Glory is a currency that is awarded for helping the health and quality of the game on an out-of-character basis. It can be used to purchase special concepts, memberships, out-of-culture perks and flaws among other things. This is not an exhaustive list, and additional glory concepts and items may be added at a later date.

Glory can be earned through the following means:

Extra NPC shift
Setup or Teardown 1 each
Dedicated Guild NPC* 3 glory each game, plus 4 XP each game
NPC for the weekend 3 glory
Cash Donations 1 glory for each $20 
Donations of Items Approximately 1 glory per $20 worth of items, subject to variability based on condition. Alternately may be based on labor time, and typically is awarded 1 glory per every 2 hours of labor. Donated items must be pre-approved by staff in advance.
Recruitment If you recruit a new player both recruiter and recruitee earn 1 glory each for each of their first 3 games. 

*In addition to volunteering to be an NPC for a weekend, Age of Ashes offers the ability to become a dedicated Guild NPC.  These members of the community commit to playing NPCs for the game for a year’s worth of games and in return they earn XP along with Glory for future character concepts. They attend game for free and have the opportunity to take part in extended storylines in addition to earning XP and Glory.  See our Guild page for more information.

Special character concepts have access to skills and specialties that are not available to the rest of humanity, whether from innate gifts of birth or from membership or conversion to a specialized organization. Special concepts are in two groups: 

  1. Those that can be purchased at character creation only and cannot be earned in game nor stacked with other glory concepts.
  2. Those that may either be purchased at character creation or be earned in game through roleplay and story justification. To enter the game as a member of one of these groups represents an amount of power and ability that costs glory. Becoming one of these character concepts after character creation does not cost glory, but does cost XP and requires story justification.  These may be stacked with other glory concepts, but be mindful that there is only so much XP to spend. 

It is only possible to enter play as one glory concept, although there is no limit to the number of concepts that can be achieved in play, assuming they are available after creation.  Only the first level of any glory concept may be purchased at character creation, with the exception of dedicated Guild NPCs entering play after a year, and only at its most basic level- mages come in with 3 spells, cultists come in with 3 rituals, dhampirs and seers buy up to and including their second level power, and paladins and rangers have their innate abilities and can purchase 1 level 1 Gift or Evocation of their choice.  If any of these levels have unlocks, it is assumed that they have performed those unlocks before the start of play. 

If one enters play after being part of the Guild for a year they may also come in as a more advanced glory concept than normal.  Guild members may come in as a cultist or mage at level 2, rather than level 1- although cultists must spend enough Guild XP to buy 6 rites to come in as a level 2 cultist. For other concepts, such as Paladins, Rangers, and Seers, they may spend up to 30xp they earned through Guild into their glory concept as if they had performed the unlocks.  

Note: If, while designing your character, you choose any overlapping concepts, such as an Antagonist Concept Ranger you must pay the glory cost for each of those individual concepts. 


SPECIAL CHARACTER CONCEPTS only available at character creation COST
Paladin  30 glory, 10 XP
Seer  20 glory, 3 XP
Ranger  30 glory, 10 XP
SPECIAL CHARACTER CONCEPTS available at and after character creation COST
Dhampir 30 glory, 3 XP
Cultist   10 glory, 3 XP
Magician  15 glory, 8 XP
Antagonist Concept  10+ glory
Triumverati Cultist 20 glory, 3 XP


There are other opportunities to spend glory as well.  These include:

Consumable – Enter play at any game with a single item off of our list below, redeemable at Check-In. You may only buy one consumable per game.  3 glory
Change Canon –Enter play significantly related to an important named NPC from the culture packets, such as an established Salgothic house heir, canon Hesha ship’s captain, published Outlander warlord, etc., or add other relationships or key characters to the world that in some way substantially change it  10+ glory
Starting Item – Additional Starting Item at Character Creation 2 glory

Half off the price of a


5 glory
Request a Module 10+ glory
Lore Prop – Come into game with a lore prop at Character Creation of staff’s choice 5 glory
Secrets – Come into game with a secret knowledge or piece of information which staff will provide to you in full ahead of time Highly variable, 10+ glory at least and subject to approval
Earn XP for a game you missed 5 glory per XP point
Access to a Perk or Flaw Outside your culture 3 times the XP cost/reward


Glory Consumable List

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