Salgothic conflict

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Hi folks.

Any of the Lethia Salgoths want in on some fun conflict-y story ties?

Part of Martin's backstory is that his mother got pregnant while on Vagary. She considered staying with his father, until Martin was born and she saw that his eyes were tainted and couldn't deal with it anymore. So she fled back to Lethia. Her family took her back in and covered the whole thing up, not letting anyone know she had previously had a child with a Seravian.

Fast forward thirty years. 8 years ago Martin decided to make the trip to Lethia to see if he could track down his mother's people. He did, and then found them. And oh the scandal!

I'm going to take an enemy flaw which pertains to his mother's family (maybe an uncle? his mother's new husband? something like that).

But I haven't figured out which Salgothic family she's from. If anyone wants ties to that part of his story, that seems fun to me. Let me know!
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