Event Cabins

All character bunks and cabins are owned in-game by individuals that built them and who rent them out for the period of Market and the downtime following.  When players purchase a ticket they will also have an opportunity to choose which cabin they are staying in, or may choose to stay in a tent or to share a bunk with another. 

Each of these cabins has “rent” that can be paid in either an in-game resource, an npc shift, or by an in-game story activity. These are determined by the NPC in question and are detailed on the ticket page.  For example, if Lorelai owned the Inn and the Tavern she may ask players who are in her cabin to pay her in food at the beginning of game, in a staff npc shift “gathering shoots in the woods,” or by washing dishes in the tavern. If players do not end up paying in any form, then there will be in-game story consequences.  

Players can opt out of this system entirely by sleeping in their own arrangements, such as in tents or encampments on site. These spaces are considered in-character spaces, and we encourage you to decorate them. Please inform staff of where you’re camped, for logistic purposes. Quiet hours apply to these internal spaces as they do anywhere else. 

Age of Ashes also has a Lurite house, which is our medical cabin, that functions the same way as other cabins except that it is a quiet space in which people will not be disturbed. This cabin is reserved for people with injuries, trauma, or conditions that would preclude them from staying in other cabins. 

From 2am to 8am sleeping quarters are considered to be under quiet hours, where staff-run plot will not enter registered sleeping areas and PvP will not occur. However, these hours only exist within the cabins, outside of the cabins and registered sleeping arrangements the world may still affect you- with the exception of quick out-of-character runs to the bathrooms. 

If you leave site for any reason, please sign-out at logistics and back in when you come back.

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