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In the Age of Ashes, Mankind fights over the scraps of the carcass of what was, and struggles to forge a future on the back of a dead empire. The world has entered into a new age, and many vestiges of the old order have been burned away, leaving only the ashes and embers of what once was.

What rises, is up to you.

Gothic: Age of Ashes is an immersive live action role-playing experience where you create and portray a unique character at a weekend-long event. The world is represented by staff acting as plot characters and by all the other players’ characters. You as your unique character will be faced with choices, adventures, mysteries, and moments of personal horror, all with the intention that your character’s story be part of the rich tapestry of Gothic: Age of Ashes’ ongoing narrative.

The Age of Ashes LARP is focused on character-driven roleplay, and this means that we place an emphasis on exploring who your character is, what they believe, and what drives them, from the very beginning of character creation to the end of their personal tale within the ongoing story.

LARP: An Immersive Experience

LARPing is an acronym that stands for Live Action Role Playing. It can be summarized as a roleplaying experience where players act as and represent their characters as they pursue goals and objectives in an often fictional setting. Many larps include costuming and props as part of the experience. It is an interactive form of entertainment where everyone is a participant and the only audience is each other.

LARP is many different things to those who participate in it. For some, it is a type of game in which they set for themselves win and loss conditions. For others, it is an opportunity to experience a type of personal character study, in which they can try to get into the headspace of a character or personality type unlike themselves. Others enjoy the opportunity to showcase detailed costumes and weapons, and others love the opportunity to be social and share an adventure with other people.

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Our events are located at Middleground LARP site in the Pacific Northwest, about two hours south of Seattle, Washington.


We have started our full weekend events! Check out our events page for details here.


We are a small, home grown development team whose goal is to provide a fun, safe, and immersive roleplay experience.


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