A new offering from Gothic: Age of Ashes

Do you forget the in-game months and years? Do you want to know which holidays will be held at which events? Want a handy reference to the next year of scheduled AoA games for future reference?  Are you intrigued by the characters of Cenotaph and want them on your wall?

You’re in luck. Avoid LARP drop and hold on to the fantasy realm a bit longer with our Age of Asses Cinis 323/324 bouidor calendar.   Stretching from March 2023 to April 2024 for those stuck in mundane timekeeping, it will feature the likes of  Viktor and Veronica, Aengus,  Salador, Elowen, and more, each in salcious and delicious poses for your enjoyment- for the low cost of only $30.

Order below, and pick up your calendar at the May event.