blood of the defeated.

Mechanical Effect:
This ritual automatically fails if the Cultist does not successfully get everyone present to fight.

If the Rite is successful, the Cultist is elevated to be a Rank 3 Kuarlite Cultist.
This ritual automatically fails if the Cultist has not dedicated forty kills to Kuarl at his shrine.

If the rite fails, the Kuarlite Cultist is Damned and suffers a Personal Failure.

The following mutations may be chosen to gain as a result of this ritual: Acidic blood (2 points), costumed with an additional bestial characteristic of the player’s choice. Effect: Once per day when injured, the Cultist may call Sunder on the weapon that injured them. If the Cultist is at their body modification threshold, this replaces any non-Kuarlite mutations first. The Cultist receives four more points on their body modifications threshold permanently.

Rank 3 


Multiply your attacks

You do not need protection. None of us do. To rely on the shield is to give in to your weakness and give it permission to grow.
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – The Cultist lights a candle or small flame before a Shrine of Kuarl.
Offering – An herb with the foul property is thrown into the flame and allowed to smoke.
Offering – A piece of human flesh from a Benalian is passed through the smoke of the fire.
Offering – The dying breath of an innocent is opened under the human flesh and allowed to infuse it.
LiturgyMay what is foul be seen. Let the wolf run through the pasture in full view of the sheep. Those who tremble do so because they have not embraced their fate. We do not fear what is to come. We do not fall faint at the sights that our god gives us. That violence- that degradation- is real. It will come for us all. There is no point in fearing it before it is here.
Act – The flesh is rubbed all over the limbs of the target. The Cultist may be the target.

Mechanical Effect:
For the next combat if the target of this ritual successfully injures someone then they may call “Everyone within three strides of me take a torso strike,” once per rest.

Gruesome Poppet

This doll will allow the priest to cast a damnation on the target of the rite.
The hour had not yet struck, and yet silence filled the space. Then, without a warning, the golden crown toppled to the ground as Uwe the Fair started to seize and shake. All watched as the whites of his eyes changed to black and he threw his head back in a howl.
Constellation: Arnab
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – An amulet is crafted into the shape of a person with Straw and red twine to create an effigy.
Act – The Cultist thinks on the most gruesome way for themselves to die in this world as they craft this amulet, picturing the death in vivid detail.
Offering – The doll is rubbed with a human body part while the Cultist thinks of the target, imagining the same death they previously thought of for themselves, and describing it aloud as they soak the doll.
Liturgy“Kuarl, God of Rage, bring harm and death unto this soul. Leave his body broken from within and without. Let his suffering be the sacrifice upon your altar. Let him feel no peace. And should he learn from it, should he learn that there never could be such a thing as peace, then may he be one more convert for your liberated army.”
Act – The Cultist hollows the straw effigy in its stomach and places a lock of Hair of the target into the hollow.

Mechanical Effect:
If the Cultist doesn’t have the hair of the target, the ritual fails automatically.

The target of the rite cannot use Prayer or Confide for the event in which this rite is cast.

The target will also gain a mild Insanity of the Cultist’s choice for two events. It functions as a normal insanity. The target will be informed at the end of the ritual that they are overcome with dread, depression, and strange feelings.

Wicked Metal

Transfer an insanity to another
Everything is a vibration. The feeling of metal upon metal, the thrill of a sword cutting through flesh and impacting bone, these are echoes of deeper meanings. The vibration you feel as you attack and strike can sing the same timbre of the ideas that haunt your mind, and can be transferred in the same way.
Constellation: Aldhiyib
Orthodoxy: 3

OfferingOne coal is used to make a fire.
FocusA metal melee weapon is used by the Cultist to cut a wound in their non-dominant hand, and the weapon is heated over the fire while the Cultist repeats the following:
Liturgy“What I have done, I have done for Kuarl. I have spit in the face of god and have returned with his approbation. But this, this pain that I have earned and taken upon myself is not for me. It is a poison which I send out into the world. A toxin. A disease of truth- a vision of how the world really is.”
Focus – The Sigil of Kuarl is pounded into the blade of the weapon using a set of metalworking professional tools
OfferingTallow is rubbed into the blade

Mechanical Effect:
As long as the Cultist has at least one insanity, they are able to use this ritual on a metal weapon of their choice.

By using this rite, the Cultist may transfer a mild version of an insanity they have to a target weapon and lower their own insanity by one level of severity. A weapon may only hold one such insanity at a time.

Upon injuring another being that can receive insanities, the weapon will release the mild specific insanity that they have been imbued with onto the injured. The Cultist should inform the player of the insanity OOCly once the combat is over.

The weapons must land a successful hit in order to take effect. The insanity will not be transferred if countered entirely by another call.

 A mild insanity transferred in such a way functions as a normal insanity, and may be removed as normal as long the target is below their depravity threshold.

Feast of Plenty

Expand your proficiency with weapons
Her heart had not yet opened when we approached the core of the fire. It did not open to our pleas, to our violence, to our sacrifice. No, the dread queen’s stone only opened once we gave up the idea of innocence.
Constellation: Sahalia
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A meal that contains meat is acquired for each target.
Offering – A human body part is added to the meat. For each meal used, another human body part must be used.
Offering – An herb with the addictive quality is lit aflame, so that each meal can be run through the smoke while repeating the following:
Liturgy“Blood, flesh, spirit.
Blood – taste it as if it was new from my blade,
Flesh – fresh from a corpse the stronger has made,
Spirit – cleansed by the hatred that runs through my veins,
I take your will as you learn my names.”
Act – The Cultist feeds the prepared meals to the targets of the ritual.

Mechanical Effect:
If the ritual succeeds, the Cultist will be able to put the following effect on their target group: For the next hour they can use heavy weapon skills with a medium weapon

Fitful Slumber

Cause blackout to an enemy
Those who tremble do so because they have not embraced their fate. Why fear what is to come? Why fall faint at the sights that our god gives us? That violence- that degradation- is real. It will come for us all. There is no point in fearing it before it is here.
Constellation: Saqir
Orthodoxy: 2

Offering – An eye of an animal, malefic, or human is left to soften for an hour in the light of the day.
Offering – An herb with the Soporific effect is chewed by the Cultist and spit it into a bowl.
OfferingMeat is added to the bowl.
Focus – The mixture is poured into a clay pot marked with the symbol of Kuarl.

Mechanical Effect:
Once this mixture is made, it can be stored in a vial. If there are enough vials, this makes three uses of the Fitful Slumber potion.

To use, the Cultist uncorks the vial, and mimes throwing the liquid onto their target. This will cause the target to take the Sleep effect, which will place the target into a deep sleep for a half an hour.

Tireless Slaughter

Increase your ability to fight
“Ah,” he laughed as he urged us forward. “You depend on your own heart. How much stronger would you be if you could give that up for another?”
Constellation: Ramah
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – The Cultist kills a person and removes their heart.
Offering – The heart is wrapped in heavy leather while the Cultist lists the deeds they have done in Kuarl’s name.
Offering – The heart is wrapped in chain while describing that which the Cultist still wishes to do in the name of the God of Slaughter.
Focus – A blade is used to cut open the Cultist’s dominant arm from elbow to wrist, so that they may insert the heart halfway into it.
Focus – The wound is stitched tight around the heart, closing it, using a set of medical professional tools. The arm becomes Battered after this procedure. This must be costumed in some way with stitching, part of a heart, or a few chain links coming out of the arm.

Mechanical Effect:
This rite increases the cultist’s Fortitude by +1 until the next dawn, up to a maximum of 3.

The cultist gains one Divine Powerstrike that cannot be countered except by another Divine Powerstrike and which does not refresh with rest.

Proof of Strength – Fourth Trial of Emancipation

Increase your rank to the highest level
As they were thrown to the ground they raised up a cry, for the earth where they lay became wet with a foul-smelling, slippery substance- and they panicked as they looked down on their hands and saw that it was as blood. But that sound was a mistake, as it drew the attention of the two fighters who sniffed the air and licked their lips as they approached.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 6

Act – The Cultist goes to the site of a battle fought within the last year.
OfferingThree individuals are downed by the Cultist and slowly left to bleed out so that their blood soaks the ground while listening to the Cultist preach of the glories of Kuarl.
Liturgy “Kuarl, lord of slaughter, I am ready to ascend, to take you fully into me, to become your form made flesh upon this earth. These offerings I make to you to smooth my path and show you what I am capable of!”
Offering – A set of fine furs are covered in the blood and dirt from the ground
Offering – The Cultist takes the tongue of a liar and punches a hole in each side.
Offering – A cloak is made using two sets of chain, connected into the bloodied furs and run through each side of the tongue to create a clasp, which the Cultist wears for the rest of the ritual
Act –  The Cultist breaks their own Devotion in public way that is sure to give them Despair and a Personal Failure
Act – The cultist kills someone who meets one of the following conditions, either someone they love, someone they swore an oath to, someone who would give them despair, or someone who has saved their life, and covers themself in their blood.

Mechanical Effect:
If the Rite is successful, the Cultist is elevated to be a Rank 4 Kuarlite Cultist.

The XP cost of the next Cultist Rank is reduced by the XP cost of this Rite.

This ritual automatically fails if the Cultist has not dedicated sixty kills to Kuarl at his shrine.

If the Cultist fails, they suffer a Personal Failure and gain the Damned state.

The Cultist may add the following mutation to gain as a result of this ritual: Costume a mutation that illustrates the Kuarlite’s toughness, either through large scars or bony plates (2 points). This has the effect that the cultist cannot be executed by three strikes while they are down and can only bleed out to die, although they can take maims during this process. The Cultist receives four more points on their body modifications threshold permanently.

Rank 4 

The Belly of the Beast

Using Kuarl’s powers, and thirst for death, the Cultist may banish one target to hell.
Behold! The child of the fire, the unparalleled and repugnant glory of he who emerges fully formed from the dark waters of your terror. Behold how he lifts the veil, and brings you through to your doom!
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 5

FocusManacles are used to bind the target of the rite, and the target is brought before a Shrine of Kuarl.
Act – The Cultist stakes the target’s manacles to the ground with a Yew Wand.
Offering – The Symbol of Kuarl is drawn onto the Cultist’s dominant hand with a stick of Charcoal.
Act – The Cultist stands, facing the target, and makes sure to maintain eye contact throughout the entire ritual.
Act – The Cultist first kisses the Charcoal symbol with their lips, so that some of the black dust is transferred to their mouth. They then grasp their own bottom teeth with their dominant hand.
Act – The Cultist pulls downward on their jaw until it cracks and comes away from their skull, ensuring that the skin tears to the jaw joint. The jaw bone is never quite separated from their head, and left attached to their skin.
Offering – The Cultist then presses their bloodied hand’s index and middle fingers into the eye sockets of the target, and pulls them forward forcefully until the Yew Wand strains and breaks. The Cultist inhales as it breaks.

Mechanical Effect:
The target has a horrific vision of being inhaled by the Cultist, and experiences an apocalyptic hellscape as they stare into the soul of the Kuarlite. The target goes into a catononic state for an hour as they experience their own soul being ripped from their body and transported to this nightmare.

The target will return to consciousness unsure of the amount of time that has passed. They gain a severe insanity, determined by staff. The target also gains a mild Maim of Vision loss, and a mild Maim of Headaches. If this ritual is performed again while a maim is present it will increase a level of severity.

The Kuarlite’s consciousness is expanded and they receive a single increase of a mental attribute of their choice until sunset, of their choice, up to three at maximum.

Hallowed Wrath

Ignore the weak attacks of another
Listen, oh you weak sons of earth. The divine has forsaken you. You were made to serve it, not to be served. You thought it would protect you but that was never its purpose. Know that nothing will save you, for you cannot save yourself.
Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 5

Offering – A Benalian shrine is desecrated by the Cultist (by taking the dedication shrine tag of a Benalian shrine) and the broken objects brought and presented at a Shrine of Kuarl.
Offering – A pearl is crushed with a Feat of Strength.
Offering – A human corpse is sprinkled with the powdered pearl
Offering – The last breath of an innocent is emptied over the corpse
Focus – An Obsidian Blade is used to cut the heart out the heart of the corpse and mix the fluids from it with the powdered pearl atop the corpse
Liturgy“I have but one desire, Kuarl, and that is to be your agent of destruction. To see flesh ripped and torn, devoured before innocent eyes, to unmake this world and baptise it in blood. Let my hands be your tools, my teeth your reapers. May I be the personification of your judgement on this world and your wrath made form.”
Act – The Cultist licks the fluids off of the knife and off the corpse.

Mechanical Effect:
Once complete, this rite allows the cultist one Resist against a Divine effect once per rest by calling “Divine Resist” until the next dawn.