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Audricienne, the Glimmering Lady

Small Cult

Sect Spirits
Symbols The twin fish, the ox, the color red, and the tulip.

In order to enter the Prayer state an adherent to the Glimmering Lady may do one of the following:

  • Sacrifice – You must sacrifice something you own that your deity would find valuable, rendering it unable to be used by burning, soiling, or some other means.  This is typically off of the general Offerings list for a smaller cult.
  • Practice – You must perform a public act that is in line with your deities ideals, defined by the virtues of the religion.


Those who know what they want in life often find their way to Audricienne, the Glimmering Lady. In terms of seemingly direct exchange of offering and reward, this spiritual movement offers clear rationale for its popularity. Devotees claim that in exchange for offerings of art, sweat, blood, and love, any earthly goods desired can be granted. Depending on what is requested, one need only make a sacrifice of equitable labor or emotional value on each solstice or equinox at minimum. When a follower’s tithe is received by the Lady, they say that she is most generous in giving what is truly needed and wanted.

Believers in Audricienne tend to claim much more comfortable lives than their fellow man, though they do at times complain that it is difficult to come up with more and more elaborate ways to ensure that the Lady’s favorable gaze does not waver from them.

Business dealings with these faithful are sought after to the point of competition because they are often quite generous with their resources. When one follows a deity that provides for her worshippers as they provide for her, there is less fear from loss. One tends to invest in newer and riskier guilds, enter into sometimes lucrative contracts, and generally attempts to share their fortune where they can in the hopes that the Glimmering Lady approves of what they have done with her generosity.

It is said that the lights which streak across the sky at night are the tears of the Glimmering Lady, marking the places where hidden treasures are that have been forgotten or buried. It is, of course, dangerous to spend too much time outdoors at night, but many will do so anyway in an attempt to find the treasures that these falling stars are said to lead to.

It is considered bad luck to allow the candles on her shrine to go out, for the Lady loves light that gems and riches may twinkle by. When the lights are extinguished, her smile fades.

The offerings described below are the commonly accepted offerings for a certain result. More is possible under the patronage of Audricienne, but if one is to ask for something of immense value, they must also be prepared to gift an offering of something truly dear and irreplaceable.



Art, sweat, blood, love, objects which shine, and things that are very precious to the worshipper or others. Sacrifices must match what is desired in either equitable labor or emotional value, and must be more impressive than the last in order to receive the same effect.


Sacrifice- Once an offering has been made to the Glimmering Lady and her favor granted, members of her cult must continue to make an offering to her shrine by sunrise on the first day of an event. If they do not, they suffer terrible luck, with any of their tools, weapons, or armor breaking directly after their first use for the rest of the event or until an offering is made. This same fate befalls any borrowed items as well. If they do not make an offering by the following sunset they suffer from the -3 resolve condition for the rest of the event, or until an offering is made.

Should a follower accept their punishment and survive without making an offering, they are considered to no longer be a devotee if Audricienne.

Make an Offering

The Glimmering Lady promises the following gifts to those who leave an offering at her shrine. Anyone can trigger the shrine by presenting the proper offering and using the prayer ability, by swearing the following Oath:

“Glimmering Lady, Audricienne, Queen of the starry skies! I swear my loyalty to you and forever more, I shall offer that which is precious to you, so that you too may share that which is precious to me! Behold, my offering to you!”
Swearing this Oath places them under the Vow of Audricienne of Sacrifice.

The following must be written into the dedications book as if it was a prayer. The use of an Altar or Shrine spends the user’s daily prayer ability:

Basic Offering – By presenting an offering of a shiny object, a token of affection from or to another, or the fruits of labor worked to the Lady at her shrine, any follower may meditate to gain a sense of grace and peace, and to relieve the Miserable or Traumatized condition.

Advanced Offering: Luck of the Gatherer– By performing or dedicating a great work of art before her shrine, giving something of emotional significance, or giving enough blood that a wound was caused, a follower may Gather at level 3 for any one Gathering skill, whether or not they have purchased the skill, for an hour (talk to staff to specially turn in your items).

Complex Offering: Transmutation – By offering a rare item as sacrifice, a Masterwork art piece, or something of deep emotional significance to the follower or someone else, a follower may transmute up to twenty items from common to uncommon, although what is given in result is at the discretion of the lady.

Requirements of an Altar

In addition to offerings at a Shrine, one may make a common offering to the lady at an Altar dedicated to her. The Altar must contain a symbol carved out of an oak, elm, walnut or olive branch, an artistic representation of the lady, and a tagged item that represents wealth or power (at least complex schematic or rare/wyrd item).

Rank 1

Dedicate Glimmering Shrine

Dedicate a shrine to Audricienne
And lo, she stood before me, a star descended from above. Her hair was like molten brass, her skin as gleaming pearl. She smiled, and all I could do was melt before the warmth within her eyes.
Constellation: Jabal
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – A small roofed structure that can keep the rain off of a flame is found or built
OfferingFour rare items of different types are placed under the roofed structure
Act – An art piece representing the Lady is placed between the rare items along with two of her symbols
Offering – The offerings are placed around a candle, and it is lit, as the worshipper breathes slowly and watches the light.
Liturgy“Oh lady, beloved brightness- Audricienne, queen, savior, mother, lover, friend. You are the glint in the darkness, the hope within the night. Glimmering lady, look with blessings upon this, your new altar, and share your smile with us, your people. Allow us to love you as you deserve to be loved.”

Mechanical Effect
Creates a Shrine of Audricienne that may be used to give offerings for effects. Anyone can trigger the shrine, as long as they swear the Oath and use their daily prayer ability.