On the Caravan to Cenotaph (road to Cenotaph, Winter/Spring 319/20, Open)

Do you want to roleplay your passage to Cenotaph, or maybe you are on the roads beyond the settlement for whatever reason. Denote where you are in the Thread Title here and, if applicable, make note of your timeline (is this before or after an event), and whether this is an open or closed roleplay.

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Title The title of your thread should include location, date, and if it is open or closed. Closed is invite-only. Open is come-one, come-all!
Example Title Danger in the Water (Fenristadt, Recent Past, Closed)
As I can't find a proper year at current, I'd suggest using more vague terms. "Recent past" "Long past" "Current"
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As the caravan begins to settle into the camp for the night, Parvana sits cross legged on a small blanket towards the edge, away from most of the activity but still well protected. As she does on most nights, she helps with preparations for the evening meal, grinding spices or lentils for flour, carefully cleaning and preparing vegetables for others to chop, or stirring various mixtures. She can hear the people around her, finishing their work in setting up tents, building fires, and taking care of the animals. She listen as the others begin to gather near the fire, hoping to hear what bits of conversation she can.
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