Hail Heroes! 


This is the form to enter for a chance to test a higher XP concept! We have crafted a story for why this is happening and you can find it here https://ageofasheslarp.com/2021/10/28/a-dream-on-the-way-to-cenotaph/ and every player can take that story into game, but only the players that are selected to test a higher XP concept will experience changes that they can bring into game at Beta 3.

You can choose to play your current Beta character, a new character, or the character you intend to play after the Betas. You can enter your name for one or all of the advanced concepts that you’re interested in playing. 

Staff will be drawing winners in a Live Stream on Wednesday 11/3/21. We will begin with the most rare and highest XP concepts, then work down the list to the smallest XP bump. We will open the character builder tool immediately after the drawing.

If you will be playing a substantially different or new character, please send in your newly built character sheet using the character builder tool. If you are adding some xp spends to your existing character, please simply send a ticket letting staff know your XP spends.  

We are giving a deadline of November 19th for all character submissions and changes in order to give Staff time to validate your spends and update your sheets.

Semper Quaerere