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“Doors have ears.
Walls have eyes.
Trees have voices.
Men tell lies.
Beware the rain.
Beware the snow.
Beware the night
You think you know.”

There may have once been a time in which the night was empty and safe, where the world was filled only with living creatures, and what had died lived on only in memories.  But such a time is long gone, if it ever was real to begin with.  It seems as though there has always been Night Malefic for as long as there has been night. But just as true is that for the same amount of time, there have been those who have worked to bring a flickering light to the darkness.

Among these are the followers of the Nameless Saint: the Sanctum, under the covenant of Nuraniel- Archangel of Protection, Redemption, and Innocence. It is widely believed that Malefic creatures are not random happenings, and do not spring from nothing, but instead appear wherever natural law is broken. Where crimes and murder happen, where people lose themselves to repeated death, that is where darkness seeps into the world like a wound in the world. The term Night Malefic is something of a misnomer, as these creatures can be encountered during the daylight hours, but something about the Night seems to make them stronger; more numerous, and harder to ignore or escape. The Sanctum believe that it is their holy mission to exorcise these creatures from the land, and thus right wrongs that have been committed and make the world safer for humanity.

As such, while the Sanctum might serve as monster hunters and curse-breakers of a sort, they are rarely solely combat-oriented. In order to find the source of a haunting or to unravel a curse, they often have to be scholars or archeologists as much as they are exorcists, and delve into the local history and long-forgotten ruins as often as, or more than, they pick up a sword.

The Sanctum use their rituals and research to quest for what lies at the heart of every Malefic manifestation and the method to heal the tormented creature and give it, and by extension the living bystanders, peace. While much of the words of the Nameless saint are lost- what remains of the gospel of the Sacrosanctum is as much field guide as it is a holy work, and details the myriad of forms that Malefic creatures can take.


The Sanctum are the only Order that do not incorporate the name of their patron angel, Nuraniel, into their title. Their Saint was nameless, and thus they identify only as Sanctum, relinquishing names as deviations from purpose and pouring their devotion into the act of freeing the world from the terrors of the Malefic wherever they can. They believe that the Malefic have worsened as mankind has turned inward and placed their focus upon their own individual selfish needs and wants, to the detriment of mankind as a whole. Many believe that god has damned humanity for its growing cruelty, and it is for that reason that the dead so rarely stay in the ground, and even those who may long for death are not granted it. But they believe that wrongs can be set right, even on such a grand scale, and as there is always the opportunity for redemption, so is there hope for every person and soul – even those lost to darkness.

Vow: A member of the Sanctum must never make a promise or oath.  

As such Sanctums can only join organizations that are lead by Sanctum priests. Non-cultists and non-Benalian can join a Sanctum organization as long as the honor code for the organization does not forbid it, but they cannot be the leader if they want Sanctums to be able to join it. The vow for an organization that Sanctums can join needs to be closely tied to the Sanctum mission.

Rank 1 

Anoint Blessed Candle of Nuraniel

Craft a candle bearing the blessings of Nuraniel.
Contrary to popular thought, emotions do have weight. The tangible world is but shadow – it is the intangibles, hope, faith, despair, worry, regret, that are the only things that are truly real. We exist in both places, but the tangible world is the only way we mortals may truly apprehend the divine.
Constellation: Jabal
Orthodoxy: 5

OfferingLinen is cut into 4 strips and braided together.
Offering – An iron pot is placed above a bed of coal or charcoal and set alight.
OfferingBeeswax is placed into the pot and allowed to melt.
Act – The ends of the braid are dipped into the melted wax, lifted out to allow the clinging wax to cool before they are dipped into the wax again and again. This should slowly form two candles, connected by the linen wick in the center. While doing this, the priest performs the Liturgy, repeating the appropriate phrase as a chant until they are satisfied with the size of the candle.
Liturgy “All the darkness in the entire world cannot snuff the light of a single candle. Creatures of the Maleficence know this and covet such power, while despising such defiance.
Let our defiance shine through in this light, and guide us to the divine. In Veritate”.

Offering – The candles are covered with holy water, allowing them to cool.
Act – The Sigil of Nuraniel is carved into the side of each candle.

Mechanical Effect
This Rite creates 2 Blessed Candles of Nuraniel. Candles created in this way are activated by being lit, and once lit are considered to be used and may not be lit for mechanical effect again, even if it is not useless for the purpose of shedding light. Once lit, any person that is Faith in Higher Power may blow out, snuff, or otherwise put out the candle to gain a one-time effect:

When snuffed, any hidden malefic creatures in the area are revealed. Once blown out the effect must be used immediately. Characters can only be under 1 single blessed candle effect at a time.

Dedicate Shrine of Nuraniel

Dedicate a shrine to the archangel Nuraniel
Nuraniel, the Redeemer, the Intercessor, the Emancipator, The Light in the Darkness,
the Shield of Morning, the Lady of Grace, Worthy Nuraniel, by these names,
We invoke You, We bound to You, by Your great powers to banish all evil of spirit and of body!
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A slab of flat stone or other flat surface is obtained to serve as the surface of the shrine and an item from someone who is resting in death peacefully is added atop of it.
Offering – The stone is cleaned with holy water such that no part of it is left unpolished.
Act – An art piece depicting Nuraniel is placed at a central place upon the stone, or on the wall behind the stone if it is meant to be hung upon a wall.
Liturgy“Nuraniel, Sacred Shield, Redeemer, Protector of the Innocent and Bastion of Man, I call to thee. I beg of thee to accept this gift of a shrine in your honor. May you see through the eyes of your likeness, and gaze into the souls of those who would supplicate themselves before you. May you stand between the pure and the wicked, and unburden those who come to you begging for release from guilt and shame through just service. The song of songs I offer in sacrifice, that you might know me as your servant. In Veritate!”
OfferingBells are hung over the stone and then rung seven times.

Mechanical Effect
Creates a Shrine of Nuraniel that may be used in Rites requiring one as a Focus.

Any may trigger the Shrine by leaving an offering of amethyst, a crow’s beak, earthworms, petrified wood, rot grub larvae, or something freely given to you by a malefic creature, and using the Prayer ability at the Shrine of Nuraniel.
If triggered, the target gains a Resist call which they may use to rebuff Obey calls from Malefic. This Resist call lasts until the target has expended the Hopeful condition gained by this use of Prayer, and until that time is refreshed once per rest or conversation, as appropriate.

Call of Pathos

Find the location a Malefic creature is most drawn to
These malefic creatures of the night are borne from our experiences here. They emerge from the tangible world when an imbalance is created, when natural law is subverted by terrible wrongs. Thus the world can only be cleansed of their darkness by righting that which caused them in the first place.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 2

Focus – An object tied to a malefic is taken in the left hand.
FocusA silver lenonem is taken in the right hand, positioning it over the object in the left hand.
Act – The cultist walks widdershins in a circle around a Shrine of Nuraniel with their eyes closed three times. Throughout the walk the cultist must maintain the pace of a slow walk and must not trip or stumble.
Act -The cultist then looks upon the leonem and follows its motions as if it were a pendulum until it guides you to an important location, at which point it will make a series of widdershins circles until you leave the area, it is no longer allowed to dangle freely in your right hand, or the malefic is resolved.

Mechanical Effect
The Cultist is guided by a member of Staff to the location most significant to the Malefic in question, be that where they died, where their corpse is buried, where the act that solidified their nature as a malefic occured, or some other relevant location.

Staff must be informed at least one hour before this Rite is performed.


Study malefic creatures to understand them
Subject shows advanced signs of decomposition across the arms and trunk. Teeth show signs of bone augmentation. Skull plating shows weakening due to transformative ridges. Reanimation ceased once both the spine and heart were disconnected, and reconnecting them has not resulted in any recovery of flesh or spirit.
Constellation: Ghazal
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – Obtain an undefiled corpse of a Malefic creature and bring it to a shrine of Nuraniel.
Liturgy“O Nuraniel, I call to thee to keep my mind, body, and soul clean. Though I delve into darkness, may you be my light. Though I wade in filth, may you cleanse me of impurities. Though I tread upon unsteady ground, may you keep me firmly upon my course. Protect me from the spirits that lurk in shadow, for no vile spell nor wicked claw may penetrate your shield. And should I err, I beg forgiveness, for I seek only to do what is right. Nuraniel, I pray to thee, illuminate the night!”
Offering – The corpse is washed head to toe with one vial of holy water.
Focus – A full autopsy scene is roleplayed upon the corpse with Medical Professional Tools, with the Sanctum discussing all aspects of its physical nature and theorizing as to what the inhuman or unique aspects found in the autopsy might allow the creature to do. This should take no less than 15 uninterrupted minutes.
Focus – The findings are recorded, accompanied by anatomical drawings and future encounter suggestions, in a journal.

Mechanical Effect
The Cultist gains the complete profile of the Malefic’s positive and negative Instincts, allowing them to know the strengths and weaknesses of similar creatures. If performed additional times on other corpses of a similar Malefic type, the Cultist may obtain an understanding of Superstitions linked to Malefic of this type, so they might understand how to interact with them in other ways.

For Incorporeal Malefic, their ectoplasmic remains do not yield information for this rite, but if the corpse of the being that spawned the Malefic is obtained, it may provide useful information for this rite.

This rite automatically fails if the corpse being studied has had Malefic essences or parts taken from it.

Aqua Caelestis

Create a holy protection against the darkness
But while the light of truth is cold and harsh, it alone holds steady when all else is obfuscated and unclear. When faced with truth, the spark of divinity that resides within us resonates and the sins of sloth that would cage it turn to smoke.

Constellation: Aldhiyib
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A vial of holy water is obtained
Offering – A pinch of dirt from a holy site (the grounds of a Vincenzine Cathedral, for example) is added to the vial.
OfferingSilver Shavings are added to the vial.
Act – The Seal of Nuraniel is etched into the glass of the vial.
Act – The vial is left under the open sky from dawn until dusk.

Mechanical Effect
This creates a vial of Aqua Caelestis. Any who would apply the water to a malefic creature by splashing the entire contents upon them may call Divine Strike. This may be used to strike Incorporeal Malefic.

If an individual with more than 0 Depravity handles a vial of Aqua Caelestis when it is not being immediately involved in a rite, it loses its potency and becomes regular water with no holy properties, unless it is contained in an Argent Phial.

Resonant Evil

Create a link with a Malefic entity
The old, wicked oak tree in the forest had drawn the children in their sleep with the sound of its swaying, awakening naked in the wood from awful dreams. The old pederast had been long dead these many winters, only leaving the shackle he had used to keep the children in place to the iron ring still twisted into the tough bark. With no direction for my anger to go, I felt alike with the lost souls that haunted the hillside – my anger was all that was real, my sense of self merely a shade to house it. The shackle seemed to recognize the sinful appetite shared in the old man’s son. Strangling the man with the shackle seemed to quiet the madness that the place caused in me.
Constellation: Arnab
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – The cultist walls under the open sky after sunset.
Focus – An object tied to a malefic is held in the left hand
Focus – The object is tied to the Priest’s hand with a silver leonem, such that the lion’s face points outward, away from the Priest.
Liturgy“Nuraniel, you are my shield, the candle to god’s light. Guard and protect me as I walk in the shade of misery. Let me not be swallowed up in it, but be seen. Let me see the wretches of torment for what they are, not for what they appear to be. Let me be heard, that others might not suffer injustice at the hands of an imperiled soul. In mercy’s name, In Veritate!”
Act – The name of the person who became the Malefic tied to the object held is invoked. It is important that everything the Priest knows about the situation that lead to their transformation into a Malefic is described, while a sympathy for their circumstances is also expressed and their pain acknowledged.

Mechanical Effect
The item creates an empathic link between the Malefic and the Cultist. While holding the resonant item aloft, the Cultist may invoke the Malefic’s name to start a conversation in which they may use Social Skills (Ethos, Logos, and Pathos) up to level 3 against the Malefic tied to the item. This functions even if it would not ordinarily be capable of understanding language. This does not necessarily make the Malefic capable of communication, but it will allow it to understand the Cultist, and may allow the Cultist some insight into the Malefic’s nature. The Malefic is in no way compelled to cease violent behaviors or to remain in the conversation unless a Social Skill used in the context of this rite obligates them to do so.

Once per conversation the Cultist may use a “Divine Believe: I want to help you” against the Malefic entity in question. The rite remains in effect for the remainder of the event.

Coerce Hate

Create a candle that will draw Malefic to you
Do not ask which creature screams in the night. Do not ask whose voice whispers fetid secrets. Do not ask the name of the defiler, for you need only raise your light to see.
Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – The Blessed Candle of Nuraniel ritual is performed without vulgarity
Offering – An herb with a euphoric quality is added to the still-soft beeswax candles
Act – The two candles are set down in an area with no other light sources. One of the two is lit.
Liturgy“O Nuraniel, we are each alone in this world, and my heart pounds with dread. My limbs tremble and I hesitate to step forward through the dark. My breath stills in my chest as I feel the cold certainty that the dark hungers for me. Have mercy upon my solitary soul and walk with me. When my voice dies in my throat, speak for me. Lend me your light that I may know the face of that which hunts me, and give it a name.”
Act -The second candle is lit.

Mechanical Effect:
Malefic creatures in the area will seek out the light of the candles’ flame. Once they are drawn to it, most will make it their primary goal to snuff out the light. If they are mentally capable, they may employ tactics or diversions to accomplish this.

The candles used in this rite will only attract Malefic creatures to the space, and they may only be used once. Once they are blown out, they will not impart the standard effects of Blessed Candles of Nuraniel.

Alert staff at least one hour before this rite is performed.

Rank 2 

Sanctify Wine

Bless wine and drink it to fortify the mind against the terrors of the dark.
I remembered the frozen woman that we had found the night past, her eyes and mouth open in a wordless scream that would not end. Her skin had grown colder and colder as the dawn approached, her heartbeat sliding into longer and longer spaces of breath, until the morning’s sun touched her form and her body seemed to melt into a puddle of boneless flesh and blood.
No doubt the men remembered it too.

Constellation: Ramah
Orthodoxy: 1

Focus – Wine is poured into a wide, shallow bowl or Argent Phial.
Liturgy“At the eventide meal of Benalus’ first return, the first general slaked himself with only water, refusing Benalus’ own wine from his own halls. When word reached him, Benalus took the general’s cup from him and filled it with wine from his own. “Wine is the pleasure of temperate men, whilst the bane of fools. For a fool can control his wine no more than he can control his fear. Too much or too little is an undoing. Sip or drought, but drink as you fear for there is no abstinence from terror.”
Offering – Every target, including the priest, takes the bowl and thanks god for one aspect of their lives before taking a drink of wine from the bowl. This is continued until all targets are Intoxicated.

Mechanical Effect:
For as long as the targets are intoxicated, may call a single Divine Resist against Terror or Fear per Rest. Targets who become intoxicated because of their involvement in this ritual do not gain Depravity if they have the Cultural Sin of Passion.

Seal of Heaven

Ward an area against Malefic creatures
These monsters that ravaged through the woods, that poisoned the mind of the hunter beside me, had once been men. They needed not the sword of Mithriel, nor the knife of Cyaniel. The wrongs that had been done to them had stretched past the point of death, binding and enslaving them to the shadows. Their light needed to be restored. They needed to be redeemed.
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A circle on the ground is marked with chalk, large enough to surround all targets.
Liturgy“Nuraniel, steady my mind. Give me the strength by which I might guide those so lost to the light back to themselves, that I might heal the wound that man has wrought in this world. Give me but a space to rest, to fight, so that I might understand the storm.”
Offering – The chalk circle is covered with silver shavings. Each additional target requires an additional offering of powdered silver.
Offering – In the center of the circle, the Sigil of Nuraniel is made in more silver shavings.
Liturgy“As the space between light and dark brings back those from the realm of the dead, so too may this space on the earth mark a border between the worlds. May this bright line stand fast against those who would cross it and those spirits that would wish us ill. In Nuraniel’s name, the redeemer, the protector, the guardian of the book of deeds, so may it be! In Veritate.”

Mechanical Effect:
The Nuranihim Cultist is treated as having a Faith Attribute 1 higher than their own for the purpose of determining the success of additional Rites so long as they remain within the circle, to a maximum of 3.

Any Benalian Cultists within the circle may call Divine Push against any Malefic creature that attempts to cross the edge of the circle once per Rest. If the circle or the Sigil is disturbed, or anyone not in the circle when it was marked with chalk enters, the effects of the Rite immediately end.

Weapon of Dawn

Empower weapons with the light of heaven
Fire would not bind it, might would not shatter its cold. Its frozen stare lasted throughout the night only to fall at the morning’s bright glare – so where the light of man had failed, perhaps the light of heaven could give it pause.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – Under the open sky before dawn, the Gospel of the Nameless Saint or words from the gospel written upon a sheaf of paper is laid upon a flat surface and opened to a random page. A passage from the chosen page is read aloud along with the following liturgy.
Liturgy“So the Nameless one wrote, while the others took a step back, I took several forward, swinging my stave towards those shadow dripped eyes, deep pits that stared at my approaching weapon unblinkingly and without fear.

But as I connected the creature pulled back in what seemed akin to pain, sparks of bright daylight showering off of its form like molten sparks from a crucible. It reeled backwards as my sun-soaked stave lit it aflame with all the power of the dawn it had avoided for so long.

And the men, seeing how the malefic creature fell before my onslaught, found the courage to press forward.”
Focus – Any number of melee weapons are laid upon a flat surface so that their point furthest from the grip touches one of the skyward facing pages of the Gospel.
Liturgy – “So too, do we ask the light of heaven to infuse these and make them holy. May the light of the sun rest fully upon these weapons and soak within it, so that we may carry the light of the Dawn with us throughout the night in order to better fight the darkness. In Veritate.”
Act – The weapons and Gospel are left under the open sky from dawn until after dusk, at which point they may be retrieved. This act is passive and is considered operational even if the officiating cultist leaves or does something outside the bounds of the Rite, so long as the weapons and Gospel are undisturbed.

Mechanical Effect:
The wielder of any weapon involved in this ritual may call Divine Power Strike on any one melee attack against a Malefic entity made with the blessed weapon. This does not refresh on rest. This does not make the weapons capable of striking Incorporeal creatures.

If it begins to rain at any point over the course of the day, the Gospel of the Nameless Saint is destroyed, though the Rite still operates as normal without Vulgarity. If, at any point, a weapon is removed prior to sunset it does not gain the effects of the Rite, though all other remaining weapons do. If at any point the Gospel is removed prior to sunset, the Rite fails and the priest must roll a Divine Wrath die.

Rank 3 


Cleanse a person of outside influence
He listened not, but Nuraniel was with me, and even as the darkness around our sanctuary rolled round with many voices I felt the Archangel reach down and enter our minds. Bearer of the book of names, holder of the scales of justice, bringing of the light of divine truth, she reached out to set free that which destiny had enslaved.
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 7

Act – All limbs of the target are fully restrained. They may be grappled by witnesses, tied or chained to a table or chair, or otherwise rendered incapable of moving. The target should not have any limb injuries. Once properly restrained, the target must be made to face a Shrine of Nuraniel.
Focus – A silver leonem is brandished in the non-dominant hand by the Priest and held up to the target. It is kept between the priest and the target.
Liturgy “So the Nameless one wrote, I turned my attention to the writhing man in front of me. The malefic creature that had entered his mind looked back at me with his eyes, and the words that came from his mouth were both base and low. His laughter entered a key which shook oddly at the senses and I struggled against the inhuman rage that filled me.

But Nuraniel’s gaze was still upon me, and I found the strength to reach for a bandage rather than a sword. As I mopped his brow I spoke to the man that I was sure was still within him, ignoring the vicious accusations of the malefic creature that dribbled poison from his tongue and beating back the hands that slowly reached to close around my throat.”
Offering – The target is splashed with Aqua Caelestis.
Liturgy“He listened not, but Nuraniel was with me, and even as the darkness around our sanctuary rolled round with many voices I felt the Archangel reach down and enter our minds.”
Focus – The limbs and torso of the target are beaten with a scourge.
Liturgy“Bearer of the book of names, holder of the scales of justice, bringing of the light of divine truth, he reached out to set free that which destiny had enslaved.”
Focus – The bells above the Shrine of Nuraniel are rung continuously until the final Liturgy is completed at shouting volume.
Liturgy“Nuraniel, look upon this creature through me. See with my eyes their true form, as it was in the beginning, as it is now, and as it shall be in the end! Clean them in your divine light, oh protector, and redeem that which has been taken! In Veritate!”

Mechanical Effect:
If the target is possessed, the spirit or malefic temporarily loses all Negative Instincts as soon as the first Liturgy begins. They regain them as soon as the rite’s success or failure is known.

The target gains the Miserable, Battered, Traumatized, and Despair states. They gain a Mild Phobia of the cultist if they did not have one already. If they already have a Phobia of the cultist, it increases in severity by one step. These effects are applied regardless of the success or failure of the Rite.

If the Rite is successful, the target loses the Damned state, and any other damnations, possessions, or spells that still affect them immediately end. The cultist gains no Depravity from committing the Violence sin required by this Rite. If the Rite ends a possession, the Malefic manifests immediately but cannot use its Possession Instinct until the following Dusk.

Argent Phial

Create a holy vessel
For I stand today with the power of the Lord to call forth the heavenly light of God, to surround and protect, and cleanse with God’s holy light all areas filled by the forces of evil. Nuraniel, permeate my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, creating a hunger and thirst for God’s holy light.
Constellation: Aldhiyib
Orthodoxy: 6

Focus – The Weapon of the Dawn rite is performed but with a set of Professional Metalworking Tools substituted for the melee weapons. If no other aspect of that Rite is Vulgar, the Vulgarity of this substitution is mitigated for the purposes of determining the Rite’s success.
Offering – The blessed tools are given to a witness capable of working metal (Metalworking 1). The priest may serve as this witness if they possess the requisite skill. The witness is implored upon to use the tools to shape an Electrum Bar into the shape of a vessel, such as a bottle, flask, or jar. The exact shape of the vessel is unimportant, only that it can be sealed and unsealed repeatedly. No schematic is necessary for this crafting. While the witness works the metal, chant the following Liturgy, and repeat it until they are finished.
Liturgy“Nuraniel, permeate my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, creating a hunger and thirst for God’s holy light. Pour this into these hands, arms, tools, and spirit, creating a tool worthy of your love.”
Act – Using the blessed tools, the Sigil of Nuraniel is embossed into the surface of the vessel.
Offering – The witness inlays a blue stone or a wyrd item with the Spirit trait in the position of the dot in the Sigil of Nuraniel.
Offering – The witness quenches the vessel in 7 applications of Holy Water.
Liturgy“So may the heavenly light of god shine through and be protected, may what is holy remain thus even in the hands of darkness. In Veritate!”
Act – The lid, stopper, or other seal to the Argent Phial is kissed by the cultist.

Mechanical Effect:
The rite creates 3 Argent Phials.

The Argent Phial holds 7 applications of any liquid, protecting them from corruption. Liquids kept in the Argent Phial resist all forms of external corruption by spells, rites, malefic entities, or anacrusis, and their Durability timer does not advance. Holy Water and Aqua Caelestis contained in an Argent Phial do not lose potency by being handled by depraved individuals.

For the purposes of the Argent Phial, Sanguine and Phlegmatic Essences from any creature, as well as all Spectral Essences, are considered liquid. Mixing liquids of different types dilutes them, making them unusable and effectively destroying them.


Use a volunteer to speak directly with the night
Words I didn’t recognize bubbled up from the man’s lips as we raced through the woods, his brow shining with sweat as he strained to keep his feet moving one after the other. Anyone could see how they stumbled, how the toes of his boots turned against his will to face the cackling shadows. A battle raged within, a shadow curled around his veins and mind that fought for control of sinew and spine.
Constellation: Saqir
Orthodoxy: 4

Focus – The cultist travels to a location known to them to be tied to a Malefic.
Focus – A willing, informed target is implored to either crawl or roll upon the floor, or cover their face, hair, and arms with dust and grass from the site until they are filthy. The cultist waits until they have finished.
Offering – A piece of dubious food is placed on the target’s tongue which they must not vomit out.
Focus – An object tied to the Malefic associated with the location is held by the target
Offering – The target takes an ingestible poison capable of killing the target. It should be a Relaxant, Immune Shock, or Neurotoxin poison, and the dubious food is ingested at the same time as well.
Liturgy“Oh Spirit, behold this willing mouthpiece, this vessel prepared for you, a storyteller worthy of your word. I command thee by the archangel Nuraniel to enter it, to speak truly, and to speak to us of your purpose. In Verite!”

Mechanical Effect:
The target becomes possessed by the spirit of the Malefic tied to the location. The Malefic gains the Mental Attributes of the target, or uses their own if they exceed the target’s. They become capable of speaking and understanding all languages the target does, in addition to any languages they understood before. Further, the Malefic becomes fully aware of all of the target’s skills, attributes, and other abilities.

As long as they possess the target, the Malefic cannot speak a lie. They are not bound to give straightforward answers and may speak in riddle, metaphor, or poetic verse if they wish. They are susceptible to social skills as long as the possession continues. They are not compelled to remain nonviolent, and precautions may need to be taken to assure the safety of the cultist, the target, or any witnesses. While under the effects of Vocifera, the target gains one Positive Instinct of the Malefic possessing them.

For every minute the possession continues, the target takes one limb injury, though they remain standing if they become Downed. If the target dies at any point, the possession immediately ends. The cultist may call “Divine Obey: Release [Target]” to end the possession at any point. As soon as the possession ends the target is affected by Bleed as well as the ingested poison, and gains the Miserable and Traumatized states. The Malefic cannot manifest physically for 1 hour.

If the object and location are not tied to the same Malefic, the rite fails. The cultist may cast this ritual upon themselves, but doing so is a dangerous endeavor as they cannot release themselves from the possession. If casting this ritual results in the death of the cultist, then the cultist will suffer a devotion loss as if they had committed suicide.

Staff must be informed at least one hour before this Rite is performed.

Rank 4 


Remove a Malefic influence from a place
The words that filled my mouth were heavy with the heat of my blood as I stood fast against the tide of creatures that sprang from the twisted waters. As my companions held back the tide I threw back my head, holding a symbol of my faith as I shouted a prayer into the darkness.
Constellation: Sahalia
Orthodoxy: 7

Focus – The Priest travels to location known to be tied to a Malefic and takes a chosen position. For this and all additional officiations of this rite, the priest cannot move from this spot, though they may pivot, kneel, or rise to his feet.
Liturgy – “I bind myself today to the will of the most high. Nuraniel, carry my oath to the heavens and bring your light down to descend upon me. Purify me, oh guide of the fallen, fill me with yourself, use me as your device in this desecrated place.”
Focus – A silver leonem is brought to the priest’s lips and kissed, before it is presented to the sky. After being presented it is allowed to dangle from the priest’s wrists.
Liturgy“Through me, I beg of you to purify this place against the lusts of nature, against the sins of the past, against the memories of a world broken and weeping with its folly. Banish from me all the forces of these diabolic infestations. For I stand today with the power of the Lord to call forth the heavenly light of God, to surround and protect, and cleanse with God’s holy light all areas filled by the forces of evil. Nuraniel, permeate my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit, creating a hunger and thirst for God’s holy light.”
OfferingSilvered water is mixed in a vessel with holy water
Offering – The silvered holy water is cast in the direction of the Malefic.
Liturgy“Malefic creatures, I rebuke you. I command and bid all the powers who molest me to leave forever, by the power and seal of the Lord of the most high. Leave! Leave, fearful spirits, or be burned away by the glory and light of God.”
Act – With a Weapon of the Dawn, the priest slashes one of his limbs, taking an Injury to that limb. The weapon is then pointed at the Malefic, but no aggressive action must be taken to stab the creature. If the Malefic impales itself by its own movement, the Rite takes no Vulgarity.
Focus – After five deep breaths, the Weapon of the Dawn is driven into the ground. This same weapon may not be used in additional officiations of this rite in this scene.

Mechanical Effect:
Whenever the cultist begins the first Liturgy, the Malefic force tied to the location being cleansed will immediately attempt to stop the ritual using any methods available to it. If it has minions or the ability to create minions, they will be employed in force at the behest of the Malefic in question.

The cultist cannot move from their position once the Rite begins, and if they defend themselves or otherwise move from their chosen position they lose all Cleansing Successes and must either begin the Rite again or abandon it.

Each time this Rite is performed successfully, the scene gains a single Cleansing Success. When the number of Cleansing Successes exceeds the Instinct Rating of the Malefic, the evil is immediately neutralized and the Malefic put to rest. All minions of the Malefic die, and the area is cleansed of any connection to the Malefic.

If any Observance is performed with Vulgarity, the Vulgarity carries over to all additional attempts at the Rite within the same scene. If one Observance is performed with Vulgarity multiple times in the same scene, their Vulgarity stacks. If at any point the Cultist should obtain a result of 12 on their Divine Wrath die for this Rite, the Rite immediately fails and cannot be successfully attempted for the remainder of the scene. Additionally, the Malefic being cleansed gains in dark power, gaining 3 additional Positive Instincts.

Sanctum Carcerem

Trap a Malefic creature within a holy vessel
I realized that it was not a show of weakness that would pull them. They are not wolves to be baited with frail prey and strung-up corpses, nor are they scent hounds constantly bent upon the odor of the sin that created them. No, what forces the maddened darkness out of its hiding is a show of strength, a taunting show of defiant disregard for the horror and terror that they spread to all that their limited consciousness can comprehend.
Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 7

Focus – The Weapon of the Dawn rite is performed but with a set of Professional Woodworking Tools substituted for the melee weapons. If no other aspect of that Rite is Vulgar, the Vulgarity of this substitution is mitigated for the purposes of determining the Rite’s success.
Offering – The blessed tools are given to a witness capable of working with unusual woods (Woodworking 3: Wyrd Crafter). The priest may serve as this witness if they possess the requisite skill. Implore the witness to shape Ironwood into a box of a size necessary to contain an Argent Phial. No schematic is necessary for this crafting. While the witness works the wood, the following Liturgy is chanted and repeated by the priest until the witness is finished.
Liturgy“As god involves no man in evil, Nuraniel will defeat all evil in you,
Damn and Excommunicate all demons, all spirits, all darkness.
By virtue of the deeds in Her name.”
Act – The witness is implored to carve the True Name of the Specter or Spirit intended for imprisonment on the lid of the box in the native language of the entity, surrounded by script from the Gospel of the Nameless Saint along all edges of the box in Aldersabin.
Offering – The interior of the box is rubbed with silver shavings.
Offering – The witness is implored to attach linen to the interior of the box, so that objects contained within it do not touch the wood even if shaken, and the silver shavings are hidden and contained.
Focus – An empty Argent Phial is placed within the box with its top open.
FocusOne or more objects tied to the Specter or Spirit named on the lid is placed within the box before closing it.
Offering – The box is surrounded by a circle of an Herb with the Suppressant quality which is then set alight while the following liturgy is chanted
Liturgy“Nuraniel, the Redeemer, the Protector, Bearer of the book of names, holder of the scales of justice, bringer of the light of divine truth, by these names, We invoke You, We call to You, to bless that which we have created. In Veritate.”

Mechanical Effect:
The Rite creates a Sanctum Carcerem tied to a single specific Specter or Spirit.

While in the presence of the named entity while it is not possessing a person, anyone who is Faith in Higher Power may open the Sanctum Carcerem and say “May the chains of thy own misery envelope and restrain thee! May the wracking of thy torment render thee weak! Of thy sins let thee be reminded, and their weight bring thee regret! In the light of Nuraniel’s Lantern, I command thee, [True Name of the Entity], to be bound!” If they successfully complete this phrase, they may call “Divine Obey: Enter the Sanctum Carcerem”, to which the only defense is to possess a target other than the person making the call if they can do so.

If the entity enters the Sanctum Carcerem, the lid of the Argent Phial automatically shuts, containing the entity inside. An entity bound in this way loses all ability to affect the outside world so long as the Argent Phial is kept closed.

If the Sanctum Carcerem is ever opened, any who open it or see the Argent Phial inside suffer a “Malefic Obey: Open the Argent Phial” call. If the Argent Phial is removed from the Sanctum Carcerem, any who bear it suffer a Crippling Compulsion: Open the Argent Phial for as long as it is in their possession the entity remains trapped within. If the Argent Phial is opened, the entity manifests immediately with their full suite of Instincts and is free to do as they wish. Some particularly intelligent entities may wish to bestow a boon upon the individual that released them from imprisonment, while others will gladly destroy such a fool without a second thought.

If the objects tied to the entity are removed from the Sanctum Carcerem this does not automatically break or destroy the Sanctum Carcerem, nor does it open the Argent Phial. It simply renders the Sanctum Carcerem incapable of imprisoning the entity again until the items are returned to the Sanctum Carcerem.