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The greatest heroes are not those who were born to it, to whom the warrior way came as naturally as water flowing down a streambed, but those who made themselves strong. Those who looked their own weakness and evil in the eye and decided to tear apart the raw marble of their existence and reveal the hero lying underneath. Those who know what real strength is, because they built it up themselves.
-A sermon by the Iron Bishop, Acanthio Lucas Abel

Among the Benalian orders there is much debate on the nature of Benalus- was he born already marked by destiny to be as a god, was he a man who was in the right place at the right time and chosen by circumstance to be a vessel for the divine, or was he a man who seized onto his holy greatness through his own force of will? The Mithrites believe it to be the last statement: that he started as a man like any other who was elevated to high godhood through his great deeds. As his faith grew and his acts carried more meaning, god shared more and more of his divine favor upon Benalus, until he too shone with the radiance of the Creator.

Mithrites follow the gospel of Dumal, considered to be the most loyal and dedicated military general of Benalus himself. His last words, stories, and recollections were recorded and passed down from his lover Innotus to the modern age. Many of those words, like so many of the old gospels, have been lost or rendered by the ravages of time. The ones that remain teach of the angel Mithriel, the fearsome Angel of Storms, Catastrophe, Battle, and Vengeance, and how the angel came unto Dumal, the Warrior Saint. Wielding an immense great hammer dripping gore and terror, Mithriel showed Dumal a vision of what a world ruled by violence and fear looked like, and what the end result would be. Horrified by what he saw, and humbled by the knowledge of the repercussions of a weapon swung in anger, Dumal set himself onto a narrow path of strength and martial ability without teetering or falling to the darkness. He both learned and taught that while battle is sometimes necessary, it is only a righteous conflict if it is in the name of peace. Thus, the Mithrites are an Order that does not shirk from a fight, though they know that each action carries weight, and if one must do battle, it should always be against evil.

The path of the Mithrites in these dark times is clear. The world has become selfish and depraved and humanity no longer takes responsibility for the outcome of their actions; there are no more heroes. Without virtuous role models, mankind has blighted the beautiful creation they were entrusted with, and has turned it into a hellscape on earth where even the dead cannot rest in peace. What the world needs is another great hero, or enough heroic individuals that god will no longer be ashamed of what we have become, and it can be proven that man is worthy of grace by creating a lasting peace, even if that peace must come through battle. The Mithrites strive to be those heroes with all that they do, and believe that through action and courageous deeds they can place the world back on its intended path.

Until then, they will work to become those exemplar individuals that this world truly needs, and build up others into the best heroes they can be.

Vow: Never deny surrender.

Rank 1 

Anoint Blessed Candle of Mithriel

Craft a candle bearing the blessings of Mithriel.
Let all who take refuge in you be glad, for your strength will shelter them. Spread your protection over them, and their gladness will invigorate you.
Constellation: Saqir
Orthodoxy: 5

Offering – The Cultist cuts linen into 4 strips and braids them together.
Offering – An iron pot is placed above a bed of coal or charcoal and set alight.
Offering – Next, beeswax is placed in the pot and allowed to melt.
Act – After it is melted the Cultist dips the ends of the braid into the melted wax, lifting them out to allow the clinging wax to cool before dipping them into the wax again. This slowly forms two candles, connected by the linen wick in the center. While doing this, the cultist performs the following Liturgy, repeating the appropriate phrase as a chant until they are satisfied with the size of the candle.
Liturgy“Blessed be the hammer, blessed be the sword. Blessed be those, who serve together our lord. In Veritate”.
Offering – The candles are then covered with holy water, allowing them to cool.
Act – The Sigil of Mithriel is carved into the side of each candle.

Mechanical Effect
This Rite creates 2 Blessed Candles of Mithriel. Candles created in this way are activated by being lit, and once lit are considered to be used and may not be lit for mechanical effect again, even if it is not useless for the purpose of shedding light. Once lit, any person that is Faith in Higher Power may blow out, snuff, or otherwise put out the candle to gain a one-time effect:

May use a Divine Resist against Sunder to a wielded weapon, shield, or armor. Once blown out the effect lasts until use for a liminal space. Characters can only be under 1 single blessed candle effect at a time.

Dedicate Shrine of Mithriel

Dedicate a shrine to the Archangel Mithriel
There was no way to victory. No way but through God. No path but through Him. The forces of Hell and Earth were arrayed against us, demons themselves present in the guttural roars and pounding drums as they beat out their advance under a sky of terror. All that we could do was bend our knee before their blasphemous march. Bend our knees not to surrender, but to pray.
Orthodoxy: 3

OfferingTwo items gathered from enemies who were personally defeated in battle by the Priest and by whom she received at least one wound are placed upon the location of the shrine and prays over them, invoking the Archangel Mithriel and dedicating their heroic deeds to them.
Act – Using a feat of strength, a large boulder is lifted and moved into the location of the shrine, placing it upon the items prayed over
Act – Using a sharp object, the symbol of Mithriel is carved into the rock
Focus – Something flammable is placed in a bowl and lit aflame, as the cultist prostates themselves before the new shrine.
Liturgy“There is no way to victory. No way but through god. No path but through god. So are the words of Dumal, in Veritate!”

Mechanical Effect
The Priest will now be able to conduct rituals that require a shrine of Mithriel to complete.

Additionally, when anyone uses the Prayer ability at the shrine, while giving an offering of a Black Fox Tail, a weapon that has been used to kill, a cougar’s eye, a dog’s paw, or a fairy ring cap presented with Prayer, they are able to suppress a mild insanity or treat a higher insanity as if it is one level lower until the Hope gained by prayer is expended or the next sunrise.

Rite of Conflict

Pray for those who you must fight to consecrate the battle.
God will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. There is no need to fear- for they will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.
Constellation: Ramah
Orthodoxy: 3

Liturgy – “Know that god does not take sides in the petty affairs of men, concerned with a far greater worldly plan. Though he could never turn a blind eye on his children, His plan is not for one little lord or the next, but the greater good of all men. As such, know that he cannot abide the killing of our brothers, but knows it is sometimes all too necessary for the wheels to move forward.”
Act – Those present are addressed by the Priest in a speech where they remind everyone present that no matter who dies today, it is a great tragedy that man should shed the blood of man. She must also speak of the enemy, naming the battle that they are about to undergo, and gives the reason why it is necessary to do so.
Focus – A candle is lit for each of those present
Focus – A Leonem is held high above the crowd as the Priest announces, “We ask that god looks down upon us and grants us forgiveness for that which we must do. Please, all, spare a moment of silence for those who are about to die at our hands.”
Act – Those present bow their heads and remain silent for the space of at least two rests.

Mechanical Effect
The next battle, as described in the prayer, is consecrated and those who listened to the speech, including the cultist, sustain no Wrath from killing during the battle.

Chaplain Bannerette

Construct a banner that will rally those on your side
All men are of god. The holiest of which shall bear his name and marker. And those who glimpse the memory of god shall know a dignified heart that fears nothing and bears the trials of his works silently.
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A stick is constructed by the Priest that stands taller than himself out of 2 soft wood and which has each of the seals of the six archangels carved into it, with Mithriel’s being the highest
Offering3 linen are soaked in holy water from noon to sunset
Act – The soaking linen is guarded by the Priest to make sure that nothing fouls the liquid
Offering 2 ink is used by the Priest to create the shape of a leonem onto the linen, surrounding it by words of the gospel before attaching it to a banner.
Act – The Bannerette is presented at a Convocation, praying over it before witnesses

Mechanical Effect
In battle, the Warrior Priest wielding the banner may recite their last rites and call “Remove Fear” from those within reach of the bannerette at the end of each recitation. The Priest must wield the Bannerette herself, and the ritual fades from the Bannerette if blood is allowed to stain the banner and must be recast on new materials.

Deny the Darkness

Pray over a barrier to protect your allies
I did not stand tall because I knew that I was invulnerable, I stood tall because I needed the others to think that I was thus, because I needed to give hope and strength to my men. And so I stood in the way of the darkness in order to buy those who followed me the time they needed.

Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 2

Act – One of the limbs of the Priest is cut, giving the cultist a wound
Act – The blood from that wound is then used to draw the symbol of Mithriel upon an inanimate barrier, such as a door or a wall
Liturgy “The strength of the godhood is within me, a seed planted by the almighty that needs only the light to take root. My blood burns with the strength of heroes, with the words of my god, and the archangel Mithriel himself stands at my back.”
Act – Both hands are placed upon the barrier by the Priest and shouts “In Veritate!”

Mechanical Effect
The marked barrier requires a feat of strength to break, as long as the Priest remains in contact with it.

Immaculate Fire

Protect the mind from the powers of corruption
To the mind of one committed to the cause of righteousness, there is no temptation that cannot be overcome. God is faithful- he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. And if you are tempted, he will provide a way for it to be endured.
Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – A fire is built.
Act – Fresh water from rain, a running stream, or a lake is gathered
Focus – A glass vial is washed with the fresh water
Offering – The Priest kneels before the fire and prays for Mithriel to protect their soul from all harm, to help her build her mind to a fortress that no one can storm, and then tosses upon the fire the an herb with the Nimblemind effect
Offering – An herb with the Clarifier effect is tossed upon the fire while the Priest prays for Mithriel to protect her thoughts from all harm.
Offering – An herb with the Focus Aid effect is added to the fire and the vial is inverted above the fire to gather the smoke before closing it and inscribing it with the seal of Mithriel

Mechanical Effect
When the vial is broken, the Priest can breathe in its vapor in order to call “No effect” on one mental effect being used against her by an enemy.

Redoubt of Faith

Grant protection from enemy attacks
Faith protects. More than any shield or breastplate, faith can carry you through the blows and strikes of a hundred foes. Through any trial or challenge, god protects.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – A piece of linen is prepared by the Priest praying over it in front of a Shrine of Mithriel.
Offering – Words from the gospel of St. Dumal or the Testamonium are written upon the piece of linen with ink
Offering – The exposed skin of the target of the rite is washed in holy water
Offering – A candle is lit and the melted wax is used to tack the blessed linen to armor on the body of the target with white beeswax.
Act – Upon sealing it to the armor, the words on the linen are read aloud and god and Mithriel is beseeched to grant this warrior divine favor in battle.

Mechanical Effect:
The blessed person is adorned with pages of the Book of Dumal or the Testimonium on their limbs, torso, or head. Each place applies a different benefit:

  • Limb: May call “Divine no effect” on one Stun Limb call that strikes that limb.
  • Torso: May call “Divine no effect” on one Stun Body call.
  • Head: May call “Divine no effect” on one Black Out call.

After one use, the ritual must be performed again. The Mithrite may cast this ritual upon themselves. 

Rank 2 


Temporarily taste respite to return to battle
This strength may be needed again before the night is through.
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 4

FocusA melee weapon that has been used in battle is used by an injured or battered Priest to cut the sigil of Mithriel into the earth before them.
Offering – Kneeling before the sigil, the holy water is poured into the sigil of Mithriel
Focus – A leonem is placed in the center of the sigil
Act – The Priest’s hands are placed on either side of the sigil while reciting the following liturgy three times.
Liturgy“Let Mithriel be my strength. Let Ramulthian be my protector. Let Dumal guide my way.”
Act – The leonem is placed around the neck of the Priest

Mechanical Effect:
For one Scene, the Priest may use previously Injured Limbs and resist the Battered Condition. Additional damage affects them normally and counts toward Maiming.

Invoke Ramulthian

Invoke a small taste of the power of the legendary hammer of Mithriel.
It is written that the Archangel Mithriel forged His hammer, The Ramulthien, when the traitorous angels created a fortress that protected from every possible attack. Seven days it took Him. When it was complete, the fortress could not withstand even a single blow.
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – Kneeling before a shrine of Mithriel, a blade is heated in flame by the priest
Focus – The sigil of Mithriel is then carved into the handle of a melee weapon using the blade.
OfferingBeeswax is warmed in the hands of the Priest while they are focusing on thoughts of the Ramulthien and what it represents.
OfferingSilver shavings are folded into the beeswax and then used to fill the carved sigil of Mithriel with the mixed wax.
Act – The melee weapon is then presented to the shrine and prayed over by the Priest.

Mechanical Effect:
Immediately before or during a battle, the Priest kneels and places his bowed head to the Mark of Mithriel on his weapon for one rest, praying aloud to Mithriel that he might invoke the power of Ramulthien. Once the prayer is complete, the Priest may expend the hopeful state to make any one melee Hit a Powerstrike during the battle, once. If the Priest wishes to use this again during another battle they must repeat the ritual.

Harrowing Word

Weaken the enemy with your word
And so righteous prayer filled my enemies with hopelessness as they were faced with the prospect of their own damnation
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 2

Focus – A weapon that has been used to Invoke Ramulthian is used in battle
Act – An enemy is wounded by that weapon by a Priest
Act – The blood is then licked from their blade by the priest as the following liturgy is shouted:
Liturgy“God is the master of all time and fate, the mighty architect that lays the foundings of all events fore and gone. How can any army stand before one whose patron is the Master of Earth and Sky? How can the army of the Lord Himself be stopped? We are His soldiers, His holy knights and generals, and He will show us when and where to strike the blows of His mighty sword.”

Mechanical Effect:
The Priest may target one enemy who he has wounded with his weapon and give the target the Weaken Resolve 2 and Weaken Faith 2 effect. The Priest may use Harrowing Word on up to three people he has wounded in a single combat, but must leave combat completely before he can use Harrowing Word again.

Rank 3 

Weighted with Authority

Use the Word to drive off your enemy.
Again and again St. Baldre struck at Ransur the Untouchable. Shattering every bone, sundering limb and armor alike. When Ransur renewed himself with pleas to dark powers, Baldre returned his foe again to his knees until these heathen idols grew deaf and bored with their champion. When this Anathema finally lay defeated, the delivered folk found St. Baldre armed with only a book and nothing more.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – The Priest sits before a shrine of Mithriel and in a blank book those known words of Dumal and their own last rites are inscribed, as well as any prayers that are important to the Priest.
Offering – A leonem is then heated in a fire
Offering – Praying to Mithriel for protection, the leonem in then quenched in holy water
Offering – The leonem is attached to the book by the priest by wrapping the book in a set of chain,
Offering – Using an additional set of chain or a rope one end to the book is attached to the to the priest’s armor

Mechanical Effect:
The Priest may spend the prayer or hopeful state to call Push on any opponent they hold the gospel aloft before.  The book prop should be able to function safely as a boffer.


Bind your closest allies to you, so that you may stand tall together.
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against that evil that would seek to tear us asunder, those who work in dark ways and in dark paths to turn man against man.
Constellation: Ghazal
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – A melee weapon is taken by the priest officiating the ritual and hair is cut from each of the participants and then gathered into a bowl.
Act – The Priest reads “All men are connected by the Lord’s favor. Those who stand together fall together or not at all” and all who are participating repeats it after him.
Offering – Words dedicated to St. Dumal are written by each participant upon a sheaf of paper and the paper is added to the bowl.
Offering – One unit of hard liquor for every two people participating is added to the bowl and the Priest lights the liquor aflame.
Act – When it has been burned completely, the ashes are used to draw the seal of Mithriel on each participant.

Mechanical Effect:
Any of the group written on the paper can take the Bleed effect to stop someone in their group from bleeding out if Downed and allow them to get back up by shouting “< Name> Divine Bandage.”

Swords to Plowshares

Swear your enemies to peace and set them free.
After the battle he looked around and saw the innumerable dead, the scores and multitudes of God’s people laying face down in filth and gore, his eyes came to rest upon his prisoners, he felt the great weight of sin pressing upon his shoulders and brow. He could bear it no longer, and rather than execute the treasonous ilk of Moraband and his spearmen, he forgave and set them free. Years later, Sir Moraband the Redeemed died saving his lord from ambush.
Constellation: Arnab
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – The Priest gathers before her those who have surrendered and the hands of each surrendered target are tied before them with rope for each surrendered target.
Act – Those who have been bound are asked to swear to never raise arms against her or her allies again in turn.
Act – The targets are then informed that all “who violate this promise to me and to god are damned to the end of their line.”
Act – Each who agrees to swear such an oath have their hands cut free.
Offering – Each who swears the oath is given a cooked meal.

Mechanical Effect:
Those who violate this promise to the Priest and god must take a Divine Wrath Roll, along with their family or close allies. Those who violate this promise also immediately lose all memories save one.

Rank 4 

Unyielding Devotion

Gain sacred protection from harm.
With only one night before the eclipsed moon, we had lost fully half of our number to the Vecatran heretics and their black-hearted sorcery. Our brothers lay dead among the corpses of a hundred wolves, the remaining men exhausted and despairing. With but half of the force we needed to breach that black glade in time, the word on the wind was to flee. “No,” I called. “Let not their sacrifices be for naught! Let not these oak-hearted monsters use their blood upon their blighted altars!” I snatched up Brother Vaustus’ legionaire’s leonem from his throat and affixed it to my breast, and bid others do the same. “Pray tonight, for tomorrow our brothers spirits are within our keeping, and we shall not stain their souls to balk in the face of heresy!”
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – An ally who was slain in battle by an enemy alongside the Priest and whose body has not been harvested in any way, nor been a target of any other rituals, is brought before a shrine of Mithriel
Focus – A Leonem is placed upon the brow of the body.
Act – The body is then prayed over and its spirit dedicated to Mithriel’s keeping
Act – A vigil is kept over the body until the next liminal period. The participants may not leave the body and may not allow it to come to any further harm.
Liturgy“Let that which has been sacrificed bring us protection. As we protect this body from harm, from harvest, from dark rituals, so too let us be protected from the work of evil.”

Mechanical Effect:
The ally who was slain in battle loses no memories in their death if this ritual is successfully completed. In addition, while wearing the leonem, the first blow that would cause the Priest to be Downed breaks the leonem instead and does no damage. Call “Divine No Effect.” The leonem is immediately shattered as a result.


Drive off your foes with the light of God
Just as the fire drives off the wolves, and the light of day destroys the shadows, so too does the fire of a righteous man’s soul shine through the acts of those weaker men. Their weakness will be revealed and expelled with fire, as darkness shies from the light.
Constellation: Ghazal
Orthodoxy: 2

Offering – A sheaf of paper is covered in the words of Dumal
Offering– A tube of the sheaf of paper is formed and one end sealed with some beeswax.
Act – A feat of strength is used to pull up the rock of the shrine and gather some of the dirt from under it. The dirt is added to the tube.
Offering – The ash of an ally who has resurrected is placed within the tube along with the dirt. The other end is sealed with the remaining beeswax.

Mechanical Effect:
When the tube packet is torn in half above the head of the Priest, a flame of pure white light rings the Priest within arms reach, searing all enemies within its range and applying the Push effect to them and the Pain effect to all their limbs.