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Hi everyone! Let's do a quick introductions thread. (Also, so I can test to make sure posting works for me!)

I'm Josh Dillard. Player of Martin Cochrane, Outlander of the La Barre band. This weekend was fantastic!
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I'm Amber, but Elyssa on FB because lying to Facebook is a wise hobby. I play Aljana Inferno! O Ashen Pearl, o Reina de Espadas, o Kraken's Anchor, o Storm Chaser, o Opportunity; the Opening Doors, the Comfortable Disturbance, Lock Seducer; The Overboard; Pearl Finder. (Hip wiggle)
Gentleman Johnny
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Jon here, player of LaGrotte the newlywed and expert gatherer of the Throne of Bone warband! I had such a good time with y'all this weekend, I can't wait to play again!
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Seth, player of Naressa Fortuna a Opportunity a Sea's Viper a Opportunity a Marigold a Opportunity, The Unflinching, the First Daughter, Commander of Men.

Looking forward to our future interactions

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Hey friendos,
I'm Nick Reno, I play Alonso Sempere A Paloma A Zephyr Al Opportunity, Bright Wing, Deep Strider, the Thrice Drowned.

(Is this thread just turning into all of the Hesha documenting our over-the-top names?)
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I am Kyle, the player of Deitrich Voigt, your friendly neighborhood lion-guy.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to do some Benalian RP. I tend to be kind of weak in consistent responses between games (busy parent life), but I am all for chatting here and there as I can.

If you want to negotiate any CVC, feel free to reach out ahead of game or chat me up at event. (just pull me aside for an OOC convo) I will almost always be down for, "Yes, anding..." with whatever you suggest that may help enhance your overall narrative story. That said, do feel free to surprise knife me in the dark. That one always feels better (for me) when it is actual surprise. :D

If you ever want to workshop ideas for the Benalian cult, or Salgothic culture character concepts, feel free ping me to chatter or to join us Salgoths over at: ... =bookmarks

I am just the first to speak up, and by no means an arbiter of truth, staff member or any of that jazz. Just super excited to help out and give my patented "That sounds rad" response. :P
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Hi, I’m Erika, player of the Nemien seer Parvana and general crazy costume person. I’m definitely looking for ties and RP scenes so feel free to hit me up.
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Heeeeeyoooo! I'm A.C. the pilot of Will of the Forest!

Had a super great time with you lot, even if I didn't get a chance to meet you all or interact with you much. Will can swing from energetic to broody, and sometimes that manifests as anti-social and a tendency to egress from conversations rather abruptly. I assure you, it's not you, it's totally just Will's way of life.

Anyhow! Let's adventure! :D
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I am Nicole, the player for the fancy historian and scholar, Eleanor Prima Sauber Felia Anneliese. But you can just call her Eleanor. Dietrich told her it is best to drop the lengthy Salgothic titles as people outside the walls do not understand such customs.

I had a wonderful time this weekend. It was my first LARP and everything and everyone blew my expectations out of the water!

Eleanor hails from House Sauber in Lethia. House Sauber are the keepers of ancient texts and knowledge, safekeeping libraries of preserved books. She is out on her Vagary and is excited to acquire new knowledge firsthand. She is traveling to Cenotaph to study how outsiders set up a new settlement, and to see if the rumors of ancient artifacts and ruins in Cenotaph are true.

Feel free to hit me up for RP or anything else! I would love to get to know you all better in and out of character!
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