The Guild of NPCs

If you’re looking to try out a variety of roles, interact with the entire player base, help out staff, and gain some sweet, sweet Glory, join our NPC Guild! Being a Non-Player Character (NPC) is a great way to experience the world of Age of Ashes as you will be able to play a variety of cultures, religions, and classes.

As a Guild NPC, you will pledge your assistance and time to the staff of Age of Ashes for six events. You will not be able to alternate between a PC and your NPC roles from game to game, but you will earn more Glory and Experience Points (XP) per each game than a PC who takes an occasional NPC shift, and will earn 3 Glory per event, and 4 XP per event. You can attend every event you volunteer at free of charge. You will be given a place to sleep and shower separate from the PCs in a bunk-style room.

What your Duties Are:

First, come to the logistics area to talk with a staff member when you are not doing a scene. You will be assigned roles in various plots by staff, depending on what stories are running at the time in the game. You will be given a character sheet detailing the NPC you are going to play for the duration of that scene. We will try, whenever possible, to inform you of your roles ahead of the event. You will be given a name, brief backstory, and your goals for the scene(s) you are assigned.

Once you have completed the scene, return to the logistics area, and fill out the after-scene report. Please be as detailed as possible when recounting the entirety of the role play; who you ended up interacting with, what goals you accomplished, if any, course of action the PC(s) chose, if any, and any other bits of important information that came up during the scene. Once you have finished, report back to the nearest staff member, if they are not currently in a scene.

We ask that you remain for the entirety of the event, whenever possible, in order to facilitate the most consistent roleplay experience, and to earn the full XP and Glory rewards.


How long will I be a Guild NPC?

The minimum length of time for a Guild NPC is one year of game events (6). You are more than welcome to stay longer and keep earning rewards.

Can I be a Guild NPC while playing a PC concept?
No, Guild NPCs are not PCs, and will not be able to play a PC until their volunteering time is up, or they choose to leave.
Do I get to write my own NPC concept?
No, we won’t be able to let our volunteers make their own NPCs. Staff crafts specific stories and plots between events, and we have made NPCs to fill the specific roles we have written.
What happens if I leave the Guild early?
If you decide to bow out of the Guild early, you will receive the Glory reward per number of games you volunteered for, but you will not earn XP.
Do I need to know how to fight in order to play NPCs/Is playing an NPC physically demanding?
If combat is something you want to avoid, let us know and we will ensure that you strictly play non-combatant roles. Our site has a lot of varied terrain, and if you would rather not go through the woods or up hills, let us know ahead of time.
Do I need to bring my own garb?
Not necessarily! We have a selection of garb for NPCs to wear, but it’s always a great idea to bring a variety of your own items to elevate your costume to the next level.
What if I’m not comfortable with role playing certain topics?
While this is a game with very dark themes, we want to make sure that you are not forced to act out anything that may be traumatic or uncomfortable to you. Please let us know so that we can make sure that you are not cast for roles with those topics involved.

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