Like the oasis in the desert is connected to a vast underground connection of streams and rivers, so too are you connected to other places, other times. Your water is all water.

Aa’boran is an old religion; an ancient religion.  Its adherents proclaim it to be the first of all religions.  They say it was practiced in storied Sha’ra before the waves overtook it. It was practiced in the kingdoms of long ago, of which only a few scholars know of – kingdoms above the clouds and on continents now missing. The original words, prayers, and chants of Aa’boran are believed to be based on the first tongues of man, and that the core tenets of the faith have remained largely unchanged across the countless centuries and generations. This would be surprising, given that it is a faith that does not have a strong and organized central authority, and yet from what religious scholars can surmise, the body of ritual has remained relatively well-preserved and unfractured.  Aa’boran can even boast that it has held on to one of the few remaining primacy-level rituals in the known world.


The religion of Aa’boran is one of revelation, of internal purification in order to awaken the truest and highest version of one’s self. Its followers believe that they are reincarnated after each lifetime to start a new one again. In each incarnation, their selves learn and grow by walking their path until they reach atma, their perfect self.  This perfect self is the ultimate goal of the followers of Aa’boran, and those who follow the religion work constantly to unify the Higher Self with their essential spirit, and achieve this perfection.

In order to do so, they hone their mind, body and soul by the ways available to them, either through their own path or by following the teachings and guidance of a Sahirim-  teachers wise in the ways of enlightenment.  Many argue that self-enlightenment is possible because time flows like water – branching off, forking, pooling, and swirling. Many versions of reality exist, and as such, there are many different versions of the self. We are at least tenuously connected to all of our selves, and all of the choices and paths we have chosen across all time. So, with proper training and an elevated understanding and wisdom, one could connect to their atma across space and time and be guided to

perfection by themselves.  But it is because of these concepts of time and reality that water is a common motif, instruction tool, and meditation aid within Aa’boran. Old stories would indicate that perhaps because of this symbolism of water throughout the faith, Magicians of Water used to be synonymous with the priesthood.  However, in the modern world, this is not the case.  Magicians of Water are still respected for their talents and insight into the nature and workings of reality, and some among them are indeed masters of Aa’boran, but wisdom comes in many forms, and members of the priesthood can come from many backgrounds – though those outside the Nemien culture do find themselves at a disadvantage in terms of widespread acceptance.   

While it is believed that all forms of control are required to achieve atma, almost all Sahirim focus on one aspect of the self, extolling its virtues above the others as the best place to start. It is believed that focusing on one aspect at a time is preferred, or else the self becomes overwhelmed. They hold up the individuals who they believe have achieved atma as examples of why their approach is most effective, and these successful examples of the past are praised as revered ancestors. Ultimately, the goal is for all aspects of the self to be brought into balance, and so some do choose a mixture of techniques and practices.

Those who focus primarily on honing the body believe that physical control over their flesh will allow them to reach perfect balance, and if the shape of the self is strong, balanced, and honed to perfection, the mind and soul that dwell within will follow. Meanwhile, the teachings of those who praise mental discipline as the prime objective believe that atma is in the mind, where the seat of the self is, and that perfect clarity and understanding can only exist in a mind trained and primed to receive such wisdom. Those who focus on the spirit believe that the needs of the mind and body are distractions, and that atma can only be achieved when your soul is free of them and in perfect harmony and a state of peace.

The return of people from the dead is seen as an extension of the self’s journey. Rather than immediately starting a new life, those who still have paths remaining to walk or lessons to learn may do so, picking up where they left off. Some practitioners believe that the fact that so much of the world returns from the dead at least several times in their lifespan is a sign that the world as a whole is moving closer towards its end goal of perfection. New lives are not needed as often, for many journeys of the self are coming to a close, and mankind is more in tune with what defines their purpose. The achievement of final rest without the return of Malefic entities is believed to be a sign that the deceased has dramatically moved closer to attaining that perfect enlightenment, or has possibly even attained atma.

Although this is not a consistent belief, one niche school of thought teaches that no one truly achieves lasting atma until we all do, and this leads to the concept of global atma – the great ocean. The great ocean is currently corrupted, death-dealing, and impure. It is dangerous. It is the responsibility of the faithful to work towards the purification of the world as a whole, with individual contributions working in little measures to gradually shift the world to achieve perfection and peace – the atma for the whole of reality.

While Aa’boran is a very personal religion, it is also one with a rich tradition and a detailed history. As such, the high canon encapsulates all of the rituals of the religion without any separation of different branches that other religions have.

Vow: Never sin or violate your Devotion for worldly gain.

Rank 1 

Consecrate Water Shrine

Create a shrine sacred to the faith of A’aboran
I pray for that sanctity which leads to well-being
Which has long afforded shelter
Which flows on and on with it
Which joins it in its stream
Bearing every form of healing virtue which comes to us
Through its inexhaustible cycles and flow.

Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – The Magus sweeps the ground of a structure on the eastern side of an encampment or settlement, or sweeps the earth of an outdoor location, facing east.
Offering – A bundle of herbs with the purgative quality is lit and the Magus paces the perimeter of the space with the herbs held in front at chest height.
Focus – While facing east, a low wooden table is placed on the freshly swept earth. A clean piece of linen is placed upon the table, followed by a meditation bowl on top of the linen.
Offering – Pure water is poured into the meditation bowl. Next, a candle is placed above the bowl and lit.
Offering – An offering of 1 prepared meal is also placed upon the altar. Both the Magus and any assembled bow their heads in reverence.

Mechanical Effect
So long as the meditation bowl remains filled with water, it is considered a consecrated water shrine. The Magus will now be able to conduct any rituals that require a Consecrated Water Shrine.

Any A’aboran faithful may trigger the Shrine by leaving an offering of a Blood Rose, Lightning Struck Wood, a Lizard encased in Amber, a Cordyceps Beetle, a Falcon’s Talon, Lapis Lazuli, or an item that has been twisted by Anacrusis, and using the Prayer ability at the Consecrated Water Shrine. If triggered, the target gains call <Divine Disregard> against any social Believe call. This lasts until the target has expended the Hopeful condition gained by this use of Prayer, and until that time is refreshed once per rest or conversation, as appropriate.

If the faithful leave the area and the shrine must be moved, the rite must be performed in the reverse order to prevent desecration of the shrine. The same meal must be prepared and consumed among the faithful, the candle removed, the water poured out, the linen picked up, and the table dismantled for transport.


I beseech you to nourish me with your wisdom,
That I, in turn, may share these with others.
Thus we all feast from a banquet of delights.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 2

Focus – The target(s) are welcomed into the residence of the Magus.
Act – The target(s) are offered a comfortable place to sit.
Offering – The Magus serves the target(s) from their own hands warm tea made with either an intoxicating, clarifying, or euphoric quality herb, sweetened with honey. One herb is used per serving.
Act – The Magus asks the target(s) what they require. If it is a reasonable request that does not cause an undue burden, and can be completed within the confines of the scene, the request must be fulfilled.

Mechanical Effect
So long as the Magus fulfills all reasonable requests made by the target(s), for the remainder of the scene he has one social call per target that has the Divine quality and cannot be disregarded. Failure to fulfil a request ends the rite.

Blessed Union

Join two people in the rite of marriage.
And Abasi knelt before Heqet’s assembled family and announced his intentions, for his core ached when he thought of a future without her, and his loins ached when he thought of a future with her. Her father stared at him silently for so long that Abasi shifted and said beseechingly into the heavy quiet, “I love her, sir.” To which her father answered, “That may be so now. But love is one thing. And knowledge is another.
Constellation: Arnab
Orthodoxy: 3

Offering – The witnesses of the target’s gather in their respective homes. The eldest of each of the families paints the marriage signs onto the targets with Sacred Henna.
Offering – The two families come together at a firepit or hearth and offer in sacrifice to the flames either one meat or two vegetables.
Offering – A glass of alcohol: either wine, beer, hard liquor or sweet wine is poured into the flames. Thus, the universe knows they are prepared to give of their bounty in exchange for bounty. After this sacrifice, it is common for gifts to be exchanged between, though this portion of the rite varies by custom and people. Among the Nemien, the adopting family gives a gift to the giving family. The gift varies tribe by tribe, but an opal, chicken eggs or raw honey are considered common gifts.
Offering – The target from the adopting family leads the target from the giving family to an area between the two homes, and Sacred Water is poured over their clasped hands, as the Magus speaks to them words of encouragement .
Act – The wedded pair walk to their new home, circle it three times and enter.

Mechanical Effect
The targets are joined in an oathbound partnership. They share their Devotion Personal Victory wins and losses. The experience reward for achieving a Devotion win can still only be obtained once per event.

Passage to Heshiyah

Help guide a soul through the darkness of death.
When the veil of stars parted, they saw the face of the first of them peering down, with a radiance that blinded not the eyes, but the soul. It was then that they knew that they need never fear death, for it was only an illusion.
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 2

Focus – The Deceased must have had a glass vial filled with water on their person as they died. This ensures that their soul has flowed into it, and the vial retains their essence.
Act – The Magus recites the deeds of the dead, telling the full story of the deceased as it is written on their flesh, or as it is known. Members of the community may come forward to add to the story of a life. After all have spoken who desire to, a contemplative quiet descends upon those gathered.
Act – During the period of silence, the Magus places the vessel of water upon the ground and places a stone next it. Each person present steps forward, and places a stone in the pile until a small cairn is built around the vessel. Protected from the world, the deceased’s soul is delivered to Heshiyah. There, they can find peace and the currents to carry them to their next life.
Liturgy“Rest now in eternity. May your spirit find peace in the seas of Heshiyah.”

Mechanical Effect
The rite helps the deceased’s spirit rest in peace. So long as the Passage to Heshiyah rite has been performed between the time of their death and the dawn or dusk immediately after, their Faith is considered one rank higher during their Harrowing.

If the deceased falls and comes back as a Malefic, they still feel a connection to their prior life. Thus, all who return as a Malefic return with humanoid intelligence.

Rite of Dedication

Induct and guide the faithful on the path of Aa’boran
“Who will be the victor that chooses our history? Who will protect thy teachings? Spread the word amongst all who were born of water. Make it clear that I am the guide for both worlds.”
Constellation: Ramah
Orthodoxy: 3

Act – The target must have recently obtained a Personal Victory or completed a mission given to them by their tribe or leader. They kneel before the Magus.
Offering – The Magus also kneels, facing the target, and places a bowl of Sacred Water between them.
Act – The target recites their accomplishments, and the lessons they have learned from their actions, and how it relates to their path towards achieving atma. For every subsequent use of this ritual, the target must recite their entire journey from the first achievement to their most recent accomplishment.
Focus – The Magus cleanses the target’s skin with the Sacred Water, and dries it with a piece of clean linen.
Offering – The target’s most recent accomplishment is then painted upon their skin in Sacred Henna.

Mechanical Effect
The first time this rite is used, it makes the target a follower of Aa’boran. If they were not Faith in a Higher Power previously, they are after induction.

Additionally if the target receives tattoos or scars in the same place and pattern drawn in Sacred Henna while the Henna still stains their skin, the markings become permanent. It cannot be removed by removing the skin or any other kind of maim. The only way to remove a tattoo or scar added to the target through this rite is through the special cultural practices of the Nemien in creating a Farigha.

If a member of one faith converts to another faith more than once a year they immediately receive the worst result on the divine wrath roll chart.

Sacred Henna

Create henna paste to be used in other rituals
“Oh teacher, oh wise one! Which is the place where the soul feels most happy?”
Indira answered: ‘It is the place where one of the faithful cultivates the work of his hands, where he waters ground that is dry, or dries ground that is too wet. Where he gathers herbs and makes them into a paste to anoint the body.”

Constellation: Sahalia
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – The Magus kneels before a consecrated water shrine and places a bowl in front of them.
Offering – A bundle of henna leaves is placed in the bowl.
OfferingHard liquor is poured over the henna.
OfferingA wyrd item with the stasis trait is poured into the bowl and everything is ground together to make a paste.
Act – The Magus meditates before the bowl for at least a minute.

Mechanical Effect
The henna paste inside the bowl becomes Sacred Henna, which may be used in other rituals. The henna may be transferred into a glass container and stored for up to one more event before it loses its potency. If depravity is incurred while someone is wearing Sacred Henna the priest who applied the henna is aware of the fact that some sin has occurred.

Sacred Waters

Create Sacred Water to be used in other rituals
Atma is always there. You have already achieved it. You just have to remember what you did.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 1

Focus – The Magus kneels before a consecrated water shrine and pours fresh water into a glass bowl.
Offering – An herb with the anesthetic quality is submerged in the water.
Act – The Magus concentrates upon the water and whispers a prayer or chant for wisdom, direction, and clarity. They blow across the bowl so that the wind of their breath creates ripples atop the surface of the water.

Mechanical Effect:
The water inside the bowl becomes Sacred Water, which may be used in other rituals. The water may be transferred into glass vials to create Vials of Sacred Water. The water can be used to create up to 5 vials.

Rite of Discipline

Fortify the mind against fear.
It is not enough to defeat an enemy. The enemy must cease to exist.
Constellation: Aldhiyib
Orthodoxy: 2

Act – The Magus gathers the targets around a consecrated water shrine where they kneel and place their hands at their sides, facing up with the forefingers touching thumbs.
Offering – An herb with the excitent quality is burned as incense.
Liturgy – “Fear is oil. I am water. Fear does not change me.”
Act – The smoke from the burning herbs is wafted over the heads of the assembled and they intone the liturgy one by one.

Mechanical Effect:
The Rite of Discipline fortifies the mind against fear. Until the next sunrise, all those who participated in the rite, including the magus, have a single one-time refresh of Discipline against Fear or Terror that they may use at any time. In order to use the refresh they must place one of their hands into the lotus position (their forefinger touching their thumb) or intone the words “It does not change me.”

Rite of Preservation

Preserve the skin of one who has passed
No dirt can touch me, like the falling rain, everything that comes to me becomes clean.
Constellation: Jamus
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – The body of the deceased is laid flat on their back, with their palms face up at their sides.
Offering – A piece of linen is soaked in Sacred Water and the body is cleansed with the piece of linen.
Offering – An herb with the soporific quality is burned over the body.
Offering – An herb with the purgative quality is burned over the body.
Act – The witnesses chant before the body for at least one full minute.

Mechanical Effect:
This creates a preserved body part: Skin of a Corpse or Soft Leather.

Rite of Purification

Clean food and drink of contaminants
In times of deprivation and adversity, sink not into despair. For cool crystal rain falls from black clouds.
Constellation: Arnab
Orthodoxy: 1

Focus – Serving utensils, serving plates, serving bowls and water pitchers that will be used to serve a meal are gathered together and placed in front of a consecrated water shrine.
Offering – Each item is washed with a vial of sacred water.
Act – The Magus meditates as they wash the items for at least 30 seconds per item.

Mechanical Effect:
Any food or drink served with these items within the next hour of the ritual being completed will be purified of disease.

Confront Atma

Clear the soul of depravity and past wrongdoing
I am contrite for my weakness, and I shall desist from my sins that sully me. To be washed clean, and again be worthy of Atma, I renounce all defiling thoughts, defiling words and defiling acts which I have thought, spoken or done in the world. For those sins of thinking, speaking and acting, of body and soul, worldly or spiritual, I am remorseful, and I renounce them.
Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 2

Focus – The Magus stands with the penitent target near a body of water.
Act – The target focuses on a past wrong by meditating upon it, recalling the action and the moment it occurred in as much detail as possible.
Act – When it is clear in the memory, the target verbally describes the deed that brought them further away from atma, and confesses what they should have done differently. This could take some time, as they may verbally track back through historic events in their life to discuss the places where they went wrong and should have made a different choice.
Act – In order to spiritually align themselves with the self that made the correct decisions on the path towards atma, the Magus symbolically reverses a core action that caused the Depravity, by verbally rewriting history with a description of a corrected course of action. The target takes a Personal Failure.

Mechanical Effect:
The Depravity associated with the action described is removed, and in exchange the Target accepts a Personal Failure, as they admit they did not act in a way that was true to their highest self. The Despair gained from this is not negated by skills that remove Despair. It may only be removed by a Personal Victory or by the Rite of Affirmation.

The Magus may also perform this rite upon themselves, but they need at least one additional person to discuss their actions with.

Waters Past and Present

Through meditation achieve a sense of hope
The fountain at dawn has secrets to tell you,
Don’t go back to sleep.
The rain from the sky whispers what you want,
Don’t go back to sleep.

Constellation: Ramah
Orthodoxy: 2

Focus – The targets are gathered together and directed to kneel before a vessel or body of water.
Offering – An herb with the euphoric quality is burned as incense.
Act – The smoke from the bundle of herbs is wafted over the targets’ heads, and then the burning herbs are placed in front of the group. The Magus kneels among the group.
Act – The Magus leads all assembled through a guided meditation for at least 5 minutes before the vessel or body of water. The guided meditation must involve contemplating a current problem. At the end of the meditation, the group must come up with a plan of how to deal with the problem.

Mechanical Effect:
At the end of the meditation all those who participated present the plan to staff. Staff can tell them one of three answers. “Yes, it is a good plan.” “No, it is not a good plan.” Or “There is something you have not considered.” The magus may cast this ritual alone.

Words from a Past Life

Seek a language that is lost by reaching out to the atma
To teach is not to speak of knowledge, just as to learn is not to accumulate knowledge.
Constellation: Saqir
Orthodoxy: 4

Offering – The target, who has recently obtained a Personal Victory, lights four candles and places them upon the floor. Each candle should be placed in the four cardinal directions.
Act– All of the openings to the room are covered or closed to prevent outside light from entering, and the target sits in the center of the candles.
Offering – An herb that contains the hallucinogenic quality is smoked.
Focus – A piece of Petrified Wood is placed in the target’s palms, and they are instructed to sit with their hands palm up in their lap.
Liturgy “I am but a drop of water in the ocean. And the ocean is me.”
Act – The Magus leads the target through a guided meditation for at least 10 minutes, where the target delves through their past until they reach a past life.

Mechanical Effect:
The target may call upon a past life to access the language of the ancestors. Until the next dawn they can speak, read and write in Shariqyn. This cannot be used to teach the language.

If the target has achieved two Personal Victories over the same event, it is possible to go further back and be able to speak, read and write Ancient Shariqyn. However such a journey is not without risk. When you return, you are only able to communicate in Shariqyn (or Ancient Shariqyn as applicable) and your culture’s own language.

The Magus can perform this ritual upon themselves.


Create an amulet to reduce or remove the effects of Anacrusis
The shallow river rages and roars, but the deeps of the oceans and lakes are still and calm.
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 6

Act – The target kneels before a body of water.
Offering – The target’s head and hands are washed using a vial of Sacred Water.
Offering – An herb with the Clarifier quality is lit so that the smoke wafts up near the target and over the objects used in the ritual.
Focus – A Hematite stone is placed upon the lap of the target.
Offering – A piece of Beeswax is held in the left hand of the target.
Offering – A wyrd item with The Hidden trait is held in the right hand of the target until it softens.
Liturgy“You stand at the beginning, middle and end of all things. Soul of your soul, mind of your mind, body of your body.”
Act – Gently and delicately, the softened beeswax is used to coat the exterior of the wyrd item without it breaking. The waxed item is then placed atop the piece of hematite in the target’s lap, and the target is to focus their thoughts and attentions on feeling grounded.

Mechanical Effect:
The wyrd item becomes attuned to the target and functions as a protection amulet. Often it is worked into a pendant or other such jewelry. Should the target become the target of anacrusis, the item will break and the effects of the anacrusis are diminished by a step or neutralized. If the anacrusis effect was from the Mild chart, it simply is cured. If it was on the Major chart, the target re-rolls on the Mild chart, and if it was from the Ruinous chart, the target re-rolls on the Major chart.

This rite may be used by the Magus on themselves.

Rank 2

Hidden Message

Create a message that can only be read by one of your choosing
Your senses serve to affirm, not to know. Remember this as you seek to understand.
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 4

Offering – A piece of clean linen is soaked in sacred water.
Act – A hard surface, like a stone or tree, is washed with the linen. The surface is then allowed to dry.
Offering – The Magus grinds an herb with the hallucinogenic quality.
Offering – The ground herb is mixed with ink.
Act – The Magus writes a message on the prepared surface.
Act – The name of the intended target or targets is whispered over the message.

Mechanical Effect:
Once the message has been written, and the name whispered, the ink will fade and vanish. Only the intended target, which may be the magus themselves, will be able to see the message. Fold the note and indicate in a tag on the outside who the message can be read by.

Rite of Affirmation

Remove the despair that weighs your soul down
Once can still work with a broken hand or leg, for we have been provided with a spare. Yet we have only one heart.
Constellation: Sahm
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – The target approaches the Magus and both kneel together with a vessel of water between them.
Act – They look silently into each other’s eyes for at least one full minute.
Act – The Magus tells the target a heartfelt, empathetic, and honest message, prepared ahead of time, about their true nature as the Magus knows them.
Offering – The Magus requests that the target present their hands, and they wash them with a vial of sacred water.
Focus – A bell is rung over the surface of the water between the Magus and the target, letting the tones fade away along with the last echoes of the wrongdoing.

Mechanical Effect:
This rite removes from the target the Despair specifically from Rite of Confront Atma. This rite may only be used on members of the Aaboran faith. 

Rite of Protection

Increase a body’s natural defenses against disease
Luck is infatuated with the prepared.
Constellation: Tanin
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – The target kneels before the consecrated water shrine and presents their hands to the Magus with their palms facing down.
Offering – The Magus cleanses their hands with Sacred Water.
Focus – The target’s hands are dried with clean linen.
Offering – A symbol the Magus associates with protection is painted upon the target’s hands in Sacred Henna.
Liturgy – The target is lead in the following chant three times:
“Back through my blood
Back through my veins,
Back to the heartbeat
One and the same
Holy water,
healing water,
life bringer,
water flow.”

Mechanical Effect:
The Rite of Protection reinforces the natural protections provided by the target’s skin against disease. While it can still be pierced, any disease transmitted through physical contact has no effect on the target. Until the henna is washed away or until the end of the event, whichever comes first, the target may call “Divine No Effect” to any contact based diseases. This rite may be used by the Magus on themselves.

Smoke of Enlightenment

Preserve and increase faith through meditation
Atma is like the moon reflected on the water.
The moon does not get wet, nor is the water broken.

Constellation: Saqir
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – The targets gather around a hookah.
Offering – The hookah’s base is filled with Sacred Water.
Offering – An herb with the clarifier quality is ground and placed in the shisha bowl.
Act – The Magus smokes the hookah with their followers who are present.
Act – The targets are led through a guided meditative conversation for at least fifteen minutes. The meditation must be focused on the nature of faith, and the pondering of questions with many answers.

Mechanical Effect:
After completing the ritual, the targets will find their faith restored. The Weaken Faith effect (of any level) is removed from anyone who participates that has it, and the mind is alleviated of a mild insanity for one hour, a severe insanity for 30 minutes, and a crippling insanity for 10 minutes. Additionally, the participants do not suffer any withdrawals of ingesting the herb. The magus also receives the benefit of this ritual as a participant.

Unburden the Mind

Help another deal with tribulations of the soul
I am like a flag unfurled in space, I sense the oncoming winds and must bend with them-
Then expand and withdraw into myself and thrust myself forth into the great storm.

Constellation: Ghazal
Orthodoxy: 7

Act – The target is invited into the tent or other healing room, and directed to lay down on a cot or bed in its center.
Focus – An amethyst stone is placed upon their chest.
Offering – A charcoal is placed in a brazier above their head and lit.
OfferingCandles are placed at the four corners of the cot or bed and lit.
Act – All of the tent or room openings are closed to prevent any outside light from entering.
Offering – An herb with the purgative quality is set upon the coals.
Offering – An herb with the hallucinogenic quality is set upon the coals. The Magus allows the smoke from the herbs to fill the tent.
OfferingSacred Water is splashed onto the coals to create steam.
Act – The Magus sits by the head of the target and leads them through a guided, soothing meditative conversation for at least 20 minutes, but it can go for as long as the parties like beyond that. The meditation must involve rooting out what triggers the insanity, what caused it to develop in the first place and how it interferes with their personal journey.

Mechanical Effect:
After the discussion of the above topics and contemplation, the target’s insanity is reduced by one severity. Additionally, after successfully completing the ritual, the target may suppress the insanity until the next dawn. The Magus may only perform this rite once per target per event.

Desolate Mind

Protect the mind from invasion
With our thoughts, we make creation.
Constellation: Jabal
Orthodoxy: 2

Focus – The target(s) stand before a body of water, feet shoulder width apart and the palms cupped at shoulder level.
Focus – A Tourmaline stone is placed in the center of their upraised palms.
Offering – An herb with the suppressant quality is lit as incense and wafted over their heads.
Act – The target(s) are led by the Magus through a guided meditation and deep, droning chanting for several minutes. The target must imagine their mind as an empty desert, stretching away from them in all directions.

Mechanical Effect:
The target is protected from any attempts to read their minds until the next dawn. If an attempt is made to read their thoughts, all that is revealed is an empty desert. This does not include information gathered from any Pathos social skills. This rite may be used by the Magus on themselves.

Rank 3

Bonded Soul

Protect against possession
Keep us from our adversary, oh Amare! Perish, oh fiendish invader! Shield us from unkind eyes, oh Danarius! Run from us, oh hateful bane! Perish, oh brood of the invader! Perish, oh creations of the invader! Perish, oh world of the invader! Perish away! Rush away! Run away to the regions of the north, never more to give unto us the death and invasion of the soul!
Constellation: Jabal
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – The target kneels before a consecrated water shrine.
Offering – An herb with the Focus Aid quality is lit as incense and the smoke is wafted over the target(s)’ head.
Offering – An eye is drawn in kohl on the back of the target’s neck.
Act – The Magus kneels beside the target and leads them through a guided meditation. The meditation must focus on the connection between the mind, body and soul. The Magus then tells a story of the ancestors or one of the wise Sahirim.
Act – The target and the Magus turn towards each other and bow.
Focus – The Magus requests that the target present their left hand. An Amethyst stone is placed in their upraised palm.

Mechanical Effect:
Until the next dawn, so long as the target carries the amethyst stone on their person, the target’s Resolve is considered 3, but only for the purposes of counteracting Possession. The ritual must be cast on the stone again at next dawn in order to reactivate the power.

Rite of the Magus

Elevate a follower into a Magus
“Look and you will see my form
whether you are looking at yourself
or toward that greater water.
Don’t be blurry-eyed,
See me clearly-
See my beauty without the old eyes of delusion.”

Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 5

Act – The target, who has successfully performed Rite of Dedication and bears no depravity on their soul, is directed to kneel before a consecrated water shrine.
Act – The Magus guides the target through a meditation for at least ten minutes where they either chant or silently consider their atma. Through their meditation they must acquire an affirmative answer to the following questions:

  • Have they made significant progress towards obtaining atma?
  • Do they vow to dedicate themselves to continue their own journey towards atma?
  • Do they vow to dedicate themselves towards assisting others in their journey towards atma?

Offering – The symbols of the wheel are painted upon the target’s body in Sacred Henna.
Offering – The target’s head and hands are cleansed with Sacred Water.
Offering – An herb with the purgative quality is lit as incense and wafted over the target and the Magus’ heads.
OfferingKohl is applied to the target’s eyes, mouth and fingers.
Focus – A copy of the holy writ of Aa’boran is provided to the target. It takes a downtime and a Blank Book for the Magus leading the rite to copy their own writ for the purposes of presenting it.

Mechanical Effect:
The first time the rite is performed, the target becomes a Rank 1 Priest. Any subsequent performances of this ritual allows the target to increase in Rank, marking a milestone on their journey towards achieving Atma.

In order to give an affirmative answer to the question “Have you made significant progress towards obtaining atma?” the target must have achieved at least 3 Personal Victories over 3 separate events since the rite was performed last.

If the target of this ritual is not Faith in Higher Power or has not successfully undergone the Rite of Dedication the ritual automatically fails.

Rite of the Spirit Chimes

Draw spirits to distraction
People are going back and forth across the doorway where the two worlds touch.
The door is wide and open, more open than you know.”

Constellation: Sahalia
Orthodoxy: 4

Offering – An herb with the irritant quality is ground into a fine powder.
Offering – The ground herb is mixed into a wooden bowl with oil.
Focus – The oil herb mix is applied to wind chimes.
Focus – A Hawthorne wand is attached to the wind chimes and they are hung outside, away from any residence.
Offering – An herb with the paralytic quality is lit.
Act – While chanting, the Magus walks in a circle around the chimes with the burning herbs in hand.

Mechanical Effect:
The chimes will attract incorporeal malefic to them during the night hours. This expires at dawn and must be recast in order to regain the effect. The chimes will ring when the spirits are nearby. The malefic will remain near the chimes for at least one full minute before they can leave the area. If the malefic comes within 20 paces of the chimes again, they must pause once more before they can continue on. Before casting this ritual, staff must be alerted it is being performed.

Unshackle the Mind

Expand the intelligence temporarily through meditation
What actions you take are not as important as what you learn through doing them. A hollow machine can perform the same task over and over again. There is no meaning in this. Seek understanding, and your motivations will guide you towards atma.
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 3

Focus – Fresh water is poured in a cauldron and placed over a fire.
Offering – While the water is coming to a boil, an herb with the Hallucinogenic quality is ground up. The Magus removes the kettle or small pot from the fire once it reaches the boiling point, and adds the herb to the water.
Offering – An herb with the Nimblemind quality is ground up and added to the boiled water.
Act – The Magus leads the targets through a ritual chant as the herbs steep in the water to make a tea. The chant should be designed to calm the storm of the waking mind and allow true perception of the world.
Act – The tea is poured into cups, and presented to the targets to drink.

Mechanical Effect:
All those who participate in the ritual and drink the tea, including the magus, find their minds expanded. They do not suffer any of the negative side effects of ingesting the herbs. Instead, they find that their Intellect is increased by one to a maximum of three for one hour. If they are under the effects of any level of Weaken: Intellect, or other intelligence reducing effects, their intelligence is restored to its normal level instead.

Rite of Banishment

Banish an Elementa forever
The sins and impurities thus swept away will fall from high and low mountains, with a thunderous sound into the wind and the water, out beyond the great bowl of the sky and flame.
Constellation: Aldhiyib
Orthodoxy: 6

Focus – The Magus cuts the following shapes into the ground with a golden blade: a circle, surrounded by a triangle, surrounded by a square, with a straight line cutting through all three.
Act – A circle of stone is built by placing stones on top of the circle
Offering – A triangle of air is made by igniting an herb with the Steroid effect and walking the line of the triangle trailing and waving the smoke in the shape of the triangle. The remaining bundle is placed at the center.
Act – A square of water is built by placing four small bowls of water upon the ground, one placed at each corner of the drawn square
Offering – The line cut in the earth is filled with oil and set alight.
Act – The Magus must lure the Elementa to cross into the center of the trap, or bring the possessed item to the center.
Liturgy – The Magus speaks the following liturgy with palms facing upwards and their forefingers touching their thumbs.
“By air and earth; by water and fire;
Be now bound by what you have acquired.
This world is far more than elements four;
And I am the whole of the River
I am the Blood and the Flame
I am the Sky, the Past, and the Future
And I know you by your true name.”
Act – With a fluid and forceful gesture, the Magus shoves the Elementa in the center of its being using an open palm.

Mechanical Effect:
This ritual removes the spirit from an Elementa creature or object, effectively banishing and destroying it. The use of this ritual does leave behind the Elementa’s essence.

Rank 4


Gain wisdom from the Self that has already overcome
“I am not subject to birth and death; these are merely thresholds I pass under as I wander. I see myself in all the stars; and the stars are all in me.”
Constellation: Tariq
Orthodoxy: 2

Act – The Magus kneels before a consecrated water shrine after attaining a Personal Victory sometime during that same day.
Focus – Their hands are rested in their lap, palms facing upwards, with a Lapis Lazuli cradled in the center of the left hand.
Offering – While sitting in thoughtful meditation, the Magus drinks a cup of tea brewed with an herb that has both clarifier and hallucinogenic properties. During that time, they contemplate an issue or goal they wish to resolve.
Act – At the end of their meditation, the Magus retires for the night and places the Lapis Lazuli under their pillow.

Mechanical Effect:
The Magus has a dream encounter with a version of themself that has overcome the obstacle or reached the goal the Magus desires, and guidance is provided. Upon awakening, the exact details of the dream cannot be recalled, however when confronted with an object or person who can assist the Magus with their particular issue, there is a moment of deja vu and a piece of guidance can be recalled.

Staff must be alerted that this ritual has been performed, and in the morning the player will be provided with their trigger and its guidance. For example, “When you see a person in a mask shaped like a skull, you realize that they too have lost a sibling and will be sensitive to your plight.”

Peace of the Oasis

Create a sanctuary where no violence can be done
The waters stand there boiling, boiling up in the heart of time, and when cleansed there, they run back again from the heart, to the sea of the world, towards the well-watered tree, whereon grow the seeds of my plants of every kind by hundreds, by thousands, by hundreds of thousands.
Constellation: Ghazal
Orthodoxy: 4

Act – The Magus performs a meditation in the center of a room or ritual space, clearing their mind and balancing themselves for at least a minute.
Offering – The Magus then walks the perimeter of the space and places a candle at every entrance and window of the room. If this ritual is performed outside, a candle is placed every five steps.
Focus – An aquamarine stone is placed in the center of the space.
Offering – A vial of Sacred Water is poured on the aquamarine.
Act – The Magus kneels before the aquamarine stone and rings a bell or gong before chanting a deep, slow tonal sound.
Liturgy“Peace upon the surface; Peace below; Still the ripples; Calm the winds that blow.”(“deerkh amaar amagalan; Deerkh baina; Door alsalam; mavaant badgalama darmlan.”)

Mechanical Effect:
The area inside the perimeter is considered a sanctuary by all who enter. Anyone who performs a physically violent act inside the sanctuary suffers the Damned state. The sanctuary automatically breaks either at dawn, if the officiant performs a violent act within the sanctuary, or if the officiant leaves the area.

Rank 5

Rite of Ascension

Ascend to a higher plane of existence
Transformation is often mistaken for an ending.
Constellation: Nahr
Orthodoxy: 5

Act – The Magus, who has recently obtained a Personal Victory and bears no depravity upon their soul, kneels before a body of water.
Offering – The Magus must light as incense an herb with the purgative quality and waft it over their heads.
Offering – The Magus must clean each limb with Sacred Water.
Offering – The Magus must paint the symbols of the wheel upon their body in Sacred Henna.
Offering – The Magus must draw eyes in kohl upon their palms and forehead.
Act – The Magus recites their accomplishments, the lessons they have learned and how it relates to their atma.
Act – The Magus performs a self guided meditation for at least an hour where they consider their atma. At the end of the hour they must be able to answer the following question negatively:

  • Are there any further steps I must take to achieve atma?

Mechanical Effect:
Upon successful completion of this ritual, the Magus ascends, leaving their body behind. Their body cannot be used in any Necromantic rituals, nor is any part or humor of their bodies useful for any alchemical creation, rite, or spell, with the exception of the Rite of Preservation. The character is retired.