Individual Downtimes Open

Hail Heroes! The downtime map has been updated here: In good news, there are two new buildings that have been placed in Parcel 5B – a Logging Camp and a Garden. Both of these give additional common and...
Age of Ashes Boudoir Calendar

Age of Ashes Boudoir Calendar

A new offering from Gothic: Age of Ashes Do you forget the in-game months and years? Do you want to know which holidays will be held at which events? Want a handy reference to the next year of scheduled AoA games for future reference?  Are you intrigued by the...
Logistics from a resident bogwitch

Logistics from a resident bogwitch

Hail heroes! As we all recover floating bonelessly in our waterlogged bogs (just me?) I come to you bearing logistics, as is my wont. First of all- our feedback form is live here:...

A Dream on the way to Cenotaph

All who walk the road to Cenotaph dream, but this night more than any other on the journey do those dreams seem more vivid. More true. People, places, and monsters float by like wraiths in these dreams, each concerned with a different task or purpose known only to...

Notes for next Beta

Our site is now back up with the patches mentioned in our previous post, including all of the starting spells Magicians may choose from.I wanted to outline a bit more what to expect from the betas. First and foremost, some Covid-precaution info: 1) All participants...
Time is a relative thing

Time is a relative thing

I think one of the surest signs of my advancement in years is that I keep wanting to utter phrases such as, “Oh wow! End of May already? Time sure flies!” and “Where did the time go?!” and “Chrono Trigger was the pinnacle of video game achievement.”

The reality is that it just feels like time is passing quickly because the days are just packed.

And as any Water Magician would tell you, time is a relative thing.

We are getting ready within a week or so to test out phase one of our combat rules: Basic Combat. Should that work out, we will then proceed on to more Advanced Combat using more skills proposals and weapon types.

For those of you who attended our first culture release fundraising party, you know that we cna go on and on during our Q&A – I believe I talked somewhere in the 1.5-2 hrs range all about the basics of the world, our philosophies, and we broached topics on how we believe we will be handling combat skills, magic, and character advancement. We had both very broad questions and very specific ones, and the entire thing was recorded, with links sent to those who registered.

We plan to have Q&As at all of our events, though I suspect they will be shorter as time goes on (or maybe not – it is all based on audience participation after all, and as we release more published rules, there may be more questions).

Our next fundraiser party will be focused around the Salgothic culture – a favorite of a few on our Dev Team, and I would love to see you there so we can show you why. We’ll be posting more details on the facebook group very shortly.

We also plan to be placing up more rules systems on our website over the next few weeks, and still hard at work on our remaining culture packets and core rules proposals. Also in progress currently are new “special character types” – Seers and Dhampirs, so look for more details on those in the future as well!

Thank you again for all of your support and interest, and please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions or give feedback through our website or send us an email. While my team is doing a lot of hard work, I consider any larp to be a community effort – because it’s the community that breathes life and story into the product.

Lots of love,