With lots cast, faraway contacts made, and promises of varying weight given, the newly resupplied caravan puts Praesa to their backs while the rising sun still keeps them travelling in its shadow for some time. The cutthroat dealings of the City of Guilds continue on in their wake, albeit changed and altered through the travelers’ actions in ways both immediate and lingering.
The journey ahead is still long, but the scenery changes to environs more green and forested than perhaps some of the Outlanders and those from cities are used to. The Nemien guides inform the sizeable group that the next leg of the journey involves following rivers where possible through the lands of Gotha. The land is vast, and most people concentrate in cities rather than face the constant hauntings and horrors of the dark forests and mountains, but that does not mean that the caravan will not encounter other travelers and expeditions along the way. The remains of roads of the ancient Empire mean that there are places where travel with wagons is easier, but this also means that they are more popular for traveling groups of all kinds than the more winding and dangerous footpaths.

The caravan is warned that within some weeks they will veer close to the holy Salgothic city of Lethia, and they may encounter some travelling Salgothics making their pilgrimage there for their Parliament of Parliaments and celebration, Tempus. This is when the noble families of the Salgothic cities send their eligible heirs to Lethia with the hope of finding advantageous marriages, among other ceremonial activities.

Over the years, the Salgothics have established safe semi-secret staging areas where their companies can rest comfortably in shelters. The nobles often send caravans of servants ahead of the main party to make sure that the staging town is warm and dry with a feast ready for the rest of the procession. The Nemien hope to travel close to some of these little outposts in case there is some trade to be had, but with a great degree of caution.

After that leg of the journey, the plan is to turn towards the south, deeper into the Bosewald and toward the final destination of Cenotaph.

We are happy to announce that registration is now live for Beta #3! https://ageofasheslarp.com/mec-events/beta-event-3/

This upcoming Beta will be an experiment in what the play experience will be like with higher XP and more developed characters in the mix. To that end, we are going to be raffling off opportunities to play with more XP on your sheet (for this event only) as well as higher XP glory concepts. We will be releasing a sign-up sheet where you can indicate which sorts of concepts you might have an interest in playing, and we will do a livestream where we draw winners.

After that, we will re-open the character creation guide for those who would like to submit a new character or rework their existing character with more XP if they are selected to do so (though everyone is welcome to rewrite their characters if they would like to try something different).

Staff has been experimenting with our back-end processes, and this time we tried placing focus on writing our plots shortly after our last event. We apologize for the delay in answering your post-Beta 2 tickets, but we will be addressing those in the coming days as well as we shift focus to tickets and revisions.

We also thank you, my helpful friends, for all of your feedback. We read every single form and ticket that we got, and we have been discussing them at staff meetings.
We’ll try a few different tweaks at Beta #3 which we will announce later in patch notes.

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