Our site is now back up with the patches mentioned in our previous post, including all of the starting spells Magicians may choose from.I wanted to outline a bit more what to expect from the betas.

First and foremost, some Covid-precaution info:
1) All participants and staff in Age of Ashes are to be fully vaccinated. We will be asking that you show us your vaccination card or an image of it at check-in.  Please do not forget this, as we will not be able to grant you admission if you do not have it.
If you have a medical reason why you cannot provide this, you will need to provide proof of a negative covid test, taken within the last 48 hours.
2) Everyone is to be masked while indoors at game and it is strongly recommended that masks be worn while outdoors as well since it’s difficult to maintain distancing in combat. As this event will be taking place in the Gothic city of Praesa, masks are commonly worn ICly anyway, and thus they should be easy to justify in costuming.
3) We will be loading a sleeping “seating chart”, and we will ask that people register for sleeping areas that are with people who have been in their quarantine pods.
4) We also recommend tent camping as a safe way to remove oneself from group sleeping environments.  We are not enforcing any kind of appearance requirements that tents need to meet – whatever tent you have is fine, given that we would prefer people to exercise tent camping as an alternative to indoor sleeping if they do not have a quarantine pod.
Tents will have the same safe hours as the rest of game (2am-8am), and will follow the same rules as indoor sleeping spaces: please clearly mark what is OOC with the yellow tape provided at check-in. If you have a lock for your tent “door”, either tape the lock to the tent or put up a sign that the tent is locked with the lock somewhere clearly visible. If you have medical requirements and need your tent sleeping space to be OOC, please put up a sign that your tent is a Medical Space.
We will be designating the field by the new cabins as tent-camping zone, and NPCs may camp in the small field outside of the Villain’s Lament (the house on the hill).
5) Sanitizer and wipes will be provided throughout the game spaces. Please feel free to use liberally.

Of course, should Washington state guidelines or requirements change, we will need to react as well, and it is always possible that we will need to cancel or postpone the event. If that occurs, we will push forward any payments for tickets/food plan/glory to the rescheduled event date, or refund if a request is submitted.

General Logistics Info:

Check-In will begin at 5pm Friday night, with game-on starting at 8pm. If you plan on being later, please let us know in advance, if possible, so that someone is available to perform check-in activities – as you will not be allowed to enter play without your vaccination card being checked and staff-inspection of your weapons/traps/locks/etc.

If you would like to arrive earlier to help perform set-up, and earn a Glory in the process, we ask that no one arrive for this purpose before noon as it is unlikely staff will have jobs for you before this time.

We will not be allowing “walk-on” players, so everyone needs to be registered in advance, though your payment can be done in person.We would like everyone to have their character finalized at *least* a week before the event, so that we have time to make sure tags are printed and everything is in the system.  This would mean a deadline of 9/17/21.

The Code of Conduct must be signed prior to entering play as well. We will need everyone to re-sign it, even if you have previously, as there have been revisions since the first iteration. The link is on the website here: https://ageofasheslarp.com/code-of-conduct/ and can be signed here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSch3cf_67aH30giNEKmYHQzsJSlMqN9b7dysKaagmwm5EWbCA/viewform?usp=sf_link, and we will be confirming that we have your signature as part of the check-in process.

We will be offering a Food Plan which we will post the menu for at least a week or two before game so that you can determine if it is to your tastes. We will have vegetarian options with each meal.If you played in Beta #1 and you are planning on switching out your starting equipment, please fill out the starting equipment sheet of the character builder with what you want, and bring your old tags to check-in to trade for the new items.

Remember that the events of the Betas are “loosely canon”. Characters may change as players try new things; rules may need to be tweaked or changed; and final deaths may not be so final. This is an experimental testing phase for players and staff alike – so we ask for patience and grace as we observe and learn from the experience.  No one has really been larping for a long time, and Age of Ashes has a lot of information published – rules will be forgotten or misunderstood, reminders will be needed, and mistakes will surely be made. I would ask that we remember where possible to have fun with our community, call out good roleplay and experiences where you see it, and offer feedback afterwards.

Feel free to ask questions! You guys are magically delicious, and we’re excited to play with you!